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Review and reviews (Test projects, Personal Choice)

PERSONAL CHOICE! Experienced project administrator, has made money in the past - Recommended!


Working hours: from 27.09.23 | On Hunter: from 30.09.23/XNUMX/XNUMX


Tier 1 (from 1$ 0): 102.5 1% through the daydeposit and profit at the end;
Tier 2 (from 25$): 125 3% through the daydeposit and profit at the end;
Tier 3 (from 50$): 150 5% over daysdeposit and profit at the end;
Tier 4 (from 100$): 185 10% over daysdeposit and profit at the end;
Tier 5 (from 100$): 225 15% over daysdeposit and profit at the end;
Tier 6 (from 100$): 350 30% over daysdeposit and profit at the end;
Tier 7 (from 100$): 400 45% over daysdeposit and profit at the end;
Tier 8 (from 100$): 600 60% over days, deposit and profit at the end.

The project pays instant.
Minimum withdrawal amount: 1$ for USDT BEP20, BTC, LTC, DOGE, XRP, BNB, TRX; 3$ for USDT TRC20; $50 for ETH and USDT ERC20.

Comment: We enter a high-quality fast project with favorable returns on after plans.
Excellent technical part of the site, beautiful design with unique content. Register company.
Popular payments with instant processing and available limits for input/output are connected.
Telegram chat. Smooth development, quick payback with high refback - Take a closer look!

Accepts: Tether USDT (BEP20/TRC20/ERC20), Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ripple, BinanceCoin, Tron.

our deposit: 300 $

Bonuses from the blog: 5% from the amount of your deposit!
TEST project: There is no "Deposit protection", shares do not work. Only 100% refback and Bounty.

19 reviews for "Review and reviews of (Test projects, Personal Choice)"

  1. Avatar photo upvega:

    Компенсация от Profit-Hunters 0.19 LTC 07821495a4156efad98ca759f5220a596865332fb4d80252f10b545f090b610e 14:08 05.10.2023

  2. Avatar photo upvega:

    RCB от Profit-Hunters 0.05 LTC ccfe3a21274adbed1a619870ea521336309a1c9eb8400a9e73511e5eb1da47de 2023-10-02 19:12:27

  3. Avatar photo upvega:

    Dep 1 LTC a28c4b501fae45bddd268719f0374831638e66bbcb8cdaec35df1c49059277a8 2023-10-02 18:20:23 quinbet инвестирую с PH

  4. Avatar photo Lyubov64:

    Quinbit instant 61.5 USDT 0x4cedd0bef564c3348885b9fd28fce7c7770f7450bf4d6bb791e6fecc2d7be793 Oct-02-2023 02:31:07 PM Инвестирую с Profit-Hunters

  5. Avatar photo upvega:

    Выплата 0.85416666 LTC bd42955097c1a855c6c49292a6f7e37b954bfef01c7be345e31f7d699189696f. 2023-10-02 18:16:58 quinbit инвестирую с PH

  6. Avatar photo Lyubov64:

    Deposit Quinbit 60 USDT 0xb29980e46f239fc79554cde05fbff3d2a92624a8012283e696ca5cf6105d92ac Oct-01-2023 02:18:11 PM Investing with Profit-Hunters

  7. Avatar photo TrinityS:

    Payment 512.50 USDT — Oct-01-2023 12:46:46 PM +UTC
    Investing ProfitHunter

  8. Avatar photo Lyubov64:

    Thank you for refbek!
    RCB for Quinbit from Profit-Hunters 3 USDT 0xd14362e90e2578d3d3eebe2671af5e93f0c6e912733f922f236b5b69b3f0588d Oct-01-2023 03:48:10 PM

  9. Avatar photo Lyubov64:

    Quinbit instant 51.25 USDT 0x65afd2d2f8633a28a4ae903ab22ede3704da384a2f4bb3022ee1c0f787fc4aac Oct-01-2023 02:14:44 PM Инвестирую с Profit-Hunters