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Review and reviews of P2E game SPEXY (Test projects)

Review of P2E game SpexyGreetings, dear partners and subscribers of the investment blog Profit Hunters! In today's article, we will dive into the Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming industry, where users can earn real money in a gaming manner using cryptocurrency tools. The game Stepn immediately comes to mind, which brought the P2E market to a whole new level and attracted millions of users from all over the world. However, Stepn's time has already passed, and now its main competitor is the new modern game Spexy with Move-to-Earn (move and earn) and Learn-to-Earn (learn and earn) elements. After a long testing period, the Spexy game was launched on the mainnet, all the bugs were completely fixed, the game mechanics were thoroughly worked out, and the applications were updated and available in the Google Play and AppStore markets. In this review, we propose to understand what Spexy is and what opportunities it has for making money.

Specky (Official launch in Mainnet mode: June 26, 2023).
Our invitation code: PHTEAM

Review of P2E game Spexy

Specky created by the best developers of the A4 Finance team, which is a whole DeFi ecosystem of financial products, such as a decentralized multi-currency wallet, NFT marketplace, staking and farming, blockchain, cross-chain bridges, and more. The Spexy game is fully integrated into A4wallet's own cryptocurrency wallet (AppStore / Google Play), and has the A4 token of the same name, can be connected to several leading networks, including EVM networks, Tron and Solana. The application allows participants to earn profit by following various mechanics and ways of earning in the game itself. The founders of the game took into account all the shortcomings of previously launched games and developed a unique economic model where, in addition to physical activity, you can improve your financial literacy and receive increased rewards for this.

One of the key components for making money in the game are SPEXY robots, which will play the role of your character in the gameplay. Total available 5 robot models, each of which includes 40 levels with different modifications and appearance. The name of the robots coincides with the name of the game itself - S, P, E, X, Y, and their cost depends on the chosen model and ranges from $10 to $100000. You can buy the Speksy robot using a bank card or popular cryptocurrencies. Your main task is to develop your character through daily walks with a distance of 1.5 km per day, it takes about 20 minutes for everything about everything. For each walk, the system will charge 0.6% of the cost of your model. Immediately after walking, 80% of the income from your maximum reward will be credited, depending on the model and level of the robot. The higher the model and level, the greater the reward. For an additional reward, after a successful walk, you will be asked to read an educational article on financial or cryptocurrency topics and take a test in which you need to indicate the correct answer. For successful completion of the test, you will receive an additional 20% of rewards in the form of XP and Super XP.

Spexy P2E Game Marketing

Points earned for the distance traveled and the completion of tasks are credited to the internal balance. Subsequently, they can be brought to the main balance and used to upgrade your robot, which can be upgraded from level 1 to level 40. After each pumping to new levels, the daily reward will increase. If necessary, you can also purchase XP by buying them directly in your A4 wallet. The cost of 1 XP is $0.06. The transition to a new level occurs automatically when enough XP has been received. In parallel with earning XP, you are also earning SuperXP points in double the size of XP. Accordingly, if you have completed daily tasks, then when accruing 1 XP, you will additionally receive 2 SuperXP. If your reward is 10 XP, then you will receive SuperXP in the amount of 20 points. SuperXP can only be accumulated on the robot's internal balance without the possibility of transferring it to the main balance. You can use them to move to another level, and twice as fast. Keep in mind that if you cash out your XP, your SuperXP will be burned.

In the Speksy app, robot owners can rent out other users if you don't have time to walk on your own or if you have several robots. You can rent out in unlimited quantities for a period of 7 days, but you can only use one for walking. To do this, you need to create a vacancy by specifying the terms of the lease agreement, or select a suitable tenant from the list. By the way, tenants may not have their own robot, while earning money by renting robots to perform daily tasks. If the tenant has his own robot, but he takes the rented one, then the use of his own is no longer allowed during the term of the active contract. Depending on the robot model, the percentage of rewards may be different. From 5% to 40% will be received by tenants in the form of XP, the rest will be received by landlords in the form of XP and SuperXP.

Rent reward in P2E game Spexy

Spexy also has referral program up to 5 levels deep. To participate, you must purchase a robot, after which you will receive a referral code for invitations and building your team. The invitation code is located in the "Menu" section of the "MetaTeam" tab. The number of levels corresponds to the robot models, which means that if you own a model E robot, then there will be 3 levels open in your structure for viewing information, however, rewards will come from all lines. Also, the more expensive your robot, the higher the referral reward from the amount spent by your partners.

Affiliate program in P2E game Spexy

Payouts from referral purchases are credited to your account in the form of Energy, which is equivalent to $1 and can be converted into any available stablecoin. Energy can be withdrawn instantly and in any amount immediately to a cryptocurrency wallet.

Registration in the Spexy game, buying robots and withdrawing funds:

1. So, in order to register in the game, you need to download the A4 wallet in AppStore or GooglePlay, depending on which operating system you have on your mobile device. Install the application and create a new wallet or import an existing one. Be sure to generate a 12-word seed phrase and save it. After entering the wallet, go to the tab "SPEXY» in the bottom bar of the navigation menu. Create your username and enter our invitation code "PHTEAM“, after which you will be taken to the Meta-Command of the Profit Hunters blog.

Registration in P2E game Spexy

2. To buy robots, go to the "Market«, select the appropriate model from the list and click on the button indicating the cost. Next, select any of the many payment methods, specify the network in case of paying with cryptocurrency, enter the number of robots and click "Pay“if the funds are in your wallet A4. If paying from your other wallet, such as TrustWallet or MetaMask, click the "Pay with another wallet» and transfer the required amount to the specified details.

Buying robots in the P2E game Spexy

3. To withdraw the accumulated EXP (XP), because the reward will be credited in it, go to the section "Menu"And select the"Balance sheets". In the window that opens, click "Withdraw“, then indicate the amount of XP withdrawal and find out how many SPX tokens you will receive on your wallet. After that press the button "Confirm«.

Withdrawal of profits in the P2E game Spexy

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Conclusion: Spexy is a new innovative P2E game that connects real and virtual life, and also allows all players to earn money regardless of age and financial wealth. We worked on the launch for quite a long time, it was possible to play since December last year, but all this happened at the beta testing stage with various bugs and incomplete functionality. Just a couple of days ago, we launched the mainnet and now you can fully build your strategies for making money. All players have several main areas: buying a robot and renting it out, buying a robot and completing tasks (walking 1.5 km every day and answering questions), renting robots for free and completing tasks, and also receiving passive income by inviting other participants through a referral program. Each direction brings different earnings, but by combining them you can reach high profits. In the future, as the gaming arena develops and expands, your robots will be transferred as NFTs to the metaverse, which will lead to new, more global opportunities. As part of the blog, we entered the deposit 10000$ and bought a robot model X (invitation code: PHTEAM). We offer our partners a refund of 3% of the purchase price of robots!

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