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20.10.2013g - Review project

dorneck districtPlans with interest included in daily payments are very popular with investors - investment risks are reduced, the funds "frozen" in the project are quickly released, an illusion of a greater percentage is created. Undoubtedly, such plans, especially for short periods, are more pleasant to the investor than the classical ones (with the return of the deposit at the end of the deposit term). But you need to understand that for the admin plans are not the most convenient - you have to pay a large percentage of monitors (by listing), so you need a big "airbag". Let's look at one of the interesting middles who have already successfully completed one round ...

Legend the project does not shine with originality - trades in the forex market. As one friend of mine - throw a stone in HYIP, you get into "forex trader." The content is not very diverse, but unique and seen that he wrote them a specialist in "selling" of the text. the project is designed in a calm, nice looking colors. Personally, I like the design. Overall catch especially not for that - but also obvious blunders admin not allowed.

Tehchast project performed very well, admin Respect: dedicated servers, SSL from Comodo, protection against DDoS attacks. Everything here is normal.

on plans worth looking a little more - not only that the project offers short plans are included in the depot the payment, admin went on an interesting step - instead of the standard scheme 1 1 hours = accrual takes place here 4 profit calculation per day. Thereby increasing admin at unsubscribe forums 4 times, which of course is good for development of the project. Plus one more thing - a project pays 6 days a week (IPA-Sat). Admin, and then original.

11,2% daily for 10 days - Investment from 10 $
6,8% daily for 20 days - Investment from $ 100
4,8% daily for 30 days - Investment from $ 500

Deposit is included in the calculation. Referral program 4,6%

Summing up I want to mention - the project was very concise, pleasant appearance, with a pair of original moments and interesting plans. First round Dorneco passed, it pleases. Of course it all depends on the mood of the administrator to work - but for the benefit of diversification can consider this project for investments in small and medium-sized amounts.

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