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One of the strategies of an investor in HYIPs is "hit-n-run"

In today's article, we will consider one of the most common strategies of modern investors - "hit-n-run", and see what consequences the massive, widespread use of this approach leads to. A comprehensive understanding of the industry will not only help clarify future prospects, but will also allow you to quickly and clearly build a comprehensive strategy based on the current situation. As you understand, the final result of the game depends on how correctly your line of behavior is built.


The principle of "Hit-n-Run" is familiar to many, in our opinion, simply put - "hit the jackpot and - run." The general picture looks like this: the investor joins the program at its very origins, waits for the end of the terms, withdraws the due interest, the deposit (there is no question of any reinvestment) and promptly withdraws. Leaves the game and joins the new hyip program. The most massive rallying of "hit-and-runners" are fasts, offering 120% in three days, for example, etc. Long-term HYIPs, for the most part, do not seduce players of this kind - getting your deposit back in 200 days is clearly not included in the plans of hit-n-runners. Isn't that why the environment of "long-term" is truly the most stable and favorable environment for capital accumulation, which cannot be said about "fast"? ..

If not everyone understands what colossal harm this model of investor behavior does to HYIPs, imagine yourself in the role of a HYIP admin. "Hit-n-runners", in this case, are in the role of marauders, pulling all the juices out of the program, pulling out the initial deposit and, without remorse, leaving the side of the ship, leaving the captain alone with the elements. The captain, of course, will fight for some time, but how long it will last depends on the willingness of investors to contribute to the further development of the program.


HYIP-industry is a large-scale financial game, and every game needs players, in the opposite case its lightning final comes.

When a fairly dense group of "hit-n-runners" is formed, mercilessly attacking the HYIP throughout the entire time, the program administrator loses not only the lion's share of funds, but also such valuable "players". A logical chain: lack of investors = lack of funds, which leads to the premature closure of the program. Why did I say to "premature"? Because, no matter how seasoned skeptics shake their heads, there is always a handful of high-quality programs run by honest and hardworking admins who, precisely because of such a set of circumstances, have to close the doors of their financial brainchild before the deadline. When money receipts from the outside cease not only to make a profit, but simply to cover costs, the only sure way out is to close the shop.

Of course, I agree that by taking a hit-n-run position, you deliberately protect yourself from unnecessary losses, the need for which is especially acute at the stage of becoming a hyip-investor. Quick earnings, safety, comfort are the primary conditions for the successful growth and development of another unit of the HYIP industry. And this is absolutely normal. Quite logical and rational line of behavior. And yet, as you pedal faster and faster, you must gradually learn to benefit from other things as well. Providing support to an executive, trustworthy foundation is one of those things.

The range of support includes posts on forums confirming the solvency of the program, participation in discussions, voting on forums and reinvesting, after all. To receive, you must, respectively, and give. Twitter and various thematic blogs are also suitable for expressing your attitude towards the program.


For admins, the hit-n-run strategy is by far the worst nightmare. While they hardly win each new client, already existing ones, they rake up to a penny of weighty deposits and immediately retreat with full wallets. This tendency leads to the depletion of program resources, leaving no chance for subsequent circles.

Now admins are forced to adapt to easily predictable trends. Appearing on the market, they already, by default, bear the stigma "SCAM". Their strategy involves an intentional, premature scam, even before the completion of the first round.

And this is just one of the aspects, the results of the influence of "hit-n-runners" on the development of the HYIP industry. Hopefully we've shed some light on this issue. Draw appropriate conclusions and build not only a profitable, but also a mutually beneficial strategy.

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