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Advanced Cash blocks the wallets of its users - is it a scam?

In the light of recent events, many users stop working with the popular Advanced Cash payment system. Billing management leads an aggressive policy and blocks customer funds and wallets for the most absurd reasons. What kind of chaos is this, and is it worth working with Adva? We will understand this article.

What happened to Advanced Cash?

In recent years, Adv Cash payment system has been actively gaining popularity and it has played a special role for HYIP investors. Moreover, the payment even became the main competitor for everyone's beloved Perfect Money. The absence of fees for internal transfers, card issuance, a high level of reliability and loyalty to HYIPs were the main advantages that made this payment system special. Many even confidently switched to Adva, considering it more promising. But, as practice shows, the prospect has quickly exhausted itself and today working with Advanced Cash is dangerous for its customers.

Difficulties in working with the HYIP billing began in the summer of 2018, when Adva's attitude to these investment projects changed. If earlier the payment system turned a blind eye, from where and where the money runs, then suddenly it began to demand documents from HYIP admins confirming the legality of the transfer of money by investors in trust. Otherwise, Advanced Cash simply blocked the accounts of the project and this led to his scam. Not every admin could get such documents, so the payment started to disappear abruptly from the HYIP.

Nevertheless, this was only the beginning of the end - further the payment system slipped into a banal robbery of its customers, which it justifies with a variety of, even delusional, reasons.

Why does Adv Cash block customers?

If earlier notarized documents saved the admin about the blocking of funds by Advanced Cash, then the administration of the payment system does not pay attention to these proofs. At the same time, not only admins need to be afraid of blocking from Adva, but also simple users who do not violate anything. Rather, with the new rules on payment, you somehow break something.

Everyone knows that the trade in arms, drugs, organs and false documents is illegal. But according to the administrators of Adva, medical preparations, state awards, locking devices, objects of the archaeological heritage, and malware are also prohibited. Further, the list of bans is even more absurd - it is impossible to sell perishable goods or advertising services through Advanced Cash.

You will be blocked if you sell information that can be used for spamming or is subject to copyright. It is also impossible to sell products that do not have consumer value, fakes and information that is not recorded on digital media (for example, any ideas). And of course, you can not take in the management of finance or be intermediaries in such relationships. The list of prohibitions is so extensive and varied that it is possible to block an unwanted user even if he, in fact, does not do anything illegal or prohibited.

Recover account is almost impossible. For project admins, set the following requirements:

  • Change account type from personal to business account. In this case, the user must provide detailed information about the company and its involvement in it.
  • Connection payment acceptance to the site. This method also involves the provision of a whole set of notarized documents, which the admin, of course, does not.
  • Alternatively, the project administrator can provide a legal opinion, in which lawyers, referring to the legislation of the country of registration, prove why you can take funds into management without a license.

As for individuals, the free withdrawal of funds from the payment system is terminated, now in order to carry out a transaction you need to fulfill a number of requirements:

  1. Provide a copy of the passport.
  2. Utility bill at the place of residence in the name of the client.
  3. Bank statement.
  4. A letter of recommendation from the bank.
  5. Certificate of no criminal record.
  6. Documents confirming your source of income.
  7. Selfie with a passport.

All these copies and documents are provided in English and Russian versions with notarization. It is logical that not every user will give such amount of personal information about himself, and not everyone has a document confirming income. For example, if you are a HYIP investor or freelancer, then getting such a document is completely unrealistic, because you officially have no income. And there is no income - what are you going to withdraw? As for the certificate of no criminal record, it is completely incomprehensible how it is connected with the use of the payment system - it smacks of discrimination.

What do customers of the payment system?

The actions of the Advanced Cash payment system caused numerous scams, in addition to this, information swept across the network that many ordinary users suffered from locks. The payment violates the rights of customers and freezes the accounts, and in accordance with the new rules, it can do this with anyone, and you can not restore your account even with a strong desire.

Unfortunately, we do not recommend working with Advanced Cash and if you have funds in its accounts, we strongly advise you to withdraw money, otherwise you will lose them. This is a banal scam and kick of its users..

Advanced Cash has been struggling to work fully in the legal field lately, so it will no longer be loyal to hyips and any dubious customers denigrating its reputation. There are even versions that Adva is going to become a full-fledged bank, so the terms of cooperation with her will become even more stringent. For us, this only means that the system is not suitable for investment activity, but we have an excellent alternative in the form of Perfect Money and Payeer, which has been proven over time. We also advise you to be careful with projects that work with Adv Cash, because at any time their accounts may be frozen and your money lost.

22 reviews for "Advanced Cash is blocking its users' wallets - is this a scam?"

  1. Avatar photo Dmitriy:

    You won't be able to unblock your account there, you'll have to go to court.

  2. Avatar photo Dmitriy:


    Scammers steal money from your account. I used this dump for about 2 years, well, how I used it, there were small sums. As soon as real money appeared on the account, they blocked it, which you can't even log into it. They demanded a video call via Skype to allegedly confirm my identity, the uploaded documents were not enough for them. Even after confirming their identity through a video call and answering their bunch of stupid questions, the account was blocked, the money was simply stolen.
    Don't use these scammers! I'm trying to sue them, because they don't even have a license and a legal address, it's just a sharashkin office, and the Internet is full of similar reviews, they just steal money. Bypass these scammers if you don't want to lose your money!
    Here is the answer from this dump: