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Announcement The Most Club Club (29.02-06.03)

Good evening, friends!
I flew one more week of the Club. We have received many positive comments about the prize draw - will definitely organize the distribution of money every month. We continue to work on development of investment areas Becking and sports betting ...
Let's all tell more.


Today, the Club ...

В TheMostHYIPs After a long observation, a powerful project was added, we play it with our money. Also this week there was a first scam in our list - but we managed to warn our partners in advance about the danger of the reinvestment, and all our referrals managed to go into profit. This is important. At this point in the list of the Club 8 projects, which continue to pay and delight us with profit.

This week we implemented a new risk assessment system in the TheMostHYIPs section of the project. For each project in the list is presented a dynamic risk factor - from 1 to 10. The higher this value, the greater risks await the investor when investing in the HYIP. Based on the received information, we change these indicators in real time for projects, and we try to warn in advance about the risks of our partners. All significant fluctuations in the coefficient are accompanied by comments from the administration. Now it's even more convenient, safer and more efficient to work with HYIPs on our insider.

В Online schemes The expert of the Club in the field of poker - Vlad, a practical article was prepared about the analysis of the statistics of poker players, for the competent selection of proposals for bekings. The information is very interesting, a person successfully works for several years in this niche, and has invaluable experience and knowledge. Very much waiting for the second part of the material, then we will test the bekings with a trial bank in 1000 $


Our reports:

For 2 weeks, the tennis capper showed the following results:

With 22 on 28 February, a breakdown occurred + 6959 $

Since 29 of February on 6 of March has rolled back on -1919 $


The second capper is the result -245 $ And the bank 1255 $. We stop testing it due to lack of discipline (rates it provides at different times), plus its forecasts are always given to insignificant events - as a consequence, you can bet only small amounts and only in Russian BC. What is not interesting for us in the future. Now we choose a new capper for work among foreign professionals.

Eventually, Since the beginning of announcements we have in our work bank 14295 $ (+ 4795 $)

We will keep you informed of the bank's dynamics and the results of the investment.


Very soon:

In haypah we are now seeing a lull - a lot of good projects started in the near future, and at the moment we do not plan to add something new to the list. Nevertheless, our subscribers can always get quality advice on any investment project.

We continue to work on the projections, this week we will connect a new capper. Also our sports Skype chat, where we discuss all the details of investing in betting, answer questions from partners. After we have chosen 3-4 reliable professionals, we will implement a separate chat sport on the Club's website, where we will share our forecasts and tips. A lot of interesting things await us.

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