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What to wait after the ICO crypto currency - the fate of tokens after the sale

Invest in ICO Today it is extremely fashionable, and many investors find their own profit in such investment. Nevertheless, not everyone knows what happens to tokens after the sale is completed, and most importantly, it is unclear the important question - is there life after ICO? We will try to understand the problem in this article, but at the same time we will recall all the successes and failures that have occurred in the coins that started by pre-sale.

How to finish ICO crypto currency and what should an investor do?

Venture investments, with which we have been familiar before, are retiring, and instead of them a frenzied excitement is being exploited by a new model of raising funds - ICO. The primary location of the tokens is interesting to both the organizers themselves and the depositors, only the latter do not always get the desired profit.

ICO can end in different ways:

  1. The amount needed to implement the project will be collected and investors will receive their tokens.
  2. The amount of investments expected by the organizers will not be, which means that the money will return to its investors. Organizers ICO recently go to the trick, indicating a minimum (soft cap) and the maximum amount of funds (hard cap), which they plan to assemble. Due to this, the risk is significantly reduced that the amount is not collected and there is an opportunity to collect more money.
  3. Well, the most banal option to complete ICO - Scum. The project can be a fraud from the beginning, and sometimes it happens that developers who really wanted to run something are tempted by huge amounts of fees and just disappear.

Investors are left to wait for the sale to be completed, because only then will it be known whether they will receive the purchased tokens. In this case, their distribution does not guarantee that you are lucky and you broke a big jackpot.

Tokens after ICO

After some time after the distribution of the tokens, the coin enters the market, that is, appears on the exchange. Immediately after this event, the price of coins changes dramatically - there can not be stability in this matter, there will necessarily be a jump down or a move up. And then an important factor works: the investors' interest in the possession of the tokens. If the participants of the pre-sale start to discard all the coins trying to snatch the profit, and at the same time other investors will not start buying them, the course will go to a drawdown.

In the same case, if the project has an interesting proposal for the public, it is some kind of innovative development, then the price of coins will grow immediately or in time. But, alas, a huge number of projects have no further growth prospects - the team spends all efforts on the ICO, and then free swimming starts, which for investors turns out to be the most unpredictable consequences.

New ICO start daily and in huge numbers, but not all earn in them. Nevertheless, history knows how incredibly successful coins started by selling tokens, which everyone has heard, and those that turned out to be a real failure and brought investors only disappointment.

Successful ICO Projects

Now we will not make a rating of what grand sums were collected during this or that ICO and which projects sold their tokens faster than everyone else. Investors from these parameters do not become richer, much more important is how much the coin gave to earn after its start on the exchange.

1) NXT - 408%

Nxt - is not just a crypto currency, but also an entire platform for the operation of decentralized applications. That is, it is not a traditional fork of bitcoin, but a completely separate development with great functionality. In real life it may seem ridiculous, but in the course of selling its tokens, the project collected only 21 bitcoins, which at the 2013 exchange rates was a very meager amount.

Nevertheless, Nxt not only launched - it is actively developing, and its tokens, which were lucky enough to acquire 73 investors, today have risen in price more than 408 000%! Imagine yourself by simply spending 1$ to buy coins in 2013, already after 4 the investor would have managed to earn more than 4080$.

2) IOTA - 180 196%

Absolutely unique crypto currency, which in its breakthrough is capable of overtaking bitcoin itself - therefore it is not surprising that from the moment ICO she so famously rose in price. Innovative development for the "Internet of things" does not work on the traditional block, but on the technology Tangle, which makes possible micro- and nanotransactions, does not have internal commissions and miners, and in general makes it possible to make instant transfers.

ICO project was conducted in 2015, then the order of 434 was collected$ thousand and sold almost a billion coins. At the start of the exchange, the price of the coin was negligible, today it reached 0,81$, which allowed IOTA to occupy 8 place on capitalization, leaving behind Monero, NEM and Etherium Classic.

3) Neo - 111%

"Chinese ethereum" or Antshares, as they called the Neo coin at start-up, did not launch very well, but its developers caught on time and not only rebranded, but also completely updated the technical aspects of the platform. Immediately after that, an active interest in the coin began and, although Neo sounds a lot of criticism, the rate of the crypto currency is growing by leaps and bounds, which is the main thing for investors who are willing to buy coins.

4) Ethereum - 106 673%

About the next participant of the rating of successful crypto currency after the ICO is not worth talking about - and so everyone knows. The etherium, which is a decentralized platform for creating applications that run on smart contracts, was "put up for sale" in 2014. By the standards of the then ICO project collected a solid amount of investment in the amount of 15,5$ million. Happy owners of 50 million tokens could become rich today, provided they did not unload their tokens on the day they entered the exchange.

5) Spectrecoin - 47%

The investors were also pleased with the investment in the sale of tokens of the superanonymous coin Spectrecoin. The ICO took place not so long ago, in 2016, and in exactly 12 months the project was able to prove its viability - otherwise how could the coins have risen in price by more than 47%? And again, at the stage of selling tokens, the cryptocurrency did not raise billions of dollars, the budget was very modest - about 500$ thousand

6) Stratis - 45%

Stratis emerged in the summer of 2016, and its active growth began in the spring of this year - a stunning result for a short period. Investors who believed in a coin on the starting sale are great lucky ones, because getting rich on this asset was easy. The reason for this growth is Stratis - it's not just a crypto currency, it's a blockbuster platform, even a market giant like Microsoft has become interested in its functionality.

7) Ark - 30 038%

After entering the exchange, one Ark token was quoted at a price of one cent, today the cost of a unit of this cryptocurrency is 3$. The platform is really worthy of attention and investors who invest in it are very perspicacious - Ark Arsenal has a whole range of functions, the main one of which is to create smart bridges between different blockboys.

8) Lisk - 11%

Crypto currency Lisk is called one of the main competitors of the Etherium, with the latter clearly losing in comparison. One of the main advantages of a young platform in supporting the JavaScript language, which is so convenient for programmers. There was a coin in the beginning of 2016 year and all in a month has collected 6,5$ million, which were required by the developers for the development of the project.

Unsuccessful completion of Initial Coin Offering

You will be surprised, but many high-profile projects that collected hundreds of millions of dollars during the pre-sale, have not brought profit to investors at the moment. Moreover, investors have gone into negative, because the price of coins has fallen much compared to the one that was on the stock exchange.

  • Bancor - a sensational crypt that collected a record 153$ in three hours. At the moment, investors who did not have time to merge coins at the start in the drawdown by -49%.
  • Status - 109,4 was collected during the auction$ million, and because of the excitement around the tokens, there was a malfunction in the work of the Etherium platform, and the air even fell in price. All these shocks were superfluous, because at the moment the price of the coin in the red is -23%.
  • TrueFlip - The block-lottery lottery has not yet determined among its investors the lucky ones, since all of them are minus -47%. And such investors gathered for the sum of 6,4$ Million
  • Mystery - Anonymous network for Internet connection could not inspire confidence in itself among investors and since the moment of entering the exchange has become cheaper by -41%, not justifying the collected during the ICO 14$ Million

And there are a lot of such examples - we have not yet taken into account frank scams that have not brought and will not bring investors absolutely nothing. Alas, but the coins do not shoot for many reasons and in the under-earned profit there is fault and the investors themselves.

Why is the primary location of tokens (ICO) does not always bring profit?

The possibility of obtaining money for the development of its existing business, a start-up or simply a desire to cut a profit on an equal footing attracts a huge number of people to the ICO sphere. Not all of them are professionals in their field, somebody is a bad organizer, but there are some scammers. Many people have enough strength and knowledge to dazzle ICO, but before the development of the project it does not reach, because it is very easy to overestimate one's own forces, as well as underestimate the market. All these reasons explain why so many starts ICO and why so few of them bring profitability to investors.

But the blame from investors for the current situation should not be removed. Today, the number of those who want to get a crazy profit is much more than the market supply and investors are ready to turn a blind eye to a lot in the hope of getting the coveted income. There is no need to go far for examples, we will give a glaring case, which is just one of many. Not so long ago, the ICO of the UET coin was held, which collected 40$ for three days. A good result, but the point is not that, but in the translation, the abbreviation Useless Ethereum Token means "useless token of the Etherium." The developers said directly that the coin was a joke and a dummy, and the slogan of the project was that the UET is an ordinary token that can be stored and transmitted, nothing more. And nevertheless in a coin consciously invested money, and considerable!

In conclusion, we can say one thing: pick up really worthwhile tokens in your portfolio, with a good technical base and innovative features. Such coins are able to bring profit to us, but for now we will choose "useless tokens" and do not expect a miracle and believe in profits that can not be a priori.