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PerfectMonet Epaycore Yandex Money Payeer Okpay Qiwi Payza BTC - the threat of closing the payment system.

EgoPayAn unpleasant situation arose last week with one of the payment systems, which was widely popular in many hyip-projects. As you understand from the header, the problems arose in the work of EgoPay. According to numerous complaints, large amounts of money were written off and blocked from the users' purses. Of some sources, complaints started to arrive in December, but at that time there were only isolated cases. Now the situation has escalated into a large-scale problem, millions of dollars have been blocked on the accounts, the majority of private money changers and large exchange services have been affected, and administrators of high-yield projects and ordinary investors probably did not manage to hit the pocket without a blow.

Let us remind you that the last major closure was a drop in the spring of the year 2013 Liberty Reserve payment system, which is charged with conducting an unlicensed money transmitting business and was closed under pressure from the US authorities. Here, the circumstances look a little different. As it turned out, the leaders themselves EgoPay payment system involved in the monetary machinations transfers.

At one of the largest Russian-language MMGP forums, representatives of the Payeer payment gateway, who also suffered from fraud, describe a preliminary scheme of action for Egopay admins: large payments through EGOPAY recently (under the guise of different clients since the beginning of December 2014) and they coincided - all addresses in Lithuania, one provider. Thus, the EGOPAY administration injected money into various services through its own system for large amounts (20-30k at a time), withdrew money from those services, and then blocked the same money in its system. "

The administration of EgoPay, in its turn, claims about hacking the system with loss of more than 1 million dollars, at the moment, measures are being taken to restore, asking everyone not to panic. Naturally, such a legend can hardly be hard to believe, since all the facts point to another. Besides, nowhere is there any detailed explanation on this matter, on the site of the payment system, the official blog, in social networks, the complete lack of information. We are directed to write a message to skype via e-mail, but no one has received a return letter, a similar reaction has been made to the creation of tickets. Many exchange services have already suspended work with EgoPay and do not exchange in this direction. Funds on the accounts of participants in the system are still frozen, we will continue to monitor developments. We strongly recommend that you completely abandon any operations with this payment system until you clarify the circumstances and be careful.

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