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Near Wallet in Telegram. Detailed review and step-by-step instructions on how to mine HOT tokens.

Near Wallet in TelegramIn continuation of this hot topic, I would like to note the simplicity and convenience of working with a crypto-wallet, especially since the entire process is free and in a game form, which actually attracts the majority of users, including newcomers to the cryptocurrency market.

Near Wallet Registration

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Near Wallet in Telegram

Near Wallet is the official wallet from the NEAR Protocol blockchain in the cart, in which you can farm HOT coins for free, as well as buy, send and store tokens on the wallet absolutely safely. The HOT token is an integral part of the NEAR ecosystem and can be used to pay fees, play games and carry out real transactions on the blockchain. In the future, it will be possible to make transactions on Ethereum and other networks.

To become a participant in the ecosystem and start mining coins, you do not need to download anything additional or understand the intricacies of blockchain technologies. It is enough to have the telegram application on your phone, follow the link in the bot, create a wallet and log in every 2 hours and receive tokens.

Creating a wallet.

Creating a wallet is very simple. After clicking on the link in the bot, you will receive a welcome message in which click “Open Wallet" and go to the application. To create a new account, click "Create new account" Next, they will generate a unique nickname for you, which matches your nickname in Telegram, and it will also be your payment address in the blockchain, which is supported by all popular exchanges. Be sure to save and write down the seed phrase (a set of 12 words) and click the "Create" If you already have a wallet, then import it using the seed phrase by clicking “Log in”.

Creating a Near Wallet

How to start mining HOT

After creating a wallet, we get to the main menu, it looks like this (see screenshot). To activate mining, click "claim“, that’s actually all you need to do to become an active user. Token mining will occur even during your absence, but at the initial stage you will have to log in every 2 hours and collect coins by pressing the “Claim HOT”, since during this time your storage will be completely full.

Mining HOT in Near Wallet

To collect HOT tokens, a commission in the form of gas will be charged, because All transactions on the Near network are real and require some costs to confirm the operation on the blockchain. You can pay for gas in three ways:

1. Free transactions (3 free transactions will be available initially, you can increase their number by completing tasks, mainly by subscribing to social networks).
2. Payment with NEAR token (it is enough to top up just a few tokens to your address in your wallet (, they will last you a long time to pay the commission).
3. Payment with HOT token (a free method, thanks to which the network fee will be deducted from the earned tokens, but it is more profitable to pay for gas at a distance using NEAR).

Payment of commission for mining

Storage and boosts

Let me remind you that at the start, your storage is capable of receiving tokens for no more than 2 hours at 0.01 HOT per hour, after which mining stops until it is collected. To increase storage filling time and mining speed, various upgrades have been developed in the application:

Storage (increases the time it takes to fill your storage);
Fireplace (increases the speed of token mining);
Wood (HOT mining acceleration multiplier).

Storage and boosts


There are 6 storage levels in total:
Level 1: Wooden Storage (2 hours to fill, available immediately)
Level 2: Metal Storage (3 hours to fill, upgrade cost - 0.2 HOT)
Level 3: Modular Storage (4 hours to fill, upgrade cost - 0.5 HOT)
Level 4: Liquid Storage (6 hours to fill, upgrade cost - 1 HOT)
Level 5: Titanium Storage (12 hours to fill, upgrade cost - 4 HOT)
Level 6: Gold Storage (24 hours to fill, upgrade cost - 10 HOT)

* I recommend pumping this boost no more than 2-3 times, so you will have to go in a little more often (every 4-6 hours), but at the same time you will pay less for the update, thereby accumulating more HOT tokens.


One of the most important parameters, because allows you to receive more HOT tokens per unit of time. The base mining speed is 0.01 HOT/hour, but using the same tokens you can increase the speed level:

Level 1: Wood Fireplace (0.01 HOT/hour, available immediately)
Level 2: Stone Fireplace (0.015 HOT/hour, upgrade cost - 0.2 HOT)
Level 3: Gas Fireplace (0.02 HOT/hour, upgrade cost - 1 HOT)
Level 4: Neon Fireplace (0.025 HOT/hour, upgrade cost - 2 HOT)
Level 5: Neon Multi-Fireplace (0.03 HOT/hour, upgrade cost - 5 HOT)
Level 6: Gold Fireplace (0.05 HOT/hour, upgrade cost - 15 HOT)


It is used to perform special missions in order to significantly speed up the mining process. Completing each mission will allow you to advance to a new level with an increased coefficient, which is a multiplier for the Fireplace level. You can complete tasks in any order. At this stage, there are 6 levels (with a multiplier from 1 to 2.5) and 4 tasks.

Special tasks to speed up mining

Download the HERE mobile app and import your wallet (after downloading you will need to enter the seed phrase).

Add 0.5 NEAR (send any amount from 0.5 NEAR to your address, you can buy it on any exchange (Binance, OKX, Bybit, Gate, Bitget, HTX, MEXC) that already support the .tg address format).

Add 1 USDT (send 1 USDT to your address, you can buy it on any exchange listed above. If you have already installed the HERE application, you can exchange from NEAR to USDT inside your wallet, for this you need to top up more NEAR on the previous task).

Invite your first referral (he must create a wallet and brand the tokens at least once, after which you will receive a notification in the bot about a new referral).


Affiliate program in Near Wallet

Attracting new users is another way to increase the number of tokens in your wallet, and the most effective one. For each brand of your referrals you will receive 20% cashback and 5% for each brand of 2nd level referrals.

20% of the profits of referrals 1-level
5% of the profits of referrals 2-level

If somehow you created a wallet without an upline and want to be in the Profit Hunters team, then on the main window, click the nut in the upper right corner, select the section "Recover inviter" and enter our address


Group mining and additional bonus

On February 10, we launched a new method of mining HOT together with our community in villages. An active user creates his own village and invites his friends and visitors to it. With each stamp of village residents, 5% of the amount will be sent to the general capital of the village as an additional bonus, which can later be divided between participants or used for the development of their community.

>>> Join our ProfitHunters team <<

In fact, there is nothing complicated here, everything is intuitively simple and easy. Be sure to re-read this guide again if you have any questions; I hope I have explained everything in an accessible language. To put it as briefly as possible: we go into the bot, mine and accumulate HOT tokens, complete all available tasks, and also hope to receive an airdrop for activity and see a good price on the listings.

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