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Live Stars - a breakthrough in the modern webcam industry


Live Stars is a blockchain based webcam resource. It has a transparent structure and a number of other advantages that distinguish the project from its analogues. The main goal of the developers is to create a user-friendly platform with automated management. Experience in the use of blockchain, software development, as well as knowledge of the structure of the webcam industry helps in creating a modern, convenient and promising platform. Registration can be done here.

The creators of the project Live Stars have set themselves the following tasks:

  • improve the internal business model;
  • eliminate too high commission fees;
  • organize customer relationships and models without intermediaries;
  • To exclude delays in payments to models of their earnings;
  • improve the security system, guarantee complete anonymity to the participants.

Thanks to this the Live Stars platform will become convenient for all participants. Models will be able to earn decent money with a minimum commission. As for customers, they no longer have to worry about their own anonymity, security. Errors of the human factor in the work of Live Stars are excluded.

Project Live Stars - features

Live Stars is a unique platform, its business model is based on complete automation of processes, exclusion of intermediaries. Smart contracts have been introduced into the business logic, as well as into the financial segment of the project. This ensures a safe, very convenient and fruitful collaboration between affiliates, users and models.

To pay for the list of services provided on Live Stars, a special LIVE token is used. This crypto currency acts as the only element that can be used for payment. The sale of LIVE tokens is carried out on the platform itself at the current exchange rate. Thanks to the fact that this crypto currency is available on exchanges, users have the opportunity to make a direct transfer to the wallet of Live Stars in their personal account. Participants who are not familiar with the crypto currency can easily purchase LIVE tokens for fiat funds in accordance with the exchange rate. For this you need to visit a third-party service.

The main features of Live Stars include:

  • open and transparent source code;
  • encryption, secure data storage;
  • instant payments without third parties;
  • the highest percentage of revenue for virtual models;
  • the presence of a streaming type connection without the use of services.

Solution of actual problems from Live Stars

Despite the rapid development and popularity of the web cam industry, this industry still has certain problems, disadvantages that developers have to contend with. The team of Live Stars is ready to offer its solutions. They will be described later.

1: No customer anonymity

Each webcam resource has its own database. Here you will find all information about registered participants, namely:

  • IP addresses, location;
  • information about transactions;
  • duration of sessions, visit time;
  • surnames, names, specified at purchase;
  • documents that confirm the identity (if provided);
  • credit card data and other instruments used for payment.

In user accounts, data about all actions are almost always recorded. For example, if a user remitted funds to models, this is displayed in the history. All correspondence is stored in the form of logs on the site. The administrator can, if necessary, access the dialogues. In some cases, this is necessary to check the participants for violations of the rules that are set by the site administration.

If the user turns on his webcam on the platform, the broadcast from the model to the user is carried out through the platform server. Accordingly, representatives of the administration can also watch the private broadcast. The system tracks secondary registrations, then links their owners using the data already available. These processes are controlled by platform employees. If the system is not located in the public domain, it cannot be guaranteed that all information is reliably protected and is deleted after a certain period.

Solution from Live Stars

Members of the Live Stars team are confident that customers of such platforms should not doubt the anonymity and safety of the data left. After all, only then will you enjoy the abundance of webcam services. In order to pay for services on Live Stars, you must use LIVE-tokens. Due to the fact that phiatic means are not applied, the system does not require the specification of personal data. The purchase of crypto currency is carried out by participants on third-party services. The Live Stars team does not have access to information about operations with crypto currency.

To obtain services of platform models, the participant must purchase LIVE tokens for another crypto currency. On the site for convenience, there is a conversion in accordance with the exchange rate. For payment by traditional means, the user can go to an independent resource. As a rule, these sites provide instructions.

Video chat rooms of private type, as well as messages from personal correspondence are transmitted in encrypted form (on the principle of one-to-one). In this case, there are no intermediaries. This approach is provided through the use of open-source projects. The decisions listed above are confirmed by an audit of the source code (located in public access).

2 Problem: Payment Errors

On classic web-cam platforms, transfers go through various payment services. Such a complicated payment mechanism often provokes errors, various failures. The crediting of funds to the user's account for this reason may be delayed for a certain period or completely canceled.

Solution from Live Stars

As already mentioned, all transfers of funds to Live Stars are carried out only in the LIVE crypto currency. This method of payment is convenient, safe for each user of the system. Thus, transactions do not require the involvement of third-party intermediaries, conducting a thorough check.

Problem 3: The minimum percentage of proceeds paid to girls

The platform webcams offer models no more than 40% of the amount transferred by the client. In addition, the payment corresponds to the percentage that was promised, not in all cases. Conversions, hidden commissions in some cases, hold a certain part of the earnings. On the part of models for this reason, a certain distrust arises. Also do not forget about the additional commission. It is charged by banks, electronic wallets.

Solution from Live Stars

Automating the work of most of the departments and the lack of a payment unit helps save a lot of money. Accordingly, the models are guaranteed payments starting from 70% of the amount transferred by the client. Over time, revenue can be increased to 80%. Due to the lack of third parties, the presence of the source code niche finance platform is completely transparent to the girls. This feature is attractive for many experienced as well as novice models.

The 4 Problem: Errors, Delays in Earned Funds to Models

The minimum withdrawal amount is usually 50 dollars or more. Even at achievement of this limit of model it is necessary to wait certain day of week, end of the period of payments. Only after that the girl can receive the earned means. In practice, beginning models almost always face the competition of more experienced girls in the top. Naturally, in such conditions, to earn a minimum is much more difficult. Long-term expectation of payment often leads to the fact that the girl ceases to provide services.

Solution from Live Stars

The Live Stars platform does not set limits on the withdrawal of the minimum amount of funds. Experience in this case is also not important, payments are automated. They are carried out thanks to the functionality of clever open contracts. Due to this, the human factor is completely eliminated, the risk of loss of funds is minimized. The model at a convenient time can bring the earned money to the wallet. Beginners can also easily output funds. We can say that the Live Stars platform provides the most favorable terms for girls to enter the web-kama sphere. The model, which began to earn money thanks to the platform of Live Stars, will soon be able to significantly increase its own income. For added convenience, you can convert LIVE tokens at your exchange rate in your own cabinet.

Problem 5: Payment settings can not be adjusted

Payment settings are available only to representatives of site administration. To change the method of payment and other important parameters, models need to contact a special department. Employees request for identification of certain documents. This principle of changing settings requires a certain time, which is not always convenient.

How to fix Live Stars problem

There are no settings on Live Stars that limit the implementation of payments. The number of staff at the expense of this is reduced, the principle of operation of certain departments is simplified. Thus, it is possible to save considerable money. Models have complete control over their own funds.

The 6 problem: Model positions in the TOP are distributed opaque

Earnings, as well as the popularity of the girl depends on her location in the TOP. Today, the platform webcams do not disclose the principle of determining places in the list of models. In this case, girls begin to have some suspicions about the injustice of site administrators.

Solution from Live Stars

The principle of revealing a place in the rating of the platform is extremely clear. In addition, the original open source code makes sure that the distribution of positions is automatic. Therefore, girls who provide services on the platform of Live Stars, there can be no suspicion.

7: Bad protection of personal information

In the process of registering for the service to prove the legal age, the girl must send a copy of the document that confirms her identity. The data is in the database, they are needed for confirmation in the future (if the account needs to be restored). When a girl registers on the site again, a new questionnaire refers to an already created cell. Those girls who were previously blocked due to violation of site rules, they can not be re-registered. Now there is no way to make sure that the files with the documents are encrypted and they are sufficiently protected. Also, the models do not have confidence that the information will not be deleted after the time has elapsed.

Solution from Live Stars

The platform is organized so that the girl can download, and also delete all personal data on her own. This is provided by the program code (open). After downloading the document is approved or rejected by the administration, then the file is encrypted. Having removed documents, the model can not broadcast. This feature will appear only after the document is downloaded, and also after it is checked by the administrators

Problem 8: Earnings are withdrawn from models

Today, quite often, there are situations when services are paid with the help of stolen credit cards. The real owner in this case simply prove that he did not transfer funds within the platform. In these circumstances, the site writes off the funds and returns them to the owner. In most cases, the return of funds is through the withdrawal of the earned money from the girl. This is contrary to the principles of fair pay.

Solution from Live Stars

Inside the service, financial transactions are carried out only in the crypto currency. Accordingly, fraud with bank cards is impossible. This will provide confidence to all models in earning money.

The 9 Challenge: The Complexity of Web Service Partner Partners

Affiliates or partners are the most important members of the platforms. They attract the necessary solvent traffic to the platform. Affiliates often face the same problems as many models: the payout amount is minimal, and the withdrawal period is too long. In addition, payments can be denied.

Solution from Live Stars

On Live Stars there is no limit on the least amount for withdrawal. In addition, instant payments are made, there are no payment delays, the human factor is excluded. The system works in an automatic manner, due to which honesty is guaranteed, as well as transparency of payments for affiliates, of all models without exception. Thus, a low entry threshold and operational earnings are provided.

Pros of Live Stars

Participants in Live Stars can appreciate the following benefits of this service:

  • The maximum, as well as the minimum amounts of purchases for users are not available;
  • for the convenience of users, prices on the platform are indicated in LIVE, and in USD;
  • p2p cdn (for broadcasts) will reduce the cost of maintaining servers;
  • withdrawal of funds of all participants (models, customers and affiliates) can be carried out in several of the most popular crypto-currencies;
  • private video chat is transmitted using webRTC in accordance with one-to-one. Communication is carried out without intermediaries and administrators (they do not have access to personal broadcasts);
  • the interface for purchasing a LIVE token is simple, as well as extremely clear. Special video instructions are available for participants. Users who were not familiar with the crypto currency will be able to use the possibility of exchanging fiat funds in just a few clicks.

In addition, work will be carried out separately to ensure compatibility of the resource with Ohmibod toys, Lovense. They react to the amount of tips given by users. The above services are in demand among all models.

The platform has an advanced referencing system. It allows you to earn users, models. Modern sites include a referral single-level program. Thanks to the automated system and the reliability of the block, a multi-level referral program is created. With its help, participants can receive a stable passive income without time limits, any failures.

Ease of use on the Live Stars platform

The Live Stars platform is a legal entity. As an employer, the service concludes an agreement with models on mutually beneficial work, and also provides them with web traffic, monitors compliance with the basic requirements. The staff controls the platform's performance. The resource interface is well thought out and simple. Thanks to this, each novice model, just registered user, will be able to easily understand all the features of working on the platform, the procedure for obtaining quality services.

Application Conditions

The following is a material that is purely informative. It is recommended that all participants of the platform be familiar with it.

Lack of control right: the condition for possession of the LIVE token eliminates the owner's right to property in Live Stars. In addition, the purchase of the crypto currency does not allow participating in the decision-making process on various business issues. LIVE tokens can only be used to pay for services on the platform.

Regulatory uncertainty: technologies that are relevant to the Blockade are controlled by various bodies. LIVE tokens can also get caught up in their action requests. However, this will not affect the process of redemption of tokens in the future.

LIVE-tokens are not an investment: the crypto currency of the Live Stars platform does not apply to investments, they do not have legal force. In case of unforeseen circumstances, the main objectives that are set forth can be changed by administrators. Parties, persons involved in the acquisition of tokens, assume the risks associated with the conduct of this transaction.

The influence of quantum computers is dangerous: Information technologies, including quantum computers, can carry a certain danger for crypto currency (also for LIVE tokens).

Poor implementation: LIVE tokens should not be considered an investment. However, over time they will receive more value. However, if Live Stars starts experiencing a shortage in their application, their cost may fall.

Absence of guarantees of profit, as well as income: the principle of calculating income is simple. However, the administration of the platform is not able to guarantee a stable high income for all girls. The level of earnings depends on the activity of the model, its professionalism and popularity among customers.


The main team includes 5 specialists. At the development stage it is planned to increase the team. In the future, a department of model managers will be created, as well as the marketing department of Live Stars. It will be headed by highly qualified specialists in this field.

Kansky Alexander is the creator of the project.

Marting Heidenberg is the manager responsible for the token sale.

Linda Gabrane is a finance executive.

Rivkin Alexander is a designer of the Live Stars platform.

Oleg Kurov is a programmer.


At the end of 2017, pre-sale of LIVE tokens was conducted. At the beginning of 2018, the preparation of crowdsdale, the expansion of the team, and the sale of Live Stars tokens are planned. In addition, there will be access to stock exchanges, development of an alpha version, creation of own purse. In April 2018 specialists will receive licenses, a beta version will be developed and an audit will be conducted.


The crowdsale was appointed by the administration on 15.01.2018/50/XNUMX. On the first day of its holding, you can get a XNUMX% discount on the White List. The collection, as well as the release of Live Stars tokens, is intended for marketing, advertising the platform, and creating software. Tokens will be used to pay for webcam services on the Live Stars platform. You can send funds using ETH and BTC. On the website you can get the address of the contract. It will be available after the start of the crowdsale. After funds are transferred to the contract address, the tokens will be immediately transferred to the buyer. Register on our  link before the start of ICO and get a discount 50%.

In total, it is planned to issue 200 million LIVE tokens. During the sale, 120 million tokens will be available.

Soft Cap - 500 thousand dollars

Hard Cap - $ 5 million

Price 1 LIVE = $ 0.20

If you can not achieve the soft cap, the funds will be returned to participants with the help of a smart contract. All not sold tokens will be burned. Crypto currency, allocated as a reward, will be frozen for 1 year after the completion of the crowdsdale. After its completion, the LIVE token will be available for bidding on several well-known crypto-exchange exchanges.

Distribution of tokens

60% - for project participants

14% - for the Live Stars fund

14% - team reward

10% - tokens for participants at the Presale stage

2% - for Bounty campaign


From a small entertainment industry, the webcam industry has evolved into a multi-million dollar business with broad prospects of development. Perfection, introduction of innovative technologies into the Live Stars platform is a must. Thanks to this model, they have an excellent opportunity for further development. Customers, in turn, can enjoy quality services with maximum anonymity, being in any city, country.

During the development of the platform, the team of Live Stars took into account all the requirements, wishes of the participants of the system, the principles of development of this industry. Due to the automation of business processes, the elimination of many departments, specialists have achieved cost savings through the automation of business processes.

The LIVE token is the only payment instrument for all services on the Live Stars platform. As the platform develops, the demand for the LIVE token will grow as the number of participants grows. Token emission is limited. About 70% of the tokens will be in the hands of investors. Unsold cryptocurrency will be burned after the crowdsale ends. The Live Stars team is confident that the implementation of technological solutions, as well as an open policy, will become a major advantage in the near future. Thanks to the above features, the project will take a leading position in the rapidly developing webcam industry in a short time.

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