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News HYIP-industry (02.05-08.05.2016)

NewsI welcome you dear partners!
We did not have time to compile a news review of events from the hyip industry, as it's time to create a new one. The next week behind and today we will go through the fresh news of the investment market and new episodes in the context of new products and closed projects. Finally completed work with such grandees as ForexKing and Capital7. No complaints and insults to them do not hold, they gave the chance to significantly increase investments, thank administrators for their endurance and hard work, we will wait for their new phenomena. With their departure, the industry is extinguished and empty, besides the holidays and even the summer on the nose, the seasonal decline in activity makes itself felt. During this period, we advise you to be cautious and think carefully about your decisions, and we will help you, stay with us.

New projects: is a fresh medium-term resource with a series of classic plans from 15 to 60 calendar days. For all tariffs, the deposit is returned at the end of the investment period, accruals are mainly daily at 2% -3.3% per day, except for two non-top-priority tariffs with a one-time payment of interest and deposit after the specified period. The design is more inclined to Fastovsky, and the expected earnings refer to the middle-income section only at the minimum tariff. The technical basis is prepared for all canons, with a script license, dedicated server, ddos-protection from Ddos-Guard, ssl-protocol from Comodo. The development should still be watched, the administrator's intentions are not predictable, but the impression of viewing remained. is a brand new middleman with a unique design and long-term marketing. Basically, there is one investment plan in marketing for 70 business days. With an increase in the amount of the deposit from $ 10, the interest rate per day can vary from 3% to 5%. The technical selection is at a chic level, based on a licensed script from GoldCoders, the personal account is excellent. The project made its debut today, it hasn't been exposed anywhere else, it is worth studying it more closely. is another novelty of the week with high-quality preparation and a pleasant solid appearance. The investment plans of the project are collected from 4 classic tariffs with the same deposit validity period for 20 days and daily interest from 6% to 8% per day, depending on the amount deposited. The minimum investment is $ 10, the body of the deposit is included in payments. The technical part meets all the requirements: a license from H-script, the resource is hosted on a dedicated server, there is ddos-protection from GeniusGuard and ssl-encryption with a greenbar from Comodo. The promotion of the project started well, the admin connected a number of top monitors and blogs, and added it to the portal under the protection of deposits until the end of this month.

bench: - was finally removed from the portal, the project has been considered problematic for a week, and discussions on the forums are not fading away. Still, I agree that the admin worked worse in terms of their previous creations, but nevertheless, the results of the game turned out to be amazing. Many managed to raise a decent profit, calculated not in tens or hundreds, but in thousands of conventional units. Another interesting fact is that the project worked for 77 days, again this admin's favorite numbers. Planned deadline or coincidence? It doesn't matter anymore, we are looking forward to a new reincarnation, but the game will be more careful. - 90 days or, as required by the plans, 64 working days. The circle has not been passed, but taking into account the interest paid, the first depositors recovered their contributed capital and 50% of the investments from above. I would like it better, but the HYIP industry dictates its rules, where it is necessary to compete for the win. The payment schedule is broken, scam. - another giant left the table after 234 days of work, of which 111 days in active mode after rebranding. Undoubtedly, the admin deserves a lot of respect, went through hard times and even now continues to make selective payments. Break the withdrawal amounts into smaller ones, then you may still be able to withdraw some of the funds. In fact, the project is a scam, you shouldn't invest.

Events: - few people believed in the project because of the failed competitors, but the admin showed his professional managerial skills by going through the full first round. A high-quality video presentation of the project in the appropriate language has been introduced in the English and German versions of the site. A new section "Bet History" has been added to the control panel, where the history of bets will be displayed in the form of a table with regular updates. - released their first news report, where they share their impressions and achievements. In 17 days of work, more than 2500 users have joined the project, withdrawal requests are processed within 3-4 hours during business hours. In the near future, they plan to connect a chat on the site for convenient communication. - modestly announced three months of work, and also added a new project to their Business Incubator, becoming its co-founders, capable of showing profit growth of 30% -40% per quarter. - released the Spanish version of the site, and also congratulate all participants on Victory Day and inform that this day is non-working. - May 9 has been declared a day off, and there will be no charges for that day. - in connection with the largest online poker tournaments, the administration announced the accrual of one-time bonuses in the amount of 10% on deposits created for a period of 12 to 20 months. This was done to increase working capital as soon as possible, the action will last until May 15, 2016 and may end ahead of schedule when the required amount is collected. The minimum deposit is $ 250. - documented the conduct of the tourism business in the Russian Federation, the certificate is true, you can easily check the registration on specialized online services. There are still many different planned innovations for future development, including the addition of other languages, the opening of new travel agencies, and more. Next week, the project turns 3 months online, in honor of which several bonuses and reporting materials have been prepared. See details on the project website, in the "News" section. - we have opened a program of representatives, thanks to which active participants will be able to receive 15% -3% -2% of the deposits of attracted clients through an affiliate program (three-level). To obtain the status, you must have a personal contribution and at least 20 active referrals in the first line. After fulfilling the conditions, send an email with the necessary data to - for the convenience of making monetary transactions, the largest bank in Ukraine Privat Bank was connected to the system. Connecting Privat 24 Internet banking will make managing investments even easier. - we have developed new image pictures as advertising materials, which you will find in your personal profile. For owners of franchises, personalized certificates are sent, confirming the official partnership with the YaBankir service. Also, vouchers have been prepared that give the right to study at the Yabankir training center. To increase the volume of loans issued, new types of loans were announced on the website on different terms. Also, the organizers hold various events in cities, webinars and much more.

News of the website:

1) On the portal received the following projects: (On the site - with 04.05.16, under protection - up to 24.05.16). (On the site - with 05.05.16, under protection - up to 11.05.16). (On the site - with 07.05.16, under protection - up to 16.05.16). (On the site - with 08.05.16, under protection - up to 28.05.16). (On the site - with 08.05.16, under protection - up to 30.05.16).

2) published a draft review:

3) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - paid 25% loss (more than 300 $). - paid 110% loss (more than 300 $) ..