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News HYIP-industry (11.05-17.05.2020)

I welcome you dear partners!
We prepared for familiarization the next weekly news release with a discussion of events in the hype industry over the past 7 days. The state of the investment market is now in standby mode, there are no new worthy projects, respectively, and we’re not adding anything to the blog recently. A couple of projects were excluded from the portfolio, but we value and respect our partners, therefore we compensate everyone to the maximum within the framework of the insurance fund. Otherwise, everything is stable, many Profit Hunters users continue to work with the blog and regularly receive additional profit using the Bounty-program. Join us and we will be glad to every client.

New projects: is a new average interest rate, one of the few that more or less stands out in the investment arena. The design and technique are in order, the project operates on a script from H-script, ddos ​​protection from StormWall, ssl protection from GeoTrust with a green line. Marketing is a line of five similar plans with charges from 1.5% to 2.7% per day for 65 calendar days with the return of the body of the deposit at the end of the term. The interest rate depends on the amount invested, the minimum deposit is available from $ 10. In order to raise interest, a bonus and affiliate program with statuses has been developed. In terms of time, it is possible that the site will work out the circle, since advertising and attention from users are now absent, but after the active phase, the likelihood of return on investment is questionable. In any case, we will periodically monitor the development of the platform. is a fresh middleman, appeared on the network at the beginning of this week, and was prepared in good faith. They took a handwritten script as a basis, protection against DDoS attacks and encryption of personal data is provided by CloudFlare services, the design is unique. In terms of marketing, investors are offered 4 tariff plans with a yield of 1.5% to 2.8% per day for 15-30 business days. Applications for payments are accepted on Fridays, the rules for withdrawal are up to 24 hours. The minimum deposit is $ 80, the minimum withdrawal is from $ 10 in the equivalent of the selected cryptocurrency. For reinvest, an additional 2% -5% of the amount is paid, there is a financial exchanger in the account. For fans of collective investments and increased income up to 3.3% within 365 days, a section for pools has been created. The project has serious tasks, it looks good, despite the visible flaws, the advertising company is weak at this stage, so there is a good chance to go through several circles without straining, and then follow the development.

bench: - 17 days, returned to investors just over half of the deposit. They talked about the project in one of the news digests, they assumed a good job, because there was an experienced administration in the management. As a result, it turned out not according to the script, there was not enough activity for the project, and the admin did not pay enough attention to advertising. The project was not taken to the blog, so there are no losses, but the site is still working, be careful. - the fast initially belonged to the short-term, but only 3 days of work is somehow completely regrettable. The admin was clearly aiming at the kidok, because even with such heavy marketing it was still possible to work. No payments since Tuesday, project scam. The insurance fund was enough to reimburse 50% of the losses of our partners. - 18 days, the admin could not bring the deposits to breakeven, although it is clear that he was trying to pull, but it is impossible to work without an influx of new investments. The day before, the admin switched payments to manual processing, but with hourly charges, this is a direct road to the scam, which we are seeing. We will cover losses for our partners completely, apply for compensation.

Events: - once again the results of the Top Partners competition have been announced, where the 25 most active participants received their prizes during the week. As promised, they are increasing the number of language versions on the site and added 2 more translations in German and French. - at the request of investors, added the ability to create investments using the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple. - new mining equipment was installed and connected to increase the total hashrate. We launched a new bonus program Points Treasury, in which, by buying power, for every $ 1 or equivalent in cryptocurrency, you will receive 1 Point. In the future, points can be spent on prizes, where the main prize is the iPhone 11 Mac Pro. Also this week, the project passed another round date of 300 days from launch. In connection with this event, in the next 3-4 days, you can buy capacities of any algorithm with a 12% discount on the volume. - launched a bonus program "Company promotion" on the site, thanks to which each user, having completed any available task, will be able to receive additional profit. The project worked for 3 months, the interest of investors is gradually growing. On the official telegram channel, we also observe a positive dynamics of attention, the group already has more than 2000 subscribers. - from Monday, May 11, 2020, the ability to buy investment packages on the site has been closed. All previously launched investments are operating normally. Buying packages will resume from May 25, 2020 with new investment conditions. - On May 13, the Wise Deposit project turned 3 years old. During this period, 15000 users were registered on the site. In honor of the DR, the administration has updated the “Participant's Path” bonus program, within the framework of which bonuses can now be received not only by new participants, but by anyone. For details of the updated version of the program, see the website. Also, do not forget that today there will be an adaptation of cabinets with deposits, there is not much time left to put your Karma in order. - YOD token is listed on the 50x exchange. YodaX token trading has been switched to IEO mode. The ability to recharge YOD coins externally has been disabled. We also launched a new tool for earning YodaX bot. The amount of income on staking can reach from 21% to 30% per month, the minimum contribution to the bot's balance is from 50 coins. Interest is accrued once a day, the profit can be reinvested or withdrawn.

News of the website:

1) We launched a contest on our blog for our partners with a prize fund of $ 555 (41000 rubles or 14900 hryvnias). Profit Hunters cash gift draw will be held as follows. We created a Perfect Money voucher for the indicated amount, but in order to activate it you need to know the code of 16 digits. The first digit is open, the remaining 15 are hidden.

E-Voucher Number: 2775303985
Activation Code: 5xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

By investing in any project via a blog link starting at $ 100, you will get one digit, for two deposits - two digits. For deposits in one project, at least 5 days must elapse between deposits for a repeated application. A day you can get no more than three digits per person. See other details of the contest on the channel or find out in PM.

2) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - 50% of losses paid (more than $ 500).

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