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News HYIP-industry (20-26.10.2014)

NewsI welcome you dear partners!
This is our last weekly review for the current month and is now similar to last week's results. I would like to note that October turned out to be as unfavorable as the last month. I do not argue that many managed to find themselves in profit and it is precisely this outcome that we should strive for, relying on our own experience and skills, but on the whole the result is not the best. The last week passed in a more relaxed atmosphere, but even here Mikrocredit had to be written off, which showed good signs of work. We have added several new projects to the portal, for which full reviews have also been published, so watch, study and correctly assess the risks. Read more about new projects, latest scams and events ...

New projects: is a fresh middleman, has been working for only 5 days and has not had any complaints so far. For investors, 4 tariff plans are offered at 7.66% -8.66% per day for 15 calendar days. The return of the deposit is already included in the payments, the net income is 15% -30% for the entire period. Charges are made daily, payments are received immediately after ordering. The minimum contribution is provided from $ 10%. is a promising new medium percentage with a unique design and rich functionality based on the original script. Project development is really powerful, which is only the technical side. It was not for nothing that experienced referrals were immediately involved with decent sums. Investment plan with a floating interest rate, which is 1% -7% on weekdays, and 1-2% of the deposit on weekends. The interest is distributed during the day in real time, the contribution works until 50% of the profit is received. The program allows you to increase the percentage of profit thanks to the ranking system. The minimum contribution is from $ 10, payments are instant. is a quality piggy bank from the category of average profit with a floating interest rate from 1.2% to 3.2% on weekdays and a fixed rate of 1% on weekends. The minimum deposit amount is $ 20, the deposit can be returned at any time. The design is unique, the texts are in English. One can only envy the technical data: a self-written script, a domain redeemed for 10 years, a dedicated server, DDoS protection from Ddos-Guard, an ssl certificate from Comodo for 5 years, a verified PM account, a unique design. The project is running on popular domestic and foreign monitors.

bench: - to our great regret, the project stopped payments, it took only one day before the end of the term "Protection of deposits" on our portal. The admin announced that a search by officers of the Investigative Committee had begun in the offices and all the company's accounts and assets were frozen. The situation is completely identical to the recently departed Cheetah, so we will not be carried on by invented nonsense and write off the project to the archive. Our partners can already send requests for compensation. - The situation here is even worse than one could imagine. With such powerful technical parameters, work plans with moderate profitability and long terms, it worked even less than 2 weeks, just a disgusting result. The admin started to be smart about the withdrawal of the deposit and ended up in troubled ones. - 20 days of work for a project with plans for 50 days is worthless, the result is very bad. Potential participants did not take the project seriously in many ways, and the minimum wage from $ 50 is considerably overstated and is not suitable for most investors. Basically, only monitors played here, the project is not paying at the moment.

Events: - A major update of the official website of the game Rebel Star Online took place. Added a prologue to the game universe, a description of the game races, a description and characteristics of three ships of the "frigate" class. - offers services for buying / selling Bitcoin. Now all users can automatically exchange their funds on their personal account for Bitki and vice versa. For those who are not yet registered in the project, you need to do this and replenish your account for subsequent transactions. To exchange you need to apply through the ticket system, funds will be withdrawn in any direction within 24 hours. - the number of participants exceeded 2000 people, in connection with this event the maximum deposit limit was increased to $ 10000. - announced a campaign to record a video review of the project. Absolutely all users can take part in the action and receive from $ 5 to $ 20 on their deposit. To fulfill the conditions, you must be a registered member, repost links to the video feedback on your VK page and leave a link to the video in the company group in the "Reviews" section. Then inform the topic about your login in the project and a link to the video. Applications for participation are accepted until November 1, 23.59 Moscow time. You must leave your video in this thread:

News of the website:

1) On the portal received the following projects: (on the website - with 24.10.14, protected - up to 10.11.14). (on the website - with 21.10.14, protected - up to 29.10.14).

2) published a draft review:

3) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - paid 25% of losses (more than 300 $). - 50% of losses paid (over $ 300).

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