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News HYIP-industry (24-30.03.2014)

NewsA lot of bitter events took place in the last week, especially in terms of the unexpected closure of worthy projects and, as it follows, the financial losses of the investors themselves. On the other hand, you also need to be able to manage funds and stay in the black and exit projects on time, especially since there were opportunities for this. In any case, we take advantage of the benefits and move on ...

New projects: is a gorgeous project with a unique design. The technical data is collected at a high level. The only big drawback is too long plans for 190 working days, which is why most clients are now only watching the development from the outside. is a rather interesting middleware developed on the licensed H-Script. The investment plans are fully operational and represent different investment options. You can choose a plan with daily interest accrual, with a deposit included in payments and everyone's favorite piggy bank. Such a variety of tariff plans and worthy of those. part has caused particular popularity with the project. - despite the fact that the official start was 2 weeks ago, the network became known only at the beginning of this week. Everything is in order with the equipment: domain purchased for 5 years, dedicated server, ddos ​​protection, SSL encryption. The service positions itself as a real company in the field of innovation. - a fresh project developed on the rarely used Shadows script. Outwardly it looks nice, the technical data is at a good level. While no special promotion is noticed, we will observe.

bench: - stopped paying bills, but honorably fulfilled obligations under three tariff plans. Those who entered on time and left on time remained in profit. The admin tried to keep investors with a statement about temporary attacks and new project goals, but this turned out to be another trick. - the project has reached its peak, and it seems that the management did not see the point in continuing to work further. The first investors were able to ride two minimum circles and earn 40-60% of profit. - successfully fulfilled its mission, having worked a little over 4 months. Everyone had the opportunity to double their initial deposit and stay in good profit. On the forums, the admin was gratefully sent to a well-deserved rest after the work done 🙂 - the program could have a good future, but most likely after going through the 15-day plan, there was no reinvestment and no inflow of new funds, which led to the closure.


AcroFX - informs that OKPAY is no longer used in the project due to recent changes in the very policy of this EPS. In view of this, the company offers for those who have invested with OKPAY to withdraw through Perfectmoney, Egopay or Payeer. - The avalanche of hacker attacks continues to fall on this high-quality middleman, which again affected the failure for several hours. Together with the hosting provider, this problem was solved quickly and instant payments were resumed. The technical team of the project took measures to avoid facing this problem in the future. - investment and construction company AllianceStroy LLC announced the news on the main page of the project about the release of the official application for the Android mobile platform. Changes were also made to the Apple iOS application that previously did not allow the application to run on the iPhone 4 series.

News of the website:

The following projects were under the "deposit protection": (on the website - with 23.03.14, protected - up to 11.04.14). (on the website - with 28.03.14, protected - up to 02.04.14). (on the website - with 28.03.14, protected - up to 17.04.14). (on the website - with 30.03.14, protected - up to 01.05.14).

Compensated poterennyh funds project. The administration of the portal, it was decided to compensate for losses 100%.

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