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News HYIP-industry (27.10-02.11.2014)

NewsI welcome you dear partners!
Another investment week for the players of the hyip industry ended yesterday, so I apologize for the delay in summing up the main points over the past period. Several middlemen were removed from the list of "Worthy projects", which worked in their minimum circle. Brought down only one, who had problems with the chosen hosting, but for it all our partners were paid compensation. In general, the situation is improving a little, we hope the last autumn month will be calmer and more profitable. Read about new powerful news of the week, details of the latest scams and events in the HYIP industry in the full news review.

New projects: is another well-prepared forex middleman with a powerful technical side and attractive investment conditions. The deposit is promised a floating accrual of profit up to 2.5% on working days, the term of the deposit is not limited, withdrawal is possible at any time. The script and design are unique, the domain was redeemed for 10 years, DDoS protection from CloudFlare, ssl encryption from Comodo with green line support, dedicated server. The minimum deposit is 30 $ / 30EUR. - svezhachok from the category of middle-percentage, which, according to legend, is engaged in the extraction of diamonds, their processing and subsequently the sale of diamonds. Marketing is planned on the principle of a piggy bank, where investments are made for an indefinite period with freezing for 48 hours. The interest rate varies from 0.6% to 1% and depends on the chosen plan, charging in the project daily. On technology everything is fine, there is a moderate promotion. As you can see, the profitability is not high here, the affiliate program is only 3% of the income, which will not devastate the cashier and, if properly managed, will last for an extended period in the active phase. is a high-quality average interest rate tool, the creators of which specialize in trading on the Forex market. According to the marketing policy, the deposit is issued for an indefinite period with a possible withdrawal only after a minimum number of days (20-30 days). Profit is calculated daily with a floating interest rate of 0.5% -2% on weekdays and a fixed rate of 0.5% on weekends. The quality of the technical assembly is prepared at the maximum level, the project works on the basis of the H-Script script, there is DDoS protection, an ssl certificate with a greenbar, the domain was redeemed for 5 years. In support of real activity, weekly trading reports are posted on the site.

bench: - for 40 days the admin kept his resource in working order, giving his investors the opportunity to earn 36% -54% of net profit. Completed 2 full small circles, which is already surprising for the current state of affairs, after which instant payments went into standby mode. - more than 7.5 months of work remained behind the project, which means that the minimum investment period of 180 days has been passed and investments have doubled. There can be no talk of a bad result, he worked the circle quite well. Now, in fact, there are no payments, so we transfer to problem ones. - a total of 37 days, the admin gave the opportunity to make a profit from the project. In general, the project completed its minimum circle of 30 days, and investors could earn up to 30% profit by making a deposit within the first week. Those who entered a little later, at best, went to zero or with a small profit. Now the project is not paying. - nobody managed to feel the profit here, not even the minimum circle was passed. In the end of the project, the admin blames the poor quality of the hosting H-DDos, as a result of which there were problems with the script and payments. Our partners were paid quick compensation. - with such a powerful technical background, I worked only 10 days, which naturally causes unpleasant thoughts in the direction of the admin. Still, you can't stay in the piggy banks for a long time, no matter how attractive the conditions are. The project doesn't pay, scam.

Events: - as promised earlier, provided public access to the company's documents on registration with the tax service, which can be viewed in the "Contacts" section. - for the convenience of depositing and withdrawing funds of clients from Ukraine, the Privat24 banking system was connected. All operations on the Privat24 system are processed by the company's managers manually, replenishment and withdrawal is carried out in dollars or hryvnia. - the next winner for the VIP status drawing has been determined, it is the user olegerofeev. The lottery is held free of charge among the system participants who submitted an application within a week. A deposit is not required to participate in the lottery. For details of the drawing, see the project news. The winner is announced every Sunday. - added a new payment system - The main advantages of this payment system are convenient service, low commission and complete confidentiality.

News of the website:

1) On the portal received the following projects: (on the website - with 30.10.14, protected - up to 01.12.14). (on the website - with 30.10.14, protected - up to 03.11.14). (on the website - with 30.10.14, protected - up to 01.12.14). (on the website - with 01.11.14, protected - up to 01.12.14).

2) published a review of the project

3) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - paid losses worth over $ 200. - Paid losses over $ 300.

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