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News review: 13.10.2013g

News review of the week was rich in events: how pleasant novelties and unexpected bench. I would like to note that admins finally woke up from a dream and the investor have to choose from. Against this background, growth in the number sredneprotsentnikov, moreover, very high-quality and creative, about MLM-section can be forgotten and will switch to a promising industry sector. Perhaps this is the wave of working projects and will be the beginning output industry out of recession.


New projects: - Fresh perspective middling. The original legend, a strong technical part, a unique design, short plans with a depot included ... The project is strong and obviously worthy of investors' attention. Plus in the chat went infa that hayp from a strong administrator of one of the long-livers of the section ... In general, they could not pass by and took the project to the portal. We hope that the administrator will justify the hopes placed on him. - Interesting, concise midshipman. The technical level is at the level, simple legend and execution, working interesting plans. Such projects, if the administrator wants, can work for a long time, we could not find any obvious cons of the project and decided to add it to the portal. - The project is ambiguous. On the one hand, an unusual supply and execution, a good technical part and work plans, on the other hand - an obvious trace from the MLM section, "bloopers" in design and multi-level refocus. We recommend observing the project from the side - against the background of strong middlemen it is better not to risk your money in such projects. - a new medium with good materiel and "tasty" plans with a deposit included in the payment. But it is worth noting the terms of deposits - 50 days, and unsightly performance in terms of design. We recommend that you take a closer look at the project. According to the dynamics of development under such plans, the administrator will be hard "to keep the project after the first investors' release into the breakeven (25-30 day)

Gfinance.Net - The midship is strong in technical performance (there is even a green bar), with interesting plans and a good design ... but the admin outsmarted himself by hanging photos of employees of third-party companies on the site. The mistake is certainly not the most terrible - there would be a desire to work, but as they say in an old joke: "Spoons were found, but the residue remained."

Invific.Com - Midshipman with good materiel, good plans and mediocre design. The project did not personally catch me - there are projects more interesting in the section. - Low-interest on an expensive script (shadous), with excellent mechanics, an interesting legend and voluminous content. The interest is certainly small in comparison with the middlemen, and the plans are quite long. But the project economy is sharpened for long-term work and we recommend the project for lovers of stable investments.


bench: - a very unexpected and unpleasant scam. The project did not realize its potential. - the payment schedule has been violated, the project does not pay. - in the topics of the project there was a weak interest of investors in the piggy bank, and the presence of strong competitors apparently finally "finished" the project.


News of the website:

1) Open Insurance for 7000 $ in project - you can invest funds in the project without the risk of loss. Great offer!

2) From tomorrow to launch the section "At the risk of their own"... In it, we will invest only our own funds ($ 1000 to begin with), keep weekly statistics of profit / loss - in order to prove to you that it is possible and necessary to earn high-yield investment. Wish us luck =)

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