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News review: 20.10.2013g

This week has been more or less evenly in the industry. Autumn leaves its mark: in the section all the intermediaries is also very close - I think that trend will last until December, as usual New Year will make their adjustments and will eliminate all non-serious admins. Be prepared for this. A worthy of your attention mullion, we launched a new section, an unexpected scum on the quality of the project has spoiled the overall impression ...

New projects: - excellent performance mullion, just nothing to complain about. Admin thought through all the details and little things. Powerful tehchast, excellent unique design, performance and relevance of the plan (piggy bank), iron unusual legend, the mass of content - project definitely deserves your attention. Recommended. - controversial project. On the one hand a good tehchast, content and execution, on the other hand long plans with payments on weekdays. You do not need to rush with investments in this project and look for his promotion.

Scum! - a very strange project scam. Like admin passed the first round and began to pay the depot, but the site a couple of days "lay" and has already been partially paid. Illogical picture is not clear - or the administrator faced with insurmountable technical difficulties, or is another carefully planned scenario bystroskama. In any case, the project is not nearly realized its potential - mullion was qualitative. - he finished his work. Those who have been in the project since the very beginning of good money. Not a bad result.

News of the website:

We launched a new section: "At the risk of their own". In it we will invest their own money and keep detailed statistics on the results for you. The purpose of this section - to prove to you that a simple investor can and should earn in HYIP. The first report for the full week is ready. Wish good luck, friends

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