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Project overview

CapTradeToday we will present to you two review articles at once, and the next representative of the hype industry is the medium-profit investment platform, which originates from the end of 2014. During the last 17 months of its work, the project functioned in the "partisan" mode, and only 2 weeks ago it acquired a gorgeous interface in all the traditions of our time. In technical terms, the assembly looks quite decent, the marketing has remained unchanged, bringing from 8% to 92% of net income, depending on the chosen investment period. After the change of design, there was no aggression in promotion, the management at a very unhurried pace connects monitors, leaving a wide margin of safety for the development of his brainchild. (Project start: October 20 2014 years). SCAM

According to the legend CapTrade manages the confidence of investors, multiplying them in volume with minimal risks. The main activity of the company is to trade in the Forex market, where for the last 15 years has achieved high results and universal recognition of investors. Professional Forex traders monitor the market rate on all positions on a daily basis and make trade transactions with a successful moment. If the situation on the market does not provide guaranteed signals for trading some day, then a part of the turnover is sent for short-term crediting, which allows diversifying risks and thereby providing customers with stable income.

Design the project is unique, it looks fresh and solid. On March 17 of this year, the site's interface was completely transformed, and instead of the old nondescript template, a new version of the resource appeared. By sections everything is pretty standard, navigation is simple to the point of impossibility, all links work and are spelled out correctly. The content on the site is in English and Russian, the checkboxes for switching between languages ​​are located above the logo. From the main information on the main page, you can select a list of investment proposals and a profit calculation calculator. Now about the proposals themselves ...

Investment Plans Do not carry a serious burden on the project's purse, executing accruals only on working days in the amount of 0.8% to 3.2% of the amount invested. Total developed 3 investment plan for a period of 10, 20 and 60 days, and also working. For the first two deposits, the deposit is returned at the end of its validity period, in the last variant, the deposit body is evenly distributed for the entire term and is credited together with the interest rate. The minimum deposit amount for all tariffs is 10 $.

Plan 1
0.8 10% daily on working days
Min / max contribution: $ 10 - no limit
Deposit at the end of
Total yield - 108%

Plan 2
1.2 20% daily on working days
Min / max contribution: $ 10 - no limit
Deposit at the end of
Total yield - 124%

Plan 3
3.2 60% daily on working days
Min / max contribution: $ 10 - no limit
Deposit is included in the payment
Total yield - 192%
Exit to breakeven over 32 working days

Technical part:
- Licensed script H-script
- Dedicated server
- DDoS protection from CloudFlare
- SSL encryption from Comodo (for 4 months)
- RM-Verified Account
- Unique design is translated into 2 languages: Russian and English.

For more information on monitors with this project you can see here:

Payment systems: PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, NixMoney, Payza, OKpay, Yandex.Money.
payment type: Instant. The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 0.1 (for Payza - $ 1), there is no commission.

Affiliate Program: 5% of the amount of deposits + 10% of the profits of your partners.

Representation Partner Program: 7% of the amount of deposits + 10% of the profits of your partners.

To activate the "Representative" status, you must invite at least 10 active referrals with open deposits to your personal team.

Feedback form (daily with 8: 00 on 17: 00, except for weekends).

Conclusion: A long-livered middleweight who changed his appearance before the public after 500 days of quiet regime, leaving investment decisions unaffected. Managing so much time, nothing prevents the administrator to keep the same course with a changed interface and an updated partner program, and thanks to a wide list of popular payment systems, investing in the project has become even more convenient. The project is on our portal under the "Deposit Protection" until 13 April 2016 year with the fund from 300 $. To our partners, we offer a refund of 6% from your deposit.