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Project overview

NewLibertyReserveIt's about fresh investment program with the legend of the creation of a new payment system. 1.5 has been exactly a year since the closure of the popular in the HYIP industry payment system Liberty Reserve and this showed up managers who decided to play in this, offering 30% -50% on top of the contribution of marketing conditions. According to the five-level affiliate program is introduced, all accruals automatically transferred to the purse. Technical base is made at a decent level, on the promotion of the smooth movement observed. (Project start: November 20 2014 years)

According to the legend The creators of the project acquired the idea to recreate a new independent payment system. To develop and implement this idea, you need an impressive amount of $ 3000000 $, which is planned to be collected within one year. After that the program will be closed, and all participants will become owners of the shares of the payment system, which in the future will pay dividends. At the moment, electronic currency does not yet have a name, but within the next year it is planned to complete the preparatory stage and create a platform for an automatic payment processor. The company New Liberty Reserve ltd is officially registered in the UK 5 November 2014 (registration number: 09296992).

Graphic Design Project made in bright colors, the information part is presented in English. By and large, we have almost a copy of the interface of the payment system, to which we all are familiar, seemingly quite recently, even the registration procedure is identical.

investment plan Marketing is offered only one on 28 days, but with a different initial deposit amount and total profit respectively. the contribution of the body together with the expected return 30% -50% equal parts divided into 4 payments are automatically made to the specified wallet once a week. The minimum payment is received for the investment is $ 50 PerfectMoney through the payment system.

Plan 1
$ 16.25 to 28 days in the week
Fixed contribution: $ 50
Net profit - 30% or $ 15

Plan 2
$ 33.75 to 28 days in the week
Fixed contribution: $ 100
Net profit - 35% or $ 35

Plan 3
$ 175 to 28 days in the week
Fixed contribution: $ 500
Net profit - 40% or $ 200

Plan 4
$ 375 to 28 days in the week
Fixed contribution: $ 1000
Net profit - 50% or $ 500

Technical part:
- Domain purchased at 2 years (2014 years)
- Dedicated server
- DDos protection against Ovh Sas
- SSL encryption by GeoTrust (on 1 year)
- RM-Verified Account

For more information on monitors with this project you can see here:

Payment systems: PerfectMoney.
payment type: Automatic. The Commission and the minimum amount to no conclusion.

Affiliate program (five-level): 5% -4% -3% -2% -1% from referrals deposits.
5% of the deposits of referrals 1-level
4% of the deposits of referrals 2-level
3% of the deposits of referrals 3-level
2% of the deposits of referrals 4-level
1% of the deposits of referrals 5-level

Telephone: + 441617381273
Address, feedback form, online support, soc. facebook network.
Support hours are Monday through Friday (9:00 am - 18:00 pm London time).

Conclusion: the creators of the project put forward an interesting idea and invite us to take another look at the payment system of the past, turning back the clock, and besides, make money on it. Those who are satisfied with charges once a week with a deposit included in payments may well choose a good offer for themselves. I liked the project very much for its execution, they added their own funds to the listing. The project is on our portal under "Protection of Deposits" until December 20, 2014 with a fund of $ 300. We offer our partners a refund of 6% of your deposit.

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