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Project overview

RKI propose to consider a high-quality investment project with an attractive offer and a swing for real activities. The company "RosCapital" has an officially registered certificate and many contracts for its services. The administration does not resort to purchasing a batch of monitors, all advertising activities take place in a calm form and offline. In general, the idea is not standard, interest rates are not high, plans are promising. Let's see what happens. (Project start: April 8 2014)

According to the legend the company "RosCapital" is engaged in the repayment of loans to individuals and legal entities taken from absolutely any bank in Russia. The scheme of work is simple: Contact the office of the company, providing a loan agreement and other necessary documents. After 1-2 days, specify the terms of the loan repayment. Enter into an agreement with a company by paying 20-35% of the loan amount. Forget about monthly payments to the bank and get 17% profit per month from the amount transferred to the company upon concluding the contract. As the saying goes: "And the wolves are fed, and the sheep are safe." The project managers receive profit from investing in fuel companies, as well as in credit and microfinance organizations.

Design Project, of course unique, with a huge amount of original content on the topic. The structure of the site looks complicated, but let's try to figure it out a little:
- on the "Principle of Operation" tab, you can familiarize yourself with the technical features of cooperation between both parties, as well as some details on the company's activities in the field of investment.
- About us tab, study brief information about the creation of a company and its constituent features. Here, at the very bottom of the page, there is a complete list of important details and documents.
- on the “Question-Answer” tab, the answers to almost all the questions that have arisen regarding the activities of the company and the conclusion of an agreement with it are listed in great detail.
- "For Agents" tab for those who wish to become a representative of the company. There is a possibility of training and receiving an increased income from 5% to 20% of the amount of funds that will go to the company's account. To submit an application, contact tel. 8 (812) 372-67-77 or by email
- on the tab "Calculator" you can very quickly calculate the amount of the contribution to the company when concluding an agreement, depending on the amount and type of your loan.
- all regional representatives of the company are listed on the "Contacts" tab. Currently, more than 100 representatives from different regions and cities. At the top of the page you will find the physical address, opening hours and contact information for communication.

Investment plans:
Only one investment option is proposed for 17% per month (up to 1 May)
Min / max contribution: 3000rub / no
Accrued interest and the body of the deposit are accrued to the balance of the account for 31 calendar days from the date of opening the deposit.
The program has the opportunity to return the deposit ahead of schedule. In this case, the commission will be 10% of the deposit.

Technical part:
- Samopisnaya script
- No DDoS protection
- SSL is not attached
- Unique design
- Original content
- RM-Verified Account

Payment systems: Perfect Money, Payeer.
payment type: Manual.

Affiliate Program: 3% of the contributions of referrals every month.

Address: St. Petersburg, Apraksin Lane, 8 Village, 1 Floor, BC Alba
Operating mode: 10: 00-21: 00 without lunch and weekends
Office Phone: 8 (812) 372-67-77
Hot line number: 8 (800) 505-20-10
Office phone (reception): 8 (812) 372-67-77
Phone for recording: 8 (812) 677-95-94
Online support and the ability to order a call.

Conclusion: In general, very serious intentions come from this company. In the network there is a stormy discussion about the similarity of the project with the same name only on another domain. But the administration makes it clear that it is the only official website of RosCapital. The project is still very fresh, has not worked for a month, so it's too early to judge the solvency. Let's see how the payments will go to the first investors, but for now, I advise you to take a closer look. The company looks reliable, and I hope it will work as reliably for more than one year.

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