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Opening of a new section - "Protection of deposits"


Портал always cares for his partner!

At the moment, the situation raises questions about the mechanism that can reduce the losses of depositors in-bystroskamah projects.
It becomes obvious that even a deep analysis makes it impossible to counter the Admin scoundrels who do not give leave in profit to anyone but himself beloved.
You don't need to go far: big-finance, STI-group, salramprofit, constructioninvestment ... and many, many others. None of the depositors could make money in them.

No monitor and blog takes responsibility for the projects presented on it. In the case of a quick scam, the people who invited you to the project can only sympathize: what a dishonest admin you got! The fact that they recently recommended this project to you does not bother anyone.

This is wrong and this state of affairs does not suit us. We are not ready to just throw our hands in response to the losses of our partners in projects that we ourselves recommend to you.

It is with the goal of reducing your costs in such projects that we open an innovative section: Deposit protection.

It is no secret that banner advertising and listing bring profit to our portal. From now on, we will put 25% of all funds received from advertising on the portal into a special fund in the "Protection of deposits" section.
In the case of a quick scam of a project presented in the "Decent projects" section, we distribute the fund's funds to our referrals who have lost their money.
If the fund's funds are not enough to fully cover losses, compensation is distributed in amounts proportional to the losses.

Detailed rules:

1) By "fast" is meant a project that has not completed its shortest plan. In the case of a piggy bank plan (with withdrawal of funds at any time) - has not worked for 20 calendar days. The presence of the project in our section "Worthy projects" is mandatory.

2) Fund of the section "Protection of deposits" is formed from:
- 25% of our total revenue for banner ads, refunds and listings.
- 100% of the listing amount quickly goes to the fund.

The actual amount of the fund you can see on the page of the section, the amount is updated once a week (on Sundays).

3) Only persons registered on the portal who registered in the project from the section "Decent projects" under our reflink have the right to compensation.

4) Compensation is calculated on the amount of the absolute loss according to the formula: deposit - (interest received + refback)

5) In cases when the fund of the "Protection of deposits" section is not enough to cover all the losses of referrals, the losses are compensated in proportion to the deposits.
Example: in the fund $ 500, 3 in bystroskame lost our partner: $ 500, 300 200 $ and $. The awards will be 250 $, 150 $ 100 and $ respectively.

6) For payments must apply for the post of the portal, specifying: nick on the portal nickname bystroskame, the amount of the deposit (with Butch), the sum of absolute loss.
In case of discrepancy the sum of the absolute loss of the deposit term, the administration portal reserves the right to request additional supporting information.

7) in the case of suspected fraudulent activities in the compensation you may be refused unilaterally.

8) The partners who received compensation must unsubscribe from the receipt of the translation with the batch in the portal's Profit-chat, in the portal topic on mmgp - link, And in the theme of the project-fast-track on mmpg.

We believe that investors should be protected from bystroskamov and skilled administrators who can not work normally.

Portal cares about you and your contributions. We are responsible for their words and projects presented on the site.

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