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15.10.2013/XNUMX/XNUMX - Harbingers of an imminent scam

They are fairly easy to recognize among the masses of text and various admin manipulation. Immediately warn: none of the following features can not surely mean absolute, 100% ethyl scum. And yet, these call signs, in most cases, and lead to sudden bench program. All these points are familiar HYIP habitual users, and only they know something, what usually end such behavior admins ...

1) Constant requests from the HYIP admin - to leave positive voices on the monitors. This fact is an indicator of an unreliable hype and its attempts to use you as bait for new depositors. Which, in turn, will help the administrator quickly fill his pockets and self-destruct. The next step turns out to be a step into the investment abyss. Multiple notifications. Tons of news and all kinds of announcements, too, oddly enough, can serve as a warning sign for depositors. These could be messages about holiday offers, some fictitious unique opportunities, etc. In practice, it has been proven that a solvent HYIP is usually characterized by stability and maximum simplicity in publishing its statements, doing this periodically and only on very important cases.

2) Delay in payments (when we are dealing with instant payments) or even “skipping” individual payments.

3) A recurring problem with access to the program website. Means that you are dealing with insufficiently reliable HYIP. The transition of the program from the on-off mode to the eternal -off, in this case, is just a matter of time.

4) sudden change in the method of payment (e.g., change from payments to instant manual). When the system program such changes occur - wait for trouble.

5) Applications for temporary transfer of the site for maintenance, DDoS-attacks, etc. Quite often, the administrators of HYIPs hide behind such false pretenses in order to get some time, and, having freed themselves from payments, engage in the recruitment of new customers. When additional funds come to the program's account in the required amount, the HYIP comes back to life. If this did not happen, the admin turns off its activities, leaving the former and new depositors in the broken trough. Of course, there are exceptions, and quite often - when the DDoS-attack does take place and the admin should take some time before it restores the previous course of work.

6) The appearance of one or more new investment plans, promising extremely high interest rates.

7) Unexpected changes in the investment plans.

8) News about the rapid increase in the rate of development of the program, the influx of deposits, active participation in the world arena, etc. Beware of loud statements. They just want to impress potential investors without actually representing anything.

9) When the HYIP support service starts to work intermittently, or completely ignores your requests - it smells fried, do not hesitate.

If you chose HYIP, she has successfully passed the test described above and, on the contrary, all typical symptoms bench you put a minus, you can breathe a sigh of relief. But not for long. no one is safe, therefore, always be on guard against such incidents. It is not necessary to sound the alarm on every occasion - can cause irreparable harm to the reputation of the program that will endanger your same contribution. With really, slowly evaluate the situation and, if possible, take the appropriate measures.

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