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18.10.2013g - The main investor fears

“Risk is a noble cause”, “He who does not take risks does not drink champagne” ... You can recall a few more eloquent phrases that provoke action. Why, then, do some people have an overtly irritable reaction to this kind of proclamation? No, not because such advice is worthless, but because it is easier to close in your comfortable shell and trudge through life, only occasionally thinking about your not outstanding financial situation. Of course, dear readers, in this material I am not going to conduct a psychological session (at least now), but I will just try to describe as accurately as possible the chain of fear factors that limit freedom of action in the investment sphere ...

If you remember Maslow's pyramid, in the hierarchy of values, the need for respect and self-development occupy the top positions, while financial needs arise at all levels: physiological, cognitive, social, etc. There are people who are supposedly alien to material priorities. I won't say that I am a desperate materialist, but I hardly believe in spiritual development "in its pure form" without financial encouragement. Another question: the effect of constraining factors: fears, fears, uncertainty. They can artificially reduce to a minimum human capabilities, which, as the centuries-old experience show, have no boundaries.

The focus and intensity of the premises that cause fear, depends primarily on the psychological portrait of a person. The easier he decides on a particular act, realizing the amount of potential benefit, the less its threshold barrier to self-preservation.

In practice, I have often observed the behavior of various investors. With the exception of those instances who came into the HYIP industry for no purpose - by accident or for the sake of "sports interest" - other investors more than once experienced fear of investing.


Fear - an internal state caused by a threatening real or perceived disaster. From the point of view of psychology, it is considered a negatively colored emotional process.

Source - Wikipedia

Strangely enough, in the classification of situations causing a psychological state of fear, the risks of losing money or being deceived by frequency exceed the number of cases where fear occurs when there is a threat of losing family or work. I do not think that our world has shattered so much, but you need to fight with your fears.

From the perspective of our world of work, online funds often “threaten” (especially an inexperienced investor) with “thieves” intentions, fraud and risks of non-return of the deposit. Well, there is reason for concern, however, I do not see a solid reason for refusing to work in this environment. Moreover, there are many pros who, having filled a few bumps and paid more than once in the literal sense, were able to settle down for themselves a comfortable and quite worthy paid place in the HYIP ranks.


Let's look a little deeper: why does fear arise when investing in HYIPs? How to cope with it?

As I have said many times, working with high-yield funds is always a risk, and without any insurance "funds". Nevertheless, I know a lot of people of conservative views who successfully apply investment strategies to attract profits. Although it would seem that in these people the fear factor should work more strongly than in the rest.

A state of fear arises when no goal and correspondingly, methods are not used to achieve it... As psychologists advise, do not try to target exclusively money; you can choose what this money will be needed for - buying household items, traveling, etc. As for the means of achieving it, in passive earnings it is perseverance, faith and a bit of luck.

Fear also arises from uncertaintybased on the belief that HYIP is all the time fraud... There are different projects: there are fast skams, but there are also more solid objects on which, with a competent approach, you can and should earn money. To reduce the likelihood of an unpleasant situation, you need to approach the study of the fund comprehensively (technical verification, visiting thematic forums, viewing statistics, etc.) - one, invest small amounts (especially at first) - two, do not forget about the rules of reasonable distribution deposits, i.e. diversification - three.

Finally, fear when handling money arises in the absence of experience. The deeper you dive into the bins of your protective shell, the less chances you have to educate yourself. Sometimes it is useful to think less, because a wise decision comes to mind first, BUT, again, if you already had experience solving such situations. Conclusion: wedge wedge knock out. Learn, develop your own tactics of the game with HYIPs and fight your fears.

Fear is Fata Morgana, and measured actions are the path to the desired source. Start getting rid of this feeling, because fear is by no means an advisor in business or in the social sphere. Learn to accept failure and rejoice in victories. Everything in the world strives for balance. I wish you to achieve inner harmony, get rid of baseless prejudices from your head and take sober risks! Fortune favors the brave!

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