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The nuances of determining the current state of high-yield investment program

It's not a secret that successful investing in HYIPs process depends on several factors. The first - is the choice of the right HYIP, the second - the competent tracking process for HYIP.

On the choice of a reliable HYIP we have said more than once, but that's about the process of tracking the activity of HYIP worth discussing in detail.

Surely you've heard of HYIP monitors that track payments and unsubscribe at forums and directly to monitors. Monitors call sites, which contain information about HYIP (paying or not, creation date HYIP, past payments, and much more). Thus, in order to learn about the solvency of a HYIP, enough to visit HYIP Monitor.

However, when dealing with such monitors need to know some details of which will be discussed later. It should be borne in mind that there are unscrupulous monitors that indicate false information. For example, a HYIP for a long time does not pay, but the monitor is the status of that person pays.

Why monitors placed on its website false information?

In fact, there may be many reasons why incorrect information is on the monitor. Firstly, the HYIP administrator can also be the administrator of monitoring and use his services for mercenary purposes (to recruit investors). Secondly, there is no one for whom it is not a secret that they pay the monitors to the monitors so that they advertise them, including on forms. So, it's not uncommon for a company to pay only to monitors, but does not pay a regular depositor. How to be in this case? It's very simple, you need to visit a specialized forum and find out whether the monitor pays to ordinary users or not. Third, the monitor can simply be abandoned and the admin did not manage to change the status to the corresponding one.

Thus, in order to follow the HYIP you must only use proven monitors, which run more than one year. But do not forget that more accurate information can only provide forums in which users can communicate simple investing in HYIPs.

For example, if there was HYIP that pays monitors and does not want to use their services, you can suspect that administrators do not want to pay money, but simply want to gather without advertising people and get away with the money. It turns out that the HYIP can not exist without the monitor, as well as monitors without HYIP.

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