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ArcBlock - platform for the development of decentralized applications

ArcBlock - this is a special base on the basis of which various applications are created and also put into operation (decentralized). By applications, project developers mean programs, as well as user actions, which, if necessary, can be decentralized. This list includes procedures for exchanging information, making payments, as well as organizing the work of various services. The feature that unites these projects is blockchain-based functioning.

To open an abundance of opportunities, users need to combine their business with the blockbuster. The main possibility is the automation of a significant number of work processes. As a rule, without automation, significant amounts of human resources and money are spent on them. The ArcBlock project provides an excellent opportunity to easily structure the business to increase its profitability.

What issues does ArcBlock solve?

Developers ICO project ArcBlock took into account the problems that arise when working with Blockchain. This list includes:

  • complications with blocking: because Blockchain is still improving, today there are a lot of problems that prevent the release of decentralized, as well as popular applications of Blochen;
  • minimum performance: decent performance is the main challenge facing the Blockchain. The chain is used to process 7 transactions in one second. Ethereum processes up to 13 transactions (per second). Modern consumer apps must handle the actions of millions of members every day;
  • high price: many are outraged by the price charged for the use of Blochynch technology. For this reason, developers who need favorable conditions for the organization of free services are limited in their capabilities. Thanks to the functioning of the free platform, the capabilities of service providers, various companies for organizing, offering new valuable services will be expanded (for their monetization);
  • service blocking: as in the initial stage of creation, the introduction of computational technologies, modern block diagrams have the function of blocking. The creators must decide which block chain will support the project;
  • lack of functions: modern users rely on the media, which operate on the basis of blocking. Many leading specialists predict a bright, promising future for applications, decentralized programs. The increase in the rate of crypto currency allows many specialists to make similar forecasts. Most of the services provided by Blokchan do not have useful functions, a special mechanism that will attract a significant number of new community members.

In addition, modern applications based on Blochein have a complex structure. In most cases, only experienced participants can work with them. Almost all programs require competent start of the block chain. Such features delay the adoption of Blochein applications by the general public.

Solving problems with ArcBlock

ArcBlock solves the above problems through an elaborate design. Compared to its peers, ArcBlock is a complete service, not a list of tools. Connected solutions successfully combine Cloud Computing technology with Blockchain.

ArcBlock is a market focused on activating components, services and all kinds of programs. For the development of the ICO ArcBlock project, users can provide their own computing resources, as well as provide support in the process of building the platform architecture. Participants providing services, resources will be rewarded with tokens. This will create an easy-to-use, efficient and productive platform. In the future, she will begin to develop independently, without outside help. The ArcBlock platform is powered by the following important elements:

  • the Open Chain Access Protocol: helped to establish a connection in accordance with several protocols. Creators have the ability to evaluate the protocols and, if necessary, to switch between them. Thanks to the availability of Open Chain Access Protocol, you can easily enter new effective locks during the development of projects. Accordingly, the blocking problem is eliminated, the programs thereby operate on different block chains. This approach allows to significantly improve the work of users and leading developers.
  • Blocklet: a unique component of the ArcBlock project. It uses a new micro-service architecture, as well as a technology for computing (serverless). Blocklet can be implemented on almost every platform and any language. The protocol uses the capacity of its platform in full. This ensures a high level of productivity. Locking opens up more opportunities, compared to access to chains. Blocklet can connect to various data sources to perform network and off-grid calculations;
  • Pub / Sub gateways: this is a single system for sending messages. It provides support for the pub / sub, and also plays the role of an API gateway for Blocklets. Thanks to this program will function in browsers, as well as in programs on mobile. In this case, you will be able to get a powerful interactive. The gateway supports the network protocols that are present by default (DDP, WebSockets, and MQTT and HTTPS). Creators will be able to easily increase the gateway, using protocols (in accordance with the emerging problems).

The unique design of the ArcBlock platform ensures high performance and ease of use for all participants. The developers are confident that ArcBlock is a technological advance that can provide a decent start to the third generation of Blockchain applications.

The positive features of ArcBlock

Creating, as well as developing applications The blockbuster with ArcBlock has undeniable advantages, namely:

  • Cost Savings Opportunity: ArcBlock is a forward-looking ecosystem hosted by a centralized company. The launch of the platform is planned soon. The growth of the project is carried out without outside help. Receiving services on ArcBlock is based on effective savings in cryptocurrency;
  • Gaining invaluable experience: ArcBlock is built on a top-down approach. It targets the user interface. ArcBlock service enhances developer experience. At the same time, users do not have to master the operation of blockchain protocols;
  • maximum convenience: ArcBlock is designed to work from the cloud. The platform can also function on a personal device if testing, development of products is required. This design procedure makes the ArcBlock project unique. The platform is created by an open standard.

The ArcBlock team aims to launch a scalable, as well as easy-to-use platform. It is great for creating and further developing applications based on Blochein.

Distribution of tokens

45% - tokens for sale

32% - awards for participants

15% - tokens for the team

8% - for partners


In 2018, the launch of already developed applications will be carried out. In 2019, it is planned to hold a large meeting for the partners, as well as the leading programmers of ArcBlock. At 2020 year, it is planned to launch an "intelligent" house for IoT, programs designed for use on the territory of cities.


Robert Mao - Director

Flavien Charlon - Lead Developer

Zhen Chen - Marketing Specialist

Joe Wollyn - Legal Adviser

ArcBlock is a very smart and forward-looking project. Therefore, it is recommended to keep a close eye on him. For investors, it is attractive from the point of view of profitability and profitable investments.

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