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BubbleTone is a blockchain for mobile data exchange.

What is a TV? Some of the youth today will say that this is an unnecessary device in the house. And indeed, there is a certain program, you need to wait for the telecast, "zombie", obey the common system. Similarly, a mobile phone: regular calls through the carrier are a thing of the past, and modernity lies behind the use of the Internet.

Developers of the company Bubbletone believe that you need to look at the problem quite differently. They created a platform on which mobile operators can operate. Bubbletone will connect customers and operators globally all over the world. Efficiency and high results are achieved with the help of a blocker.

Bubbletone want to use the platform to enter the world market. The operator has 20-year experience in the field of telecommunications, so he sees the prospect and is able to make a number of beneficial offers.

What's happened Bubbletone?

This is the first decentralized telecommunications ecosystem that provides great opportunities for mobile operators, subscribers, and service providers.

This is an excellent opportunity for all users Bubbletone. With the help of the project they can:

  • make calls, use data during travel around the planet through direct communication with local operators;
  • there is no need to change the SIM card or phone number;
  • This is a messenger of the future generation, equipped with unique features and features.

Mobile operators and providers receive the following:

  • Each communication operator gets the opportunity to become global without complex network integration.
  • Direct access to the international telecommunications market with millions of new customers.
  • Increase profits through the distribution of services.

Project Objectives

The goal of the Bubbletone project is to replace the long, complex and expensive roaming procedures between mobile operators on a highly efficient platform that makes the negotiation process. This block is a telecommunications system that provides direct communication between mobile operators and service providers through smart contracts.

How it works

Blocking in the field of telecommunications replaces the outdated and expensive technology of telephony with the help of modern smart contracts, implemented in the interaction between mobile operators.

The decentralized system is based on the PoI protocol. This is a consensus that allows millions of smart contracts to be executed simultaneously. Thus, millions of telephone operators around the world can quickly provide quality services.

The process of forming and executing smart contracts is comfortable and in no way affects the state of subscribers. All operations can take no more than a minute. Thanks to the direct connection to local operators, the benefits of using low-cost tariffs are ensured, as well as the high quality of LTE. Enjoy Bubbletone it is very easy with the help of modern application, equipped with about 100 useful functions.

Holders of crypto currency can independently configure the nodes in order to earn a certain number of tokens. The whole system and smart contracts will function with the help of smart contracts. The growing demand for a very limited supply of tokens provides a decent revenue stream for each individual member of the system.

Start - easy

In order to start actions in the system, you need to run one supernode. Then millions of smart contracts created by telephone operators and service providers can connect to it.

For each transaction conducted with the help of the system, the user receives a reward in UMT.

Extra-profit provides an opportunity to save additional funds in a special fund for the development of the network.

The planned increase in transactions is 1000%.

Where is the work of the system

BubbbleTone is banking on entering the large mobile data exchange market. The platform will work in 80 countries around the world and in various regions, such as Europe, North America, Asia, Australia, Middle East, South Africa.

How can I get tokens?

BubbleTone ICO members can purchase UMT tokens after placing funds on their accounts. You can buy tokens using various crypto-currencies, transfers from debit cards.

Where can I store my tokens?

In order to get UMT tokens, you must use a purse that is compatible with ERC-20 technology. Pay attention that the wallet should be yours, that is verified.

At what stage is the product?

Yes, Bubbletone is already functioning. There is a beta version of the system, as well as a fully developed modern messenger. Also, the creators of the project offer the opportunity to use mobile profiles to send SMS on a commercial basis.

Why is the project used blocking?

It is the blockade that makes possible a radical change in the rules of the game in the telecommunications world. The developers of the project decided to simply remove the roaming. It is the block system that is the basis for many decisions. Thus, communication between mobile operators is carried out with the help of smart contracts. There is no need for expensive "direct" contacts and technical integration between network providers.

How will the system spread?

Bubblestone will expand on the basis of 3 main principles:

  • New mobile operators.
  • New users of the BubbleTone messenger.
  • New service providers (TV, music, cloud services, numerous services provided by mobile operators).

What are the advantages of Nod owners?

Owners of crypto currency are able to use smart contracts. The more users in the system, the more profit Noda brings.

What are the advantages? BubbleTone messenger?

  • For subscribers. You can make calls and use data around the world with direct connection to local operators. There is no need to change the SIM or phone number. At the same time, you will have access to unique offers from service providers around the world.
  • For mobile operators. You can vyit on the world market, paying at the same low price. Get access to a large audience of potential customers.
  • For service providers. The audience of your potential clients will significantly expand due to a decrease in the price of marketing services.


  • 1 sq. M. 2018. The first use of the block-platform. Making the first calls. Integration with most platforms.
  • 2 sq. M. 2018. Integration of the protocol of electronic identity in the application Bubbletone. Launch the commercial version.
  • 3 sq. M. 2018. Creation of a worldwide mobile profile.
  • 4 sq. M. 2018. Expansion of the list of mobile operators and service providers.
  • 1-4 sq. 2019. Signing agreements with global mobile operators.


  • Yuri Morozov. The founder of 4 telecommunications companies.
  • Oleg Pravdin. The founder of 3 startups in the US, China and Russia.
  • Stepan Gershuni, a block-expert.
  • Marina Voronova, project manager.
  • Sergey Baloyan, head of the marketing department.


You can take part in ICO by transferring a certain amount of money to the account indicated on the company's website. In addition, you can earn a certain number of tokens by participating in a bounty company.

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