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The future of lending is the ZPER platform

The financial sphere for a long time remained one of the most conservative, in need of serious changes. For this reason, the development of the financial sector was slowing down, the potential for change was very modest. The developers of the ZPER platform took this problem into account and tried to solve it most effectively.
ZPER Is a credit, investment platform of a decentralized type. Experts have created an innovative P2P financing ecosystem that combines all the positive features of this principle of working with money. Thanks to the ZPER platform, a P2P (Peer-to-Peer) financing ecosystem has been formed, which will function stably without being tied to a specific currency.

In the ZPER ecosystem, creators of a comfortable financial environment (investors, substitutes, and data providers) can meet with each other, share valuable information and receive well-deserved bonuses. With regular interaction, the borrower can get a loan on favorable terms, with a minimum interest rate. Investors, in turn, can enjoy a higher rate of return. The ZPER platform creates ideal conditions for the professional development of all participants in the financial industry.

The implementation of P2P in the financial industry

In the current environment, P2P financial companies are demonstrating operational development with the help of digital technologies. Research and Markets is a global financial market research institution. Its employees are confident that the average annual growth rate of the financial global P2P market will be 53,06% (from 2016 to 2020). Morgan Stanley's 2015 Annual Report predicts that the revenues generated by the P2P financial market will rise to $ 490 billion.
Such a rapid growth of the financial market for P2P lending can be explained by the fact that borrowers communicate directly with each other using the Internet. The financial environment of P2P has brought many positive results through an innovative approach. The existing financing faces such problems:

  • complexities in the choice of financial companies P2P;
  • problems with the provision of investment products;
  • difficulties in the process of distributing effective, safe portfolios.

Features of the ZPER project

The main purpose of the ZPER service is to expand the functionality of supply chains in the financial market P2P. At the same time, experts will try to provide all participants with attractive opportunities for further growth. To do this, the creators of the platform have tried to create a financial ecosystem that will meet the following conditions:

  • the possibility of irreversible management of all contracts, bonds;
  • investors will be provided with a variety of investment portfolios;
  • values ​​are distributed fairly between the participants in accordance with the arrangements;
  • The service will be used by global financial companies that users can trust.

The project began development with the merger of the proven financial companies P2P in Korea. The ZPER developers will create an ecosystem of the Blockchain network. Its participants can become financial companies, data providers. By the end of 2019, a unified ecosystem will be created, which includes about 500 organizations P2P. As a result, ZPER will create a stable environment in which more than 300 million people will interact. To attract funds, carry out investment will be 300 thousand of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Platform Ecosystem ZPER

ZPER Is a decentralized ecosystem based on Blockchain technology. Individuals as well as large organizations can take part in the development of the P2P system.

Users using the ZPER platform can perform all the necessary transactions without fear for their safety. Individual institutions, individuals involved in financing P2P, can become an essential part of the ZPER ecosystem without a dedicated web application. Further, the participants participating in the formation, further development of the ZPER ecosystem will be listed:

  • investors: individuals, institutions that wish to profit by investing in products provided by P2P in the ZPER ecosystem. Investors can invest in individual products, portfolios, which are developed by RoboAdvisors. It also suggests investing in receivables, for which other investors require resale;
  • financial companies P2P: control the processes associated with investment, including the assessment of borrowers, obtaining credit and management of reimbursements. Effective management of credit agreements is related to the cultural, geographical features of the country. Therefore, the participation of financial companies P2P is a must. In particular, this applies to the provision of credit;
  • NPL buyers: institutions, individuals who purchase non-performing loans. For depositors, NPL buyers are the guarantor of loans that exist in the ZPER ecosystem. To buy overdue loans, mortgagors check information about loans on Blockchain. The best option will be chosen with the help of a smart contract;
  • borrowers: enterprises, individuals applying for loans. Individuals can apply for a loan to pay for marriage, education, and housing expenses. You can apply directly to P2P-company. To do this, it is sufficient to use the special applications that the ZPER platform provides;
  • Robo-Advisor: analyze investment products in the ZPER ecosystem using their own algorithms (based on yield rates, investment periods, insolvency rates). These companies form portfolios in such a way that investors can diversify their investments for profit in a safe mode. The investor can choose the most suitable product from the list of portfolios.

ZPER tokens

ZPR token Is a cryptocurrency designed to activate and further develop the ecosystem. Thanks to tokens, payment for services rendered is much easier and more convenient. The ZPR cryptocurrency is used in almost all transactions on the platform: investments in P2P loans, as well as trade expenses on accounts receivable, as well as compensation to suppliers. ZPR tokens provide transparent and secure transfer of funds between participants around the world.

Conducting ICO ZPER

For the development of the ZPER project, 3 ZPR tokens were issued. 500 ZPR tokens have been allocated for the ICO. The cost of 000 token ZPR = 000 ETH. For this project, Hardcap is set at 2 ETH, Softcap - 200 ETH.

Distribution of tokens



Invest in ICO ZPER and soon you will be able to get a good profit! This project has excellent prospects. Among the existing analogues, the ZPER platform takes a worthy place.

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