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Changex solutions - scam! Compensation for partners.

100% + bonuses paid compensation.

It worked very poorly. Apply for compensation.

The project stopped paying.
The current fund amount is $ 500 + VIP fund for deposits from $ 500.
Waiting for reports, send via the new bot @Bender_PHbot (very convenient)
or a special form for compensation:

PS: I am observing an unpleasant tendency: fast scams of low percentages with "network" traffic.
Such projects are often pumped by "leaders" and mlm workers, they promise mountains of gold.
And the amount of deposits in such projects is much higher than in classic HYIPs.
Such projects offer a small percentage of profit (10% -20% per month).
Of the latter, they nibbled hard Suny cash и Miya Holding
(yes, Mia gave money, but only to those who came in in the fall. In fact, the project did not give even 1 full circle).

I believe that it makes sense to enter low percentages only at the start with 100% insider. And / or under insurance.
Think for yourself - your money is "frozen" for a long time, with a payback in 3-6 months.
And no one knows what is in the admin's head? (collect more money).
What will happen to him during these six months? (lost on a yacht at sea, as in "Compass").
Will he remember and keep his promises in a few months? (No).

It is more interesting to invest in middlemen / fasts with insider information and under an insurance fund.
As a rule, even in fastcams, it is possible to recapture 50% + from the depot, plus get large compensations from the blog.
An honest and not drawn-out story: either a good plus, or a quick scam and compensation.
And that's not all, spend a few months idly spinning your money and staying in the red.

PPS: Of course, I don't mean international TOP projects like Antares, Qubittech.
But there is just a 100% insider and an understanding of who is at the helm and where they are “driving”.

4 reviews for "Changex solutions - scam! Compensation for partners."

  1. avatar photos flame121:

    thanks for the compensation and bonus !! Date: 29.03.2021 23:04:48 (UTC + 3) ID: 1354430641 Amount: 1834.82 RUB Compensation Changex-Solution from the portal

  2. avatar photos EvgeniyVES:

    Thanks for the compensation and bonus.
    The amount of 46.3 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U17701077-> U1820—-. Memo: Compensation Changex-Solution from the portal. Date: 20:35 29.03.21/380848074/XNUMX. Batch: XNUMX.

  3. avatar photos Good:

    Hello. If you have invested in my team - apply for compensation.
    We will definitely return some of the losses.
    If you did not visit our link, then draw conclusions, with whom to work in the future 😉

  4. avatar photos Genghis Khan:

    Hello! Please tell me how can I get the money back or maybe it is from the CHANGEX solutions program?