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CoinMetro: great opportunities in the Forex market

The main difference of the project CoinMetro from a large mass of similar is in the qualification of working employees. They are not recent college graduates who have set themselves unattainable goals. The FXPIG brand appeared in 2011 year, and its main goal is to work on the Forex market, the destruction of those stereotypes that were associated with this platform.

This project was the first forex broker to promote the idea of ​​transparency of work, as well as interest in the real profit of its client. Unlike most, FXPIG invested in really working technologies. CoinMetro plans to carry such principles into the crypto space.

Advantages of working in the project

Guaranteed profit. CoinMetro was developed as a product that allows you to earn real money in the market. The very first depositors can earn up to 500% of bonus points at all, having received profit from the realization of cryptotoken.

More than the usual price pamp. Each event in CoinMetro is unique, because it implies multi-level bonuses, which include not only the growing cost of cryptotenes, but also long-term discounts, both on FXPIG and CoinMetro. The development team undertakes to maintain the liquidity of the asset and focus on increasing the value of the tokens in the future.

Clear stages of price growth. The sale price of the token will start with 0,03 euro. Gradually it will increase by 0,02 euro.

Ease. Do you think that the icons used to designate the name "crypto" are just an incomprehensible accessory? You are wrong! Working with a crypto currency is just as easy as with conventional money. Register in the project, understand the account and start operating with the crypto currency.

Permanent payments. You can access the funds without any expectation of payments and numerous endorsements. No additional transactions or creation of a special banking license.

Decentralized exchange. On the one hand, the development of the project is based on unconditional experience. It is complex inside, but easy to perceive. Trade is not an easy job, therefore, modern technologies are used in it.

Profitable implementation of funds. If you want to get interest on numerous crypto-currency balances, then you need to publish the offer, and then leave some stock, thus arousing interest among buyers.

Quick Start ICO. Do you need to give a start to your own crypto-currency program? CoinMetro will provide a powerful and multifunctional platform for the stage of public sales.

Innovative technologies

The project is built not only on sonorous and well-known technologies - its functioning is supported by the well-coordinated work of a team of professional specialists with extensive experience in business and the functioning of crypto-currency systems. They are able to create projects and support customers, individually manage liquidity and create a unique trading architecture. At the same time, the delay in the projects will be minimal.

The project works quickly and smoothly. Specialists provide simple and understandable answers to complex questions. No long expectations, vague phrases and incomprehensible services: everything is extremely clear and on the case.


  • Kevin Murchko, CEO.
  • Timur Hakimov, the leading developer of software.
  • Anton Korbizhn, the chief developer of the blockade.
  • Rory Baxter, chief developer of network applications.
  • DongHao Zhuang, the main frontend developer.
  • Giovanni Ziccardi, head of the marketing team.
  • Bilyana Kuneska, the main specialist in the promotion of the project in social media.
  • Mikko Kauhanen, an expert in layout.
  • Sylvain Legay, CFO.


  • October 2017. Start of project development, pre-ICO.
  • February 2018. Start ICO.
  • March 2018. Beta version of the exchanger.
  • June 2018. Starting the cryptotoken.
  • July 2018. Launch testing platform, issue debit cards, launch the PSP service.

Distribution plans

In total, it is planned to use 500 crypto tokens during the operation of the platform. They will be distributed as follows:

  • 50% of tokens will be involved in the ICO phase.
  • 20% cryptonet will ensure the liquidity of the platform.
  • 10% of cryptotoxins will be used to reward the development team.
  • 7,5% of tokens are allocated to the remuneration of members of the crypto-exchange society.
  • 2,5% of the project's virtual money is allocated to the advisers.
  • 10% of tokens will be allocated for pre-sales.


The platform is interesting to the user with its simplicity and thoughtfulness. The specialists who took part in the development of the project really have experience in developing such platforms and have a unique vision of market development. This means that users of the system will spend less money to promote their own resources, and will spend more on themselves.

CoinMetro is not a “raw” project, the development of which is not indicated and is not clear. On the contrary, the platform is actively developed and promoted by original and effective methods. More information on ICO you will receive at Online.

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