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Credits: unique opportunities for the banking sector

CREDITS - this is the name of the platform, which works with the help of internal CS. This is a modern technical vision of the block, working with smart contracts and unique protocols for data exchange.

The project is an open block-based platform that has everything you need for autonomous operation. With the help of the platform, it is possible to create services based on the block system, which will use operational smart contracts, as well as public data registers.

The work of CREDITS is very fast. Imagine that the platform can handle more than one million financial operations per second, performing each action at a rate less than 0,01 seconds. The size of the commission will be minimal.

The possibilities of the project are unique. Efficiency, security, thoughtfulness - that's what distinguishes CREDITS from other projects. In addition, the project provides an opportunity to use high-quality tools for creating autonomous and independent of each other applications, for example, finteh-services.

By means of CREDITS Services can operate, whose work is completely autonomous in the blockroom. These are programs from medicine, trade, finance, identity, Internet commerce. This versatility and variability allows to think that it is CREDITS that will become the basis for the progressive digital economy.

  • A fundamentally new view of the blockade. The project is a decentralized block-platform, equipped with open source code, as well as a fundamentally new architecture for building the network.
  • Non-synchronous system. Each financial or other operation in the system is processed in parallel. This approach allows a significant increase in the number of such transactions.
  • No mining. The issue of coins is limited, the operation of the system does not require the use of complex equipment.
  • A fundamentally new consensus algorithm. It's own development based on open source, allowing users to quickly reach a consensus. This fact allows you to quickly execute transactions and receive rewards for performing operations. All major nodes are maintained in working order.
  • Security. In the creation of the blockade, a combined principle was applied, as well as innovative methods of encryption. This allowed us to create an effective and protected from external impact platform.
  • Correction / compression of data. In order for user services to have more bandwidth, an archiving algorithm is used.

Principles of operation of the platform

Already today, users can try the advantages of a modern product, the work of which is based on the following principles.

  • Decentralized network. It works by using specialized nodes, called nodes. Each node is both a client and a properly functioning server.
  • Serviceable nodes. Each network node stores special ID data in the system. Thus, it can be used as a private key.
  • Translations. Each member of the blockage has the ability to make money transactions.
  • Saving information. All data is in the blockade of the non-responsible storage.
  • Purse. The developers took care of the system to function with the help of a high-quality and highly thought-out purse. It has all the necessary functions for high-quality operation.
  • Consensus. The functioning of the system is provided by the operation of a special algorithm for selecting a node, which is responsible for storing information in the unit.


  • January 2017 year. Development of MVP, White Paper.
  • October 2017 year. Publishing MVP, implementation presley.
  • Yanavar 2018 year. Testing and release of the Alpha version.
  • February 2018 year. Conducting pre-sales, monitoring the offer of exchanges.
  • March 2018 year. Appearance of the first users on the platform.
  • June 2018 year. Release of a full-fledged release platform, the emergence of new services.


  • I. Chugunov, CEO, founder of the project. Specialist with 12-year experience of entrepreneurship.
  • E. Butyaev, CTO, co-founder of the project. Is engaged in programming and development of promising projects.
  • V. Antonov, Tim Lead. For 10 years I have been engaged in programming and building the architecture of complex systems.
  • A. Krasnov, Senior Programmer. The creator of numerous profitable solutions for a large number of customers.
  • E. Romanov, manager of bounty programs. Responsible for the planning and implementation of numerous marketing activities.


In order to participate in the crowdsdale, you must register in the system and transfer some amount of money to a specially created account published on the site.


To recruit specialists and disseminate information about the project, developers are planning to launch a special bounty program. For posts, preaches, husks on the network users will be rewarded with a certain number of tokens. The size of the award depends entirely on the activity in social media.

All the necessary information about project you can get the following links:

* Our BTT account is;u=1473358;sa=summary