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Frasindo - the largest service for car rental

Frasindo Is an Indonesian vehicle rental company. She carries out the attraction of drivers, cooperates with online taxi. The organization conducts a legitimate business by providing top notch service.

Frasindo Service Features

In 2013, the Frasindo organization was founded. From the early days, she focused on transportation services. Today the company cooperates with such major services: Grab, Uber, and Gocar. In 2014, the Frasindo management decided to join the Blockchain community as a contributor and major miner. The company today supports IGNIS coins as well as Ardor (ARDR) coins. In 2015, the Frasindo organization entered the market with a unique project - a startup based on the FRAScoin blockchain.

Project Reliability

When you study the White Paper of Frasindo, you can see how specialists monitor transparency and reliability of the service. This is expressed in public management, business development. Everyone can evaluate how the organization's affairs are going, what is the profit, what actions are being taken. The standalone unit demonstrated the absolute security of transactions, as well as the protection of the funds of all project participants.

Advantages of FRAScoin

Frasindo's assets are used to back up FRAScoin tokens. The cheapest car in the company's fleet was estimated by experts at 100 thousand FRAScoin. The supply of tokens is limited - 100 million FRAScoin (equivalent to 100 billion US dollars).

The car park Frasindo is constantly updated, expanding. Therefore, the developers of the project do not exclude the possibility of issuing FRAScoin auxiliary tokens. This operation will be as transparent as possible, since the assets of the organization are always under the attention of stakeholders.

FRAScoin has the following advantages that all participants will appreciate:

  • FRAScoin tokens can be obtained by anyone interested in the project;
  • tokens allow you to save money by paying for affordable services;
  • holders of crypto currency have 10% of the company's profit (this indicator tends to even greater growth).

The Frasindo project is open source and accessible to different user groups. Since 2013, Frasindo Lima Mandiri has had the status of a stable, self-confident competitor. This ensures a decent position of the organization in the market. Due to this feature, investors do not have to worry about the fact that the company will suddenly start to lose space. The Frasindo service has excellent prospects - the number of its partners is increasing, the car fleet is expanding. You can verify this by reading the reports that are provided in the public domain.

Features of FRAScoin application

Creation of FRAS-tokens is performed on various services that have a Blockchain-basis. Today this crypto currency is available on Stellar, as well as on Ardor Ignis. Users are asked to choose the most suitable platform. After carrying out all the necessary actions of the crypto currency, FRAS is transferred to the specified purse. The interaction between the Blockchain platform is handled by REMITTANCE. The main modules are managed by Frasindo. A distinctive feature of these projects is that they provide income that comes from the commission for redemption, transaction fees (supported by the currency of the currency). The lock is then linked to other currencies through a bank account.

CARcoin - description of the cryptocurrency

In addition to FRAS tokens, the release of CAR tokens has been carried out for the Frasindo project. Thanks to them, customers can use cars for free. It should be noted that CARCOin will be available exclusively to holders of FRAS crypto currency. The company plans to provide participants with an opportunity to use the car for free for a maximum of 10 days. The distribution of CARCOIN will be carried out daily. This crypto currency is transferred to those users on whose accounts there are at least 10 thousand FRAScoin.

You can buy a crypto currency on the Frasindo website. If FRAScoin is acquired through Frasindo Shop, the user is asked to create Ardor / Stellar Wallet automatically. After the successful creation of the wallet, you need to transfer the data to paper medium. Purchased tokens are sent to the specified user's wallet. When using Ardor purse, it is important to remember that the received code can not be passed on to anyone (even official representatives of the organization).

Today FrasindoDevelopers is actively working on a purse designed for iOS, as well as Android. Thanks to this, FRAScoin can be exchanged with a smartphone, which is especially convenient. This type of wallet can be combined with all the assets of Ardor, NXT, and also Stellar.

Features of the ICO Frasindo

For the ICO, the Frasindo management decided to release the FRAS token. The first stage of the ICO kicked off 15 February 2018. In the first 4 days, participants could receive 20% of bonuses. The Crypto currency is issued on Block-platforms: Stellar, Ardor, and Ethereum. FRAScoin customers are offered many privileges, which are supplemented by bonuses (points of loyalty). In addition, the most active users can influence the company's prospects. They can also be offered free transfers, car rental.

Bounty-campaign Frasindo

Bounty-program started 1 January, it was held 8 weeks. From the sold FRAScoin to the reward will be allocated 2% (1,8 million tokens). The amount of money earned (in tokens) depends on the number, quality of the tasks performed. Members of Bounty-campaigns can perform the following tasks for obtaining bonuses:

  • Subscription to BitcoinTalk, avatar: 35% of the total amount of bonuses;
  • placing the original video on YouTube, articles in the media: 25%;
  • retweets, estimates in the social network Twitter: 15%;
  • reposts, Facebook ratings: 10%;
  • Subscription to Telegram channels: 5%;
  • translations: 100%.

In order to join Bounty, it is enough to choose the task that attracts the participant, to fill the form correctly. In this case, you must specify a name, as well as e-mail, purse address in Google documents. The subscription company may be asked to indicate the number of publications, the exact rank of the account. During the creation of the content, a link to the finished material is attached without fail.

The shares by the available signatures are counted weekly. Other calculations are conducted after 25 February. Payment is made to the user's wallet (indicated in the process of filling out the form). Once you receive the tokens, you can sell them profitably. For this it is recommended to visit the Stellar exchange.


Sandy Budiman - CEO

Johannes Joko - Chief Operating Officer

Kamaludin Akbar - Android Application Developer

Dian Salma - graphic designer


In 2016, an online application for convenient calling, taxi reservations was developed. In the same year, a partnership began, joint research with GRAB, UBER, and GOCAR. In June 2017 developed a comprehensive ICO plan, conducted branding with key partners. In January 2018, Wwite Paper was finally formed, in February, the sale of the company's tokens Frasindo started.

Having familiarized yourself with the features, principles of the Frasindo company, you can be convinced of its reliability and stability. The safety of deposits is guaranteed. At the same time, business transparency is at the highest level. Experts say that Frasindo is the most profitable and simplest startup among existing analogues. To conduct a successful business, it is enough to invest, trade, while receiving a large percentage accrued from the profits of Frasindo.

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