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Ilon Mask: how to make money by investing in your dreams?

One of the most popular people and an example for imitation among entrepreneurs and investors is Ilon Mask. The fantasizer and inventor are recently heard, here and there they talk about his ideas, praise him for business acumen, but very few people know that Ilon is the owner of unprofitable companies and more than once was dismissed from the post of project manager, in which he was the main shareholder. And at the same time the state of the genius entrepreneur is about 21 $ billion! What is the secret of Mask and how does he manage to be a successful investor under all the circumstances described above?

Who is Ilon Mask?

If you follow the news of the financial world, and just watch the news, you probably heard about Ilona Mask. The entrepreneur simply gushes with various ideas and, while many entrepreneurs laugh at him, make great discoveries and give humanity a belief in a brighter future. Of course, Ilon has deserved so many references in the press, first of all, thanks to his unreal discoveries, numerous companies and global projects.

If you believe Forbes, the state of the Mask is estimated at 21 $ billion, and these funds, one way or another, earned through investment. But today he is a rich, successful, respectful and envious person. If you look at the biography of Ilona, ​​it is a continuous series of ups and downs that led to success.

The beginning of the road to success

Ilon Mask was born in a simple family that did not have high incomes and from childhood knew what heavy physical labor is. His parents divorced, after which the boy remained with his strict father, at school his peers cruelly molested him and Ilon was extremely closed in himself. But all this did not prevent him from reading much and showing the same interest in exact sciences and fantastic works - both the first and second will play a big role in the future fate of Mask.

Entrepreneurial woke up at Ilon's early age, when at 12 he wrote a game on the computer and sold it for 500 $. Surprisingly, being still quite a child, Mask spent the proceeds not on candy and toys, but invested in the shares of the pharmaceutical company. And I must say that the investment was successful - having received several thousand dollars of profit, an enterprising guy buys a "trip to life", that is, he leaves for Canada. Actually, hence the active activity of the inventor began.

With workplaces, Ilona was never lucky, whatever position he occupied. This is exactly what happened after graduating from the university and obtaining a scientific degree, when Mask got a job in the bank. After leaving the financial institution, the future billionaire, together with his brother, founded his first company Zip2, in whose field of activity was the sale of software. Money for Zip2 Mask, of course, was not the same as the talent to attract third-party investors, so the father financed this venture, allocating 25000 $ from the family budget. Surprisingly, young entrepreneurs who initially did not even have the money to rent a house and slept right in the office, eventually promoted their firm and three years later they sold it for 308 $ million.

Ilon Mask and the cosmos

It would seem that having received 7% from the sale of Zip2, Ilon Mask could stop at this and live comfortably until the end of his days - his share was 22 $ million. But no, the inventor's plans had other peaks, the plane of which was far beyond the globe. But we will not run into before, selling the first company and having received money, Mask comes up with another, and its activities were focused entirely on a different sphere. His millions invests in the new company, which offers fast payments on the network.

A year later, the merger of with Confinity, but a bad character Mask did not allow him to be long on the post of the head of the company. From the position of a major shareholder was removed, and the payment service was renamed PayPal. Two years after these events, the company bought the largest online auction eBay and Ilon received his 175 $ million (he was the holder of 11,7% of shares). This amount allowed the inventor to move away from Internet companies and get as close to the dream as possible.

Maybe Max re-read the fiction, and maybe he really is a genius, but long before he became rich, Ilon dreamed of colonizing space. And if someone at that time, these dreams seemed ridiculous (and even today many people consider the Mask to be a fantasy), then the dreamer in them willingly believed in them and in practice shows that his goals are achievable.

Space ships, Tesla and bankruptcy Ilona Mask

One of the largest and most well-known Musk companies is SpaceX. The American entrepreneur did not immediately get the idea to create his own spaceships. Having received his $ 175 million, Max goes to Russia and tries to buy a Soviet rocket from a local businessman. The deal did not take place, since the parties did not agree on a price - they asked too much for the spacecraft and Musk did not have enough millions for it. Elon was not very upset, but thought that the price of the missiles was too high and that their cheaper production could be established.

For his own money, Ilon Mask builds up the construction of missiles, along with this he is fond of electric vehicles. After getting acquainted with the leaders of Tesla, Ilon is inspired by their ideas and invests in electric cars 7 $ million. Having invested at once two projects, Mask is on the verge of bankruptcy. And so, when the investor-dreamer had no money left, serious problems began for both SpaceX and Tesla. The Falcon rockets developed by the Mask were launched three times unsuccessfully, and Tesla produced cars at a loss - at a cost of 200 $ thousand, the sale was made for 85 $ ths.

It would seem that Ilon Mask has suffered a complete fiasco and then any other businessman would have dropped his hands and declared himself bankrupt. By 2008, the situation had become critical - money was no longer just for launching missiles or constructing cars, employees of both companies had nothing to pay their salaries.

What did Ilon Mask do to save the company?

Literally a few hours before the recognition of bankruptcy, unexpectedly, Mask finds investors for Tesla. At this difficult moment, he smiles with another luck - NASA signs a contract with SpaceX for a contract for 12 flights and allocates 1,6 $ billion for this. A real run of luck for Ilona begins: under his leadership, new models of Tesla cars are produced that are very popular, and SpaceX puts world records. What only cost the successful launch of the largest in the history of the launch vehicle Falcon Heavy, a live broadcast of which was watched all over the world.

Ilon Mask continues to build new plans and is slowly working on their implementation. Some projects are already working, some are possible only in theory, but Ilon does not give up. Among the planned and implemented ideas of a successful entrepreneur:

  • The use of SpaceX missiles for ultra-fast flights to different points of the Earth.
  • Development of human-friendly artificial intelligence. To this end, an OpenAI company has been set up to investigate AI in order to prevent the rebellion of machines. At the moment, Mask has left the management, but is a shareholder of the company.
  • Exchange of information between the human brain and electronic machines. The company Neuralink founded by Mask is working on this goal.
  • Creation of underground automobile tunnels (The Boring Company).
  • Manufacture of trucks Tesla.
  • A network of charging stations for electric cars has been launched.
  • Development of the vacuum train system Hyperloop.
  • Creation of a network of free satellite internet.

But the popular sphere of investment in crypto-currencies passed by Ilona Mask. If you believe his words, then he has somewhere stored 0,25 bitcoins, which was once sent to him by a friend. This and all the crypto-currency assets of the great investor.

Will there be life on Mars?

Today Ilon Mask does not slow down at all and constantly comes up with new projects and developments (for example, satellite Internet and underground train capsules). But its main goal remains the colonization of Mars, in which Ilon sincerely believes. According to him, it is only on our planet to fall a large asteroid or wake up to a large volcano, as life on Earth will cease. Even the third world war can erase mankind from the face of the planet, and this is highly likely to be expected. Today, for the purposes of the Mask - the flight to Mars and the creation of conditions for people to live there. And this is what the American promises to fulfill until the year 2025.

Many competitors laugh at the Mask and its ideas, there are even those who are not so naively referring to it and call the inventor the main swindler of the XXI century. Ilona is accused of parasitizing on the state budget, deceiving Tesla investors and unreal inventions at the expense of space relocations. So it or not really is - only Ilon Mask knows, we can say that he is a successful investor who has achieved everything himself and did not give up his hand even in the most critical situations. And yes, perhaps, he is genius after all - managing unprofitable companies and earning billions can not everyone.

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    Ilon Musk dreams and realizes his dreams and this one is beautiful. There are a lot of resources on Sveta. And the genius of Mask is that he manages to use the resources of the World for the realization of the Dream. This is available to few. Resources and South Africa, and Canada, and the United States are significant. And so the Mask manages very much. I would be glad if his business success continues. I myself am a disabled pensioner from 2002 (blood cancer, Chernobyl) and just enjoy Ilona Mask's success. I wish him success on Earth and in Space !!!

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