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History of the Old School admin (Part II). Competition for 1000 $

2008-2009 years I worked on projects AgriTradeCompany and PokerViolet. Either because of the E-Gold scam, or for other reasons - especially they do not remember anything. In the summer of 2009 on the wave of their poker sites, where the legend of Prohor from the forgotten village was a success, I create the project Kidalo. Extract from the page about yourself:

«My name is Anatoly Viktorovich Kidalo. Born 2 October 1985 year in the city of Kozelsk, Kaluga region. The father by trade is a combine operator, mother is a milkmaid. Smoking and harassment of girls dropped in the first class, the first kiss was a very long time, heterosexual, did not try vodka and wine, did not encounter drugs, was not criminally liable. "

The stupid presentation caused heated discussion in various forums. I myself from personal accounts discussed everything and everything, warming up interest. As a result, for 4 months of work earned about 30k $. Yes, and would continue to work, but the project was a strong ddos, a lot of time was spent on recovery. Then another curtain caught the ban on the mmgp forum. Things went down, the project never recovered.

By the way, about ddos ​​attacks - a few years ago this was a big problem. Hosting with serious ddos ​​protection was almost not there, there was no support for hosting. Dsers used this with might and main. It was very common blackmail: put the site and ask for a ransom from the admin - you had to pay. There were even a few owners of large botnets that collected a tribute from the administrators - a small amount from each project (for 50 $ or so), and all the more or less serious projects were paid before launch. Feature of the work - the administrator can not wait for hosting support to respond and help or ddos ​​attack itself to stop. Panic in the project = outflow of money = scum, especially in fasts. Now as far as I know, the problem is not so acute. I bought a hosting, for example, - and the administrator can sleep peacefully.

January 2010 year. I open the project Jaguar-alliance. The Legend of Forex. I did not achieve a strong popularity. Contributions are few. Earned through 6-7 months about 2 thousand net, which allowed for the opening of a new project. But I liked this project, very good plans from 0.7% to 1.8% depending on the current deposit, and the move was small and the increased interest rate was available to almost any depositor. Different icons in the account, on the site, etc. Cute looked. Also here was the sponsorship of the rally team MRteam in the Russian championship. It was worth 2 thousand dollars for the 1 stage. It seems that I participated in the 2 stage, and then I had to skip the project. What can I say about sponsorship: it's all nonsense, it does not bring any dividends. Purely for the news of the project can be done, or to let the dust in your eyes. If you as an administrator decided to still participate as a sponsor of the event - the main thing is to not to repeat the news for another project. I know that some enthusiasts suggested that administrators become sponsors of some minor events, such as the Moscow paintball championship. And it's all very sad when several projects simultaneously announced this pathetic.

So, let's move on - summer 2010. Probably it was at this time that the fashion for partisan projects began to emerge. And if you look at my projects, they are all partisans to one degree or another. For the most part, the first 3-4 months is an imperceptible existence, a very small number of deposits. But I always thought this way, because why would I have deposits of more than $ 500 at the start of the project. After all, many people immediately put on reinvest and after 3-4 months they have a decent amount of several thousand on their balance sheets. Which will undoubtedly be ordered for payment when the project starts to gain momentum and unwind. It was always a big blow to the box office of the project.

I open in June 2010 project UltraHedgeClub. The legend is hedge funds. The site turned out to be so-so, maybe there were some mistakes in design, frivolous style a-la "flowers-leaves," many associated it with shkolota on vacation. I was not offended. The main thing is the result after the closure. I kept the project in the partisans and only in December 2010 began to actively promote it, a little design corrected. For the first time, I bought a card from Alfabank for a receipt-payment of funds (running ahead I will say that this is the only card for a drop (a person who draws a card for himself and sells it to another), which has not been blocked for a very long time. project). Plus screwed to the project Qiwi - and the contributions went. The project developed well, and in the spring 2011 decided to make a PR-share in it - the return of all deposits to investors. The amount at the time of return was about 20 thousand dollars. I made a share, returned the people contributions. Immediately after this, the inflow to the project increased sharply, about 2 times. After that, UltraHedgeClub could work for about 1.5 months, and I had to close it. The logic of investors was simple - after such a share the project will work for at least a month, this month everyone invested. The outflow of deposits began, and I closed the project. Everyone was deceived: investors could not make a profit, and I could not "get" a serious amount on the reputation. As a result, I fulfilled the project with dignity, and I also earned it well in it.

In parallel, in the autumn of 2010, while UltraHedgeClub was in the partisans, I decided on this wave to create another partisan with small investments. Project The legend is an investment in the markets of China and India. The first design is simple, but with a unique script. In 2011, I made a redesign, buying a unique script from a hayp that was closed. In general, he spent more than a year in guerrillas and so I abandoned him, although there was a thought to keep him 2 year in the same place. But the project, as the saying goes, "did not go," chindia had no contributions at all. The monitoring worked in the empty, and closed it at a loss.

I would like to say separately about the legends that go among the admins about the "Asian market". There is such a legend that if the administrator possesses secret knowledge, has "access to Asia", then serious investors from the big narrow-eyed tycoons, the Chinese Triad and the Japanese Yakuza will shower him with deposits to his brightest head. But the mentality of Asians is such that they are in no hurry to invest in pyramids. Plus, China has its own national firewall, which blocks all the dirt - and you can really break into the market only through Chinese social networks. Do you know Chinese to figure it out? Just go to the most popular Asian search engine baidu - and you will be amazed at how it differs from Google, what social networks Asians have. For all the time I have been working with HYIPs, I have only heard about a couple of projects that worked “on the ground” and also tried to enter Asian markets from offline - that they did something. And when the fasta admin tells you in personal correspondence that "deposits are coming from Asians now, we are not focused on the CIS market" - you can be 100% sure that he is blatantly lying to you.

We return from the mysterious Asia to our earthly affairs. While partisans are working, I plan to create a blog-monitoring about haypah. To develop, untwist, and then actively involve people in your projects from your blog. I saw how this happens from the side with the example of some projects. Constantly admins open their blogs, lure investors with furious insurance and eventually throw everything. In general, think about - why should an administrator give a normal blogger a large insurance, for example, on 5 or 10 thousand dollars? And for several large investors. Admin, however, needs to pay interest for deposits, and if he gives the insurance - then the administrator can not dispose of money with these money. That is, the sense of such big "insurances" admins zero, unless he "insures" his project. Therefore, if you are in a chat some blogger offers to insure the deposit for 2-3-5 thousand dollars, you do not run the car to sell, but think with your head - who benefits at all. In 95% of cases you will be deceived, and even if you pay once to the break-even, not the fact that they will pay the second. At me too such thought sat in a head - to untwist a blog, to collect on reputation the big pool or "insurance" to distribute in some projects, and it is good to earn. The blog decided to call ArtMoneyCraft. I think many people remember this name. But in the end he twirled and abandoned the idea, he decided to create another HYIP on this domain.

ArtMoneyCraft project (October 10 - summer 11). Legend - sports betting. I order a website with a unique script from a web studio for 3.5 thousand bucks. And, perhaps, I didn't have more investments here. I bought 5 HYIP monitors at the start. I never ordered a larger quantity, there is no point in them for the project. Here I did not think of partisans, I began to develop them as usual. Quiet at first, then more active. The project took off thanks to individual bloggers, and probably especially thanks to Alexei Cap, aka Rentier. The design was not really there, but the people went to the project. The same chindia after the redesign was much more beautiful than ArtMoneyCraft - and had to be closed without deposits. I don't even know what was so special about the sports project. Only probably drawn statistics of rates. And in order to draw this history of bets, one still had to make small bets on Betfair, then copy the history from there, delete some bets, adjusting it to the desired result and post it on the HYIP website. It was my simplest, hassle-free and most profitable project of mine. There is not much to tell here, everything was so good. Super smooth development, major investments started in 3 months. The largest deposit in this project was $ 30000, and it remains so in my entire history of work. The project turned out to be so successful that many monitors began to advertise it, bloggers advertise on their own for personal deposits, and such an excitement was no longer repeated in any of my hype. Of course, many wrote to credit them with a bonus deposit, but as a rule it was no more than $ 100. At the same time, I still chose to give or not, based on the popularity of the resource. And I also practiced the following, and not only in this project, but in all. Let's say a blogger has posted my project on a paid basis. There are no or few referrals from him. I start to add referrals with deposits to him through the admin panel. Deposits from $ 100 to $ 1000, and in some cases even more. Watching over the next weeks for his reaction. If a blogger begins to praise the project, advertise, talk about the project, post news, etc. - then everything is fine. PR works - the blogger started working on the project, people went through it. He starts getting refs even without me. And now the opposite situation, I made referrals with deposits to him, but the blogger's reactions are zero. Even in a weekly review on his blog, he will not write a couple of positive proposals. And he gets refs for my fakes. In this case, I waited 2-3 weeks for some kind of reaction, and put the blogger on my black list. By the way, this is a big problem for modern bloggers - indifference to projects. You send the money to the listing, and the person will not even write to you - the payments are posted by someone on the forums and that's it. No work, no referrals, no news - nothing. I received the money, but the result "depends on the investors." Indifference is the main problem of bloggers, and it was and is. I will return to bloggers a little later ...

Competition for 1000 $:

Continue) In the comments to the article introduce yourself and tell: Write about the biggest failure in your life.
Plus write 3 HYIP of the project, which you remember exactly in a negative manner and detail why?

Your story should be duplicated in any social network of the blog (for example, in the comments of the VKontakte group)

Prizes will be paid on Saturday evening, after the publication of the third part of the story.

12 reviews for "The History of the Old School admin (Part II). Competition for 1000 $"

  1. Avatar photo AlexBet:

    Good day! My name is Aleksey. I want to tell a story about how I had to forget about normal life right up to the 5th university competition. In 2009, I graduated from high school, passed the entrance exams and entered the university on a budget. I chose the specialty "Industrial Civil Construction", while on the budget I managed to study only two years out of five, and only two years I received a scholarship. It seems that everything starts optimistically at first glance? But this is not at all the case, because I just had to rise from the very bottom, plus lie to my own mother for 4 years ... So that she does not find out about my failure in life, because I not only lost my scholarship, but also a budget place ... Plus me I was almost drafted into military service because of my disdain for my studies in my second year at the institute.

    Now I would like to tell you about how I was kicked out of the university with 8 debts, as it turned out later. I relaxed a lot, forgot about responsibility, thought only about idleness, plus I had one subject (debt) from the first year, which had to be passed as soon as possible in the second year. After all, state employees are always a priority if you need to expel a person from an educational institution. So, first of all, I was kicked out not because of my great laziness, it was just that while I was giving up my debt, I did not attend other classes for about a month, and already in winter, when everyone was at home, I saw a list near the dean's office for deduction, and it appeared my surname.

    But that's not all, because I tried to recover with the help of money in order to give me a reprieve, even paid money to one person ... The amount was equal to $ 400, I paid it in two tranches, but in the end I was like a goof. classes during the semester, I lied to the teachers that I would be reinstated soon, plus I lost money. And the man soon got lost with my money, went into the shadows, he was simply expelled in the same way, only after a semester ... But I did not even think about what this could be, I just decided to try my luck with my father. As a result, he got money, received a summons to the army and was expelled from the university. Plus, I had to hide about it to everyone, my own mother, for 4 years, but this is exactly the period.

    But in the end, I recovered, learned to be an engineer, defended my diploma with 4 points. Yes, and I studied the last course already on a budget with a scholarship, although before that I had to be on a contract for 3 years, having paid more than $ 1000 for training ... Although this is not the end of the story, because I had to go through a large number of rings of hell at the military registration and enlistment office, so that they would not take me for military service, since there was no delay ... But I had some health problems, I went through a bunch of all kinds of examinations and lay in hospitals so that I could continue my studies again, but on a contract basis ...

    At the same time, I did not take the white ticket in the end, I decided to live without it for now, and then we will see further ... My bitter experience on the way to growing up a man ...

    And now I want to tell you about three projects that have made me very sad in the investment plan:
    1. Scam "Trinity" of the project - it was in this VK slag that I invested $ 50 almost at the end of its life cycle, although at first, it was quite optimistic for me, because I tried to follow their chat, people, speakers, moderators. In order to reduce my own risks, I had to participate in contests from Trinity, but everything was invested at that point in time, even the bonus money. I just trusted very much the people who showed screenshots in the chat, or wrote flattering reviews about the project. And the culmination of the scam was an unusual competition, with a prize fund - a car, an apartment, MacBooks, iPhones. But nothing could be done, all that remained was to get once again a bitter experience, and this was one of my first scams, directly in the amount that was meaningful to me as a whole.
    2. Scam "Ectotrast" of the project - the loss was more significant, in general I lost - 80 dollars, which were given to me with sweat and blood at that point in time, I had debts to remember the admin and the people who pushed me to make a deposit almost before the scam ... there was similarly a big competition, after which there was a scam of the project. The second scam almost in a row, it greatly shaken me financially at that point in time.
    3. Scam "Chinainvest" of the project - I again thought for a long time about entering the project, I lost 60 dollars buvally. And again, this money was significant for me, since I do not have a stable salary, I have to regularly risk my own money. Yes, and I like to delay the entrance to the project, and when I enter, it turns out that the train has left, the last stop ...
    Although people earned quite good sums at that point in time, I already got in, so I got so that again there was a loss of money in an excellent project. At the same time, I have already sworn not to enter the project at the very end of its life, I try to follow the news on a regular basis. After all, there is no panacea for scams, but they can obviously be reduced in quantity ...

    Thank you for reading my story from life. I hope people will bypass this problem.
    Although I'm generally happy with what I had to go through in reality. After all, I eventually became smarter and more experienced, since negative situations always temper the person, and the dark strip eventually changes to a white band.

  2. Avatar photo TenDemon:

    It was interesting to read the history of the admin.

    My question is what was your last project, which is already in the scum.

    I will add myself from living myself in the village, so I do not drink, I do not smoke, I do not use any drugs, well, we consider it shameless, I do not understand our society.