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How to Earn Tokens for Free: Quick Profit Instructions

The cryptocurrency market makes it possible to earn excellent money and you can’t argue with that. But most often such earnings are available for investors who are ready to invest and take risks, but what about those who are not ready to do? There is a way out for those who do not want to invest, and for those who are not ready to make an effort. Bounty with free distribution of tokens or airdrops is the topic of our today's article.

Bounty and Airdrop - the same?

In one of the articles of the portal, we already talked about how, what is bounty and why you need to know about him. This is certainly an easy way to earn money, which is available to everyone, but not every modern user of the network decides to spend time and energy on bounty campaigns, which in the end can not bring anything. You can wander for months on forums and in social networks, ICO-project and put the likes with reposts, But it all can be a useless job that does not make you richer than a cent. Nevertheless, you should not give up the possibility of getting tokens for free-there are airhorses for this.

Airdrop - the possibility of obtaining tokens for registration in the project or performing very elementary operations. Unlike the bounty, which involves direct assistance to the project and certain efforts on our part, the airdrop uses not more than a minute of your time: all it takes is just to specify the minimal information in the regform and confirm the mail. According to the conditions of the airdrop, the user may require some additional actions, but they are so simple that even a child can cope with them. In general, this is an excellent opportunity to get free tokens, which in the future can significantly increase in price.

At its core, Airdrop is a kind of bounty program, but with minimal user input. If you think that this looks a lot like a divorce, then this is an erroneous opinion, since there is no act of fraud and cannot be. Judge for yourself, it starts ICO, which absolutely no one knows and organizers need to generate interest among the public. In return for the manifestation of this interest in the form of registration (and potentially each of us may be an investor), the developers offer us ... air. The project's tokens are absolutely nothing, they do not require any effort or cost from the organizers - it's just a digitizer in your account or a promise to draw them when the crawside ends. Needless to say, after collecting investments and leaving the coin on the exchange, it acquires value, and in time its course can grow in space, but this does not happen at all at the expense of the persons distributing the tokens.

Risks do not get tokens in airdrops, the same as with participation in the bounty. The project may not collect the required amount of investment, tokens may not reach Exchange or go, but cost a penny. In this case, you absolutely do not lose anything - well, you spent a minute for registration, you will not get any poorer from this, but if you succeed ICO there is an opportunity to earn easy money.

We studied the market of bounty-campaigns and selected among the available offers those that I propose to make effortlessly. Further, we present the list of airdrops in which we registered ourselves and which we recommend to you. Detailed instructions are attached!


Future platform for attract investment CoinStarter now she is at the stage ICO and is ready to give out their tokens just for registration. The lucky ones who learned about this freebie first could get for 100 token for elementary actions, now, when the time of the crowdsdale is drawing to a close, the number of free tokens has been reduced to 10.

How much can you earn with CoinStarter? The amount depends on you:

  • 10 tokens are given for registration;
  • 0,5 tokens for visiting the site (charged once a day);
  • 2,5 token for referral, which is registered by your link;
  • 0,005 tokens for visitors that passed through your link (without registration);
  • 50 coins if the referral invests in ICO;
  • 100 tokens if your referral invests in bitcoins.

Thus, you can get a decent number of tokens, even just registering and visiting the site once a day. Therefore, we do not waste time and start our accounting:

1. On the main screen, press the "Sign Up" button.

2. Specify a name, mail and password, confirm that you are not a robot, complete the registration by pressing "CREATE ACCOUNT".

3. Go to the mail and follow the link in the email.

Done, you can admire how your tokens will reflect on your balance. Write WAVES-wallet in your profile and wait for the coin distribution, when the project reaches the 5 stage of development - you will be informed about it in an e-mail.


An innovative platform for storing documents called Geens This is a kind of analogue of Dropbox services or Google Drive, which only works on blockhouse. Based on this, the service can offer more than Google's product, confidentiality, reliability and security of storage, which in itself makes it relevant in our time.

While Geens is only on the start line and encourages everyone's attention in every possible way - that's why you can get free tokens from the project, just for authentication on the site. What is promised to us in the airdrop:

  • The first 10000 users who will be registered on the site will receive 100 GEE tokens.
  • The user can bring in the project no more than 10 referrals and will receive for each of them 50 GEE.

If you do not interfere with 100 GEE, which in the future can significantly rise in price, we do the following:

1. On the main page of the site, select "Start using Geens".

2. We specify your mail and password, put a tick, click on "Register".

3. Finally go to the "Settings" section of your personal cabinet and register your accounts in twitter and facebook, and then, in the appeared window, click on the links to the project groups in these social networks.

4. It remains to subscribe to the groups, make the likes and within 24 hours wait for the tokens in your account.


Project Teleport in the network little is known, since its promotion campaign was launched not so long ago. However, register and get 50 tokens, which are equivalent at the moment 5$ - will not be superfluous.

1. On the main page, click on the "Register" link.
2. Fill in the fields of the short reggae and press "Sign Up".

3. Confirm your email - for this, click on the link in the email.

We get 50 tokens on our balance sheet, which will be available for withdrawal to the etherium purse after 1 January.


Just for registration in ICOproject ActionCoin issue 1000 ACTN. If you attract new members, you will also receive 1000 tokens for registering each of them.

For registration we go through the following steps:

1. On the main page of the project we press "JOIN NOW".

2. Specify the necessary information in the appropriate fields of the registration form, put the checkbox and click the "Register" button.

3. The account reflects the balance of 1000 tokens.

You can use them to get discounts on various tourist trips and travel, for example, for a reduced price for renting a hotel or paying for travel.


Path ICO with a free distribution of tokens launched and a new crypto exchange based on the blockbuster WCX. The platform offers to perform operations with the commission in 10 times less than on standard crypto-exchanges, and its developers promise to spend more than one million transactions per second absolutely without delays. It is not excluded that the exchange will cause interest among investors and traders, which means that the tokens received today can bring profit in the future. Therefore, do not hesitate to register and do not miss the opportunity to get 50 tokens:

1. Scroll down ICO-project down and enter the mail and password in the registration form.

2. Confirm the mail and get tokens.

For attracting referrals on your link you can get 50 WCXT, as well as 5% of their purchase of tokens. And that's not all: the possession of the exchange's tokens is a kind of source of passive income, which in the future, if you do not combine the coins when they go on sale, will bring you profit.

Airdrops are an excellent way to get free tokens. Absolutely everyone can spend several minutes registering accounts in several ICO-projects, who really can shoot and make a profit. But immediately note that not every project is able to gain value and not all tokens go to the stock exchange. To this you need to be prepared in advance and do not place too high hopes. Nevertheless, earnings on the bounty and airdrops for many became the main and brings a tangible, regular income. The main advantage of this method is that you do not risk anything, whereas you have a chance to get a lot.

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