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Kepler - platform for profitable investments in robotics

Kepler Technologies Is a Blockchain based platform. It aims to create a unique social network for design, production, and investment in various products based on artificial intelligence. The cooperation of the service participants is carried out through the most convenient platform (decentralized). It is managed by investors with the help of tokenised assets. Developers of the Kepler project plan to deploy large-scale production, create a research laboratory. It is likely that these facilities will bring a large income.

The goals of the platform

Robotics, powerful artificial intelligence have an impact on various areas of activity of modern man. In the first quarter of 2018, the market profitability is estimated at $80 billion. Over the next 3 years, an increase in profits (threefold) is predicted. Kepler Technologies creates a service for the development and financing of scientific, technical tests, advanced technologies. In addition, it is planned to build a complex that will include large production workshops.

The main task of the Kepler team is to combine advanced technologies, the best robotics, and artificial intelligence on the Blockchain platform. Thanks to the competent actions of the developers, significant changes will occur in many areas. The secondary goal of launching the platform is a simple, fair distribution of profits among active participants. The developers have managed to achieve this due to technological progress. This will create a fair relationship between users in the system. To implement the set tasks, it is planned to attract even more managers, engineers in the field of development of robotics and information technology. The team also includes experienced lawyers, programmers, technologists.


Key elements of the platform

The operation of the system is based on 5 elements. These important components will be monetized, directed to the rapid development of the project, the receipt of a high income. The Kepler platform consists of the following key components:

  • Kepler Universe: allows prospective engineers, as well as designers, to access investment. Thanks to this tool it will be possible to establish communication with potential investors;
  • Mega Lab: a laboratory that is created to develop, create your own products. It employs more than a hundred experienced employees. Specialists conduct numerous tests of various robotics;
  • Mega Factory: a factory (fully robotic), which will be equipped with the best equipment. Its area is 8 thousand square meters. Here it is planned to produce components, as well as parts for robots. The plant will become a key source of the company's revenue;
  • artificial intelligence: the task of the project is to create artificial intelligence. The system is capable of replacing about 90 thousand specialists in the distribution of existing assets. In the future, artificial intelligence will control unmanned devices;
  • chain of restaurants and hotels "Kepler City": these establishments will open through a franchise. Kepler City will be the first network to be fully serviced by robots. It should be noted that associations of investors are interested in this project.

Specialists who join the Kepler team regularly evaluate adjacent areas that can be included in the project.

Kepler City - innovations in tourism

Tourism is one of the most profitable industries. Travelers strive to constantly find and see something new. Kepler City Hotel and Restaurant is a novelty in the travel industry. In the future, this industry will be fully robotic. Therefore, the demand for unique technologies created by the Kepler developers will constantly grow.

KEP Token - Cryptocurrency Features

KEP tokens are a cryptocurrency intended for all active participants. It can be used to perform calculations in the Kepler ecosystem. The token is based on the ERC20 algorithm, as well as the Ethereum network. The KEP cryptocurrency can be used to fund the most promising ideas on the platform. As another ongoing project, the specialty chain Restaurant and Robotic Hotel accepts KEP as payment. This resource is managed through a KEP token by investing in various projects. 80% of the income that can be received from the operation of the service will be distributed among all contributors.

Features of the ICO Kepler

For more active financing of the project, developers of the Kepler platform plan to conduct the ICO. The main sale will be divided into 3 stages. Each of them has its own conditions:

  • first stage: 11,5 million, bonus - 15%;
  • second stage: 16,5 million, bonus - 10%;
  • third stage: 21 million, bonus - 5%.

The community plans to distribute 1,5 million KEP tokens. In total, 257 million tokens will be distributed. You can buy KEP using Bitcoin crypto currency, as well as Ethereum. 1 KEP is equal to 1,25 US dollars. The developers plan to attract 250 $ million in the ICO process. Coins that will not be sold will be sent to the reserve after the ICO. ICO started 1.02.2018 year. The sale of tokens will end in 10.05.2018.

Reliability of investment in Kepler

Kepler developers plan to create the most secure, transparent platform. Since large funds will be invested in this project, specialists have created a special supervisory body. Contributors will be able to control costs. The independence of the Investment Council is guaranteed by attracting to its circle of members only from the list of investors. The selection process for board members includes the following steps:

  • background check: investors should have extensive experience working with Blockchain technologies;
  • evaluation of financial opportunities, participant's honesty: before accepting the applicant for the board, his interest in the success of the company is assessed. The volume of investments for members of the council is 50 thousand dollars.

Advantages of membership in the Investment Council

  1. Members of the Investment Council can participate in the pre-sale of tokens. In this case, they are entitled to the greatest number of bonus tokens.
  2. Participants in the Kepler project, members of the Investment Council, have personal paid assistants. The role of the assistant is that he promptly provides any requested information that is necessary for conducting successful activities.
  3. The possibility of sending to Georgia to establish appropriate links, a deeper acquaintance with all the necessary information.

Distribution of KEP tokens

80% - investors

5% - for the team

4% - Bounty campaign

4% - ICO

4% - product marketing

3% - for senior management


In March 2018, a preliminary sale of KEP tokens will be carried out. A month later, in April, the main ICO will be held. In May, 2018 year, KEP will be added for sale on major exchanges. In September 2018, the alpha version of Kepler Universe will be launched.


Topuria Giorgi — director

Dolidze Givi - financial manager

Alysbek Momynov - the creator of Kepler City

Levan Gabison - Chief Technology Officer

David Chitaishvili - Deputy Director

Archil Nasrashvili - Procurement Director

Shubalidze Marie - manager of the Kepler community

Toko Syukishvili - web designer

Investing in the Kepler project, investors will contribute to the development of robotics, regularly receiving a large profit. Young scientists, in turn, can earn unique experience in the development process, as well as active integration of artificial intelligence.

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