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Competition for 1000 $ from the blog - History of the Old School admin

Good afternoon. The other day I was approached by the admin of the HYIPs, and told my story of the ups and downs from the distant 2004 year. Have communicated with it, very adequate interlocutor.
To me, as a person who learned about HYIPs in 2012, it was interesting to hear how the industry developed in zero, and even the eyes of the administrator.
I decided that it would be interesting to learn and many investors / players in high-yield projects.

At my request, the administrator wrote down his story. For the convenience of perception, split it into 4 parts, and we will publish the 1 part every 3 days, starting tomorrow / Sunday evening.

To read the admin's autobiography was even more interesting
blog will give you 1000$

"Aka, how to raise the dough?"

At the end of each part of the story, readers will be asked.
It is necessary to answer this question in the comments to the article on the blog
We will choose the most interesting / truthful / detailed stories of readers and pay 125 $ -75 $ -50 $ for the best answers.

250 $ for each part of the story = 1000 $ as a result.

Conditions for receiving money:

1. To participate in the contest you need to register:

- on the blog
- in our Telegram channel - link
- in our Telegram chat - link
- in the VKontakte group - link

2. You should leave your detailed answers to the questions:
in the comments to the article on our blog (required)
and additionally to choose from in any of our social networks (for example, comments on the post of history in the VKontakte group.)

3. For each stage of the competition is given 3 days, that is, for the answers to the first part of the story we will pay right after the publication of the second part of the admin's autobiography.

4. By the way, you can ask any question to the administrator in the comments on my blog - he is registered with us and will definitely answer you ➡

5. I reserve the right to refuse to pay money without explaining the reasons, choose which reader will receive the prizes.
I do not accept any complaints / complaints.

I think it will be interesting for many to look through the eyes of the admin on the industry.
And 100% will be interesting to get a piece from my 1000 bucks

We are waiting for tomorrow, and in the evening I publish the first part

PS: all rights to the texts of the admin's autobiography belong to the blog, you can copy / publish them only with the source.

1 review to "Competition for 1000 $ from the blog - History of the Old School admin"

  1. Hello, There is a question to the admin: what are the criteria for any administrator of the HYIP project to choose, choosing the one or the me way of paying the profits to its depositors?
    I clarify: in some projects, one of the admins pays instantly and this is very good for me as a depositor, therefore, when withdrawing, I immediately see whether the invested funds came with a profit or not. And in other projects, the admin can set the payment period sometimes even in 72 hours (there were already such in my memory) and it is actually 3 days worry that the funds will come or maybe a scam has already come there? And even 2 days of worries, I think that this is also a lot.
    So can you disclose the mechanism of this choice of payment terms from the administrators of different HYIPs? What are they from?
    And honestly, I say that my hand is more drawn to invest those administrators who install instant on payments and why so, it is probably understandable without extra words. Thank you if you answer fully.