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Ripple cryptocurrency - innovation in banking and investment Ripple

Digital money at the present time has divorced a huge amount: some of them are unique in their way and offer the user know-how, others like twin brothers are like each other. In this variety, an unusual coin called Ripple, which, as a matter of fact, is not a crypto currency in the traditional sense is ingrained. Why is it so often considered and is it worth investing money in it - the answers to all the questions in this article.

Features of Ripple crypto currency

The first and to this day the main kriptovayutoy is bitcoin and, how not to twist, and all subsequent coins to it are similar. And even if they are super-mega-unique, even the very fact that they work on blockhouse, confirms that at least something altkoyin borrowed from his older brother. But this can not be said about Ripple's crypto currency - it has no ties to the blockbuster and operates on its own protocol. This very protocol is based on a distributed registry, has open source code and works, armed with the principle of consensus, that is, an agreement.

Immediately indicate that the developers did not think and think about any crypto-currencies there - the beginning of work on the project was laid in 2004 when they did not hear about crypto-currencies and hearing. Initially, the creators had another goal - to create a system of global and free payments. This idea was quite successful and, as a result, the inner calculating coin Ripple appeared, which was successfully categorized as a crypto currency. And it is not just in these ranks, but conveniently located in the very top of the crypto-currency TOP - its capitalization is 7,7$ Today, the ripple is the fourth among all respected crypto-currencies, but there were times when it was selected for a short time in second place after bitcoin.

But with bitcoin Ripple has very specific relationships. Very many experts say that if the role of the reserve world currency and shine of crypto, then rather, this honor will be awarded a ripple, and not a cue ball. And no matter how much we love bitcoin, we must admit that by technical parameters it is inferior to many crypto-currencies. Ripple, as a system of global payments, has found an active application in the banking sector and already a huge list of financial institutions around the world has adopted its protocol. Very soon Ripple can greatly change the face of the banking sector, because already today it creates real competition for such systems as SWIFT and Western Union. And yes, they are already nervously smoking on the sidelines, watching the bank behind the bank Ripple pushing their market.

Is there a Mining Ripple?

If you think that now you can download the program with an easy movement of your hand and start ripple yourself in your wallet, we advise you to cool down your ardor. As mentioned above, the coin and the whole system has a fundamental difference from the other crypto-currencies and of mining the ripple simply does not exist. The extraction of coins is not embedded in its concept, because the system does well without miners - they do not need it.

Since the start of the project, which occurred in 2014 year, 100 billion XRP coins were "nicked" and their further production is not envisaged by the system. It is noteworthy that out of this hundreds of billions of ripples only 20 is distributed among users, the rest are wholly controlled by the developers. This raises a lot of controversy about the fact that the project is not decentralized and the creators of crypto currency can easily influence its course. To calm the raging masses, Ripple Labs personally blocked access to coins with smart contracts and from time to time can receive small portions of the amount for the development of the project.

Since there are no miners in the system, trusted nodes play the role of supporting bodies. There are many of them in the network, but again, only the user who has passed Ripple Labs certification becomes a node. So with decentralization, there are still problems and they confuse many users.  

Where can I buy Ripple?

By capitalization, the ripple sits on the honorable fourth place, which means that it is present on almost all the crypto-exchange markets. The coin is popular, and any demand generates an offer and trading platforms readily include it in their listings. Therefore, if you are planning to acquire Ripple, then you will not have any difficulties in this process. Many popular exchanges support the ripple, among them:

  • Poloniex;
  • Kraken;
  • Bittrex;
  • Bitfinex;
  • Bithumb et al.

At the same time, there are a large number of crypto exchanges created in honor of the Ripple coin, and it occupies a key place in such platforms. If you do not want to deal with crypto-exchanges, then there is an alternative that is familiar to us - you can buy ripples through exchangers.

The course of the Ripple crypto currency (XRP)

Bargain on the exchange of the Ripple coin began with the value of 0,005$, and its maximum reached in May 2017 year - 0,36$. Today, the rate fell somewhat and is quoted at the level of 0,2$, but even with such a rise in price, investors who invested in this crypto currency from the start, were able to make very good money. In any case, for a long distance one should expect a rise in price for Ripple and not only because large coins and banks pay attention to the coin and the system as a whole. In the very concept of a crypto currency, there is a strict amount of coins that are not produced, and this will counter inflation. And along with this, the developers implemented the 0.00001 XRP burning process for each transaction. This is done to prevent spam transactions, and in practice will not only prevent the attack, but will also reduce the number of coins. Even with stable demand, with a decrease in the number of XRP, the price of coins will increase.

Where to store Ripple?

If you are one of those who still keep any coins on the exchange, it is very dangerous. Crypto-exchanges will be very actively skipped and the recent case with a large exchange BTC-e this is proved. Therefore, storage is better to trust wallets, but in the case of Ripple it's not so simple - there is no official customer for the coin, the developers do not position it as a monetary unit outside of their system, but suggest using the Gatehub platform for this. Nevertheless, there are alternative options.

Wallets for crypto currency Ripple

To store the crypto currency XRP, you can use a variety of wallets. The popularity of the coin contributed to the fact that many developers of multicurrency wallets paid attention to it and added it to their clients. But there are specific wallets, which are designed specifically for Ripple.

  • RIPPEX - if you are a fan of desktop wallets, then you should give preference to this application. The client can be downloaded for almost any operating system, private keys are stored by the user, and everyone can check the reliability of the client's work thanks to the open source code. The great advantage of the wallet is that there is a software and online option.
  • Gatehub - The platform recommended by developers RippleLabs, allows you to store XRP, send them to other users and even exchange crypto-currencies among themselves. In general, the wallet is very convenient and perfect for beginners.
  • Ledger Nano S - the most reliable storage option. Developers of the well-known hardware purse recently added support for Ripple crypto currency and now you can place your coins in this cold storage. Ledger has a lot of advantages and advantages, but there is a significant disadvantage - it's a paid purse, for the purchase of which you will need to shell out about 60 euros, as well as pay for shipping from France itself.

How do I get a Ripple wallet?

It's very easy to get your account on the official Gatehub platform, as well as to use it in the future. But storing a lot of ripples in online storage is not recommended - if you bought large volumes of coins and want to keep them for a long time, then the best option is a hardware Ledger or a free RIPPEX.

To create your wallet on Gatehub follow the instructions:

  1. Go to the official website Gatehub and select the "Sign Up" section.
  2. Then specify the mail, password (twice) and pass the anti-bot check.
  3. You will be offered your key to access the wallet, which you need to keep in a safe place, but better at once in several places and on different carriers.
  4. The next step is to confirm the mail, and after the first login, you must undergo compulsory verification in the form of filling in data about yourself. After that, you can fully use the functionality of the wallet.

Again, note that in online wallets it is better to store small amounts of money needed for fast operations, while being a place for all your long-term investments in software clients. This is because desktops are safe, but not so convenient to use, while coins stored on third-party servers can be exploited with comfort, but trusting these very servers is too much money is unsafe.

Crypto currency Ripple - forecast for 2018 year

Summing up all of the above, it is worth noting that Ripple is a very unusual cryptocurrency that has a powerful technical part, and its protocol is being actively implemented in the banking sector. Already today, very large investors, such as Google, are paying attention to it, which clearly indicates good prospects. It is also very important that the coin was not conceived as a speculative instrument, as is the case with most dummy cryptocurrencies, and its development is not going in this direction. At the same time, it cannot be denied that the decentralization of Ripple is lame on both legs and the community cannot do anything about it until the developers themselves decide to take appropriate measures.

Not only in 2018, but also in the future, we should expect the growth rate of the ripple, because the number of coins will be reduced, and the demand will grow. Therefore, now, when the rate of the Crypto currency is low enough, it is worth buying at least a small amount of XRP, which in the future can easily climb in its price. Well, we will not look into the distant future - will Ripple justify the forecasts and surpass the bitcoin or become the exclusive property of the banking sector - in any case, the coin and the protocol will have time to loudly announce themselves.

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