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Crypto currency vs. Hypa: where to invest?

A new player has appeared on the risky investment market - cryptocurrency, and many investment instruments in this category have experienced its coming. And although there are not so few areas for profit extraction with a share of risk and excitement, for some reason, speculation with coins began to be opposed to HYIPs. Many pseudo-experts have hypothesized that crypto will put an end to the hype industry. Is this really so - we will try to figure it out in this matter.

HYIPs and Crypto-currencies in 2017: the situation of the parties

Hyp-investment came to us not yesterday, it is difficult even to determine when the first similarity of projects arose - the official version with Charles Ponzi is clearly far from reality. Throughout its history, this pseudo-investment tool has been improved and adjusted to the requirements of the time and, quite logically, that in our information age has migrated to the network space. But despite years of exposure, recently haypy not very pleased investors. For several years there has been a conversation that the high-tech industry is about to go into a full-scale scum. With the popularization of crypto currency, these conversations only intensified and, it should be noted, digital money had a negative impact on the sphere of HYIPs.

The rate of crypto-currency has recently shown stable growth at a distance, and high volatility has made it the number one tool for speculation on Exchanges. Today everyone can try their luck in trading and in making money on investments in the crypt. This also contributes to the fact that a large number of investors go into trading to test a new direction. As in the case of HYIPs, this earnings seem very profitable and, it seems, is available to absolutely everyone. But is it really so?

With the advent of active interest in bitcoin and altcoynam many hayp investors left the sphere of high-yield projects and switched to stock exchanges. In anticipation of a quick profit, huge amounts of money flowed into the crypto currency, and gamblers turned into traders. But very soon it became clear that in cryptograde everything is not as smooth as it seems at first glance:

  • The trader must operate relatively solid amounts - this is not HYIP, which you can enter with a dozen dollars and enjoy superprofit. In the crypt there are drawdowns, sometimes it is required to wait for a rise in price of coins for a long period and all your funds will be completely frozen at this moment. No, you can of course sell the coin and get money, but it's fraught with losses. Therefore, the trader constantly needs a new and new investment, because there are a lot of coins and while you are in the drawdown of fixed assets, your colleagues are actively earning.

  • It turns out that just buying and selling coins is not enough.. It is necessary to know at least the basics of trade in crypto currency, be able to analyze the market situation, plan and have patience. Unfortunately, not all hype investors can boast of such a set of qualities. Accustomed to earning here and now, new traders are not ready to waste time on comprehending this sphere and immediately rush into the pool with their heads. This path can also lead to a profit, but you will have to pay for your haste with your own money, which you will lose when you go into a long drawdown or buy some benchmark. Therefore, before you start trading, you need to podnataskatsya in theoretical issues.
  • Trading is not passive income. Although this is not physical work in full time, but compared to the HYIPs, you can not just invest money and forget about them. It's in HYIPs that you can go into the project from time to time to take a profit or not to visit it at all, receiving automatic payments directly to your wallet. For the coin you have to constantly monitor, analyze the market, find the entry and exit points. And if the trader has not mastered the stop-limit function, then he becomes a hostage to the exchange and must endlessly vegetate on it in anticipation of a miracle.

And in the wake of all the above features, many novice traders are disappointed in cryptocurrency, realizing that this way of making a profit is clearly not for everyone. Unfortunately, the massive propaganda of cryptocurrencies hides the main essence from us - this area is super profitable and can lead to wealth, but not everyone is given to master it. Crypto trading can be compared to the Gold Rush, which led some to success, while others - gold mining was too tough and led to continuous losses.

Buy crypto currency or invest in projects?

We do not in any way try to dissuade you from paying attention to the promising direction earnings on digital money, which may be worth the future. Crypto currency is an incredible opportunity that is really open to everyone, but, as everywhere, there are no buttons on the exchange "loot", which gives everyone a super profit at the touch. If you are ready to invest, learn, lose and wait, then it's worth paying attention to trade in coins.

At the same time, the statement that haypam, cryptonyms put an end, seems very doubtful. If to judge logically, then for the whole history of their existence, there was a huge number of alternative sources of income, but those wishing to invest in projects with a pyramid base were always there. And the reason for this in the very essence of such investment tools - there will always be those who want an easy profit, which requires neither knowledge nor skills. In addition, for many it is more valuable to get income with excitement, with a share of risk, than to earn it by direct efforts.

Therefore, the question of where to invest - in cryptocurrency or in HYIP, completely depends on what goals you set for yourself and in what way you want to get profit. If you want to make easy money, then definitely, you should make money in the field of investment projects. The same investors who want to expand the boundaries, get more and are ready to learn, spend money and make efforts - the cryptocurrency environment will welcome with open arms.

What is waiting for an investment in the crypto currency and high-frequency products in the future?

High-yielding investment represents a very attractive sphere of earnings and demand for it will always be. This is sometimes the only way to earn decent money, which is so difficult to find in offline reality. On the other hand, the sphere of such earnings has an indefinite official status and if it is to wait for a disaster, then certainly by the authorities. At the same time, if the crypto currency can acquire a certain status, then the haypam is unlikely to claim such a possibility. But despite this, it can be argued that HYIPs are immortal, because they are outlawed from the time they originate. At the same time, to stay in the form that we have today, HYIPs will not be able to - this dynamic sphere will necessarily be transformed. Who knows, maybe the peak of the heypes' heyday is yet to come, and we will definitely see it?

But why think about what awaits the currency and hype tomorrow, if they can be earned today and receive a solid profit. Taking into account the specifics of these two spheres, we can safely say that it is worthwhile to keep both instruments in the investment portfolio and then diversification of risks will be the most effective.

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