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MEDIA Protocol - a promising site for content authors

Social networks play a special role in the process of distributing content. This is not surprising, since they control a large part of the audience. Such platforms combine a huge amount of useful information. The greatest value for companies is the views of consumers, their preferences.

In this case, the authors of valuable content do not benefit. This problem is the most significant in the modern media space. Using the MEDIA Protocol service, each user can earn money for providing unique information and viewing published materials.

Features of the MEDIA Protocol

MEDIA Protocol Is a platform aimed at rewarding quality content creators. Materials provided by authors will be distributed on social networks by other users. Due to the special structure, there will be no high commissions, third parties in the system. Participants who perform the work with the highest quality will receive an award in MPT tokens. Cryptocurrency will be credited for distributing content on social networks on personal pages. The application implemented by the MEDIA Protocol will have its own reward principle.

The MEDIA Protocol platform will be especially convenient for programmers. Using a special set of MP tools, users can use them to develop all sorts of software products, decentralized applications.

Ecosystem MEDIA Protocol

To achieve these goals, developers will create a unique architecture for the MEDIA Protocol system. It consists of the following elements:

  • Google Analytics tools: designed to provide analytics;
  • third-party DApps applications: the authors of the project will offer special mechanisms to stimulate developers. These applications can contain all sorts of functions for use in various fields;
  • tools for developers: this group will include simple tools for users. To work with them, you do not need special skills, experience. Thanks to them it will be possible to apply all the possibilities of the Blocker in practice;
  • Media Protocol: The key protocol of the platform, which is a smart contract. It is intended to implement a token exchange system. Thanks to him, a full exchange of crypts will be made for money and other tokens.

Principle of operation of MEDIA Protocol

At the heart of the site is an open code. Therefore, participants will be able to analyze their work independently. This will allow you to better control the level of security, openness. Due to the lack of commissions, MEDIA Protocol developers are planning to attract a large number of new users. All participants in the system will be guaranteed protection of content, an objective assessment of its value.
The MEDIA Protocol ecosystem aims to analyze the promoted content. Due to the improved, more transparent principle of posting material, the price of viewing it will be set taking into account traffic, audience interest and other important factors. This approach will make the content recognizable and in demand as much as possible. Accordingly, information "garbage" will be gradually eliminated.
Using the MEDIA Protocol service, content creators will be able to publish materials directly and profit from the most active users. To increase traffic, you can use the likes, subscriptions, and other effective ways.

What advantages does the MEDIA Protocol have?

The site in the end will have many advantages, namely:

  • between publishers and the author of the content there will be no intermediaries;
  • users will be able to carry out an honest exchange of quality content;
  • there will be no hidden commissions: all transactions are planned to be made public, as transparent as possible for all users.

Authors, active content publishers will be able to receive direct remuneration. Therefore, each user will have an additional incentive to develop the industry more actively. Users will be able to leave personal preferences with special tools. Thanks to them, the procedure for sending materials will take a minimum of time. All information will be recorded and processed in the future with the help of Blockchain.
Until relatively recently, in order to increase the value of content and its media promotion, it was necessary to involve professionals - PR-managers and experienced marketers. Thanks to the use of the MEDIA Protocol platform, you will not need to resort to high-paid specialist services. MEDIA Protocol will stimulate the creation of quality content and its distribution on the Internet in the future. Accordingly, with a competent approach, any material will provide its author with a decent profit.

ICO MEDIA Protocol

To support the project, the developers decided to release and sell the MPT token. Anyone can take part in the ICO MEDIA Protocol. To acquire the MPT crypt, you need to list the ETH tokens in the required amount. Holders of tokens without fail will receive numerous privileges.



Many will agree with me in the opinion that the MEDIA Protocol project has a great potential in the field of advertising and marketing. If you approach the task correctly, the tools of this service will allow you to well advertise any service or product. In my opinion, today it is very important. Check out the latest information on the official MEDIA Protocol website. You can also look at White Peper. The effectiveness of the project can in fact be assessed in the near future.

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