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Neural Reserve is a scam! Compensation to partners.

Compensation paid.

The project stopped paying. The actual amount of the fund - 300 $.
I'm waiting for reports, we send them through a convenient bot @PHmybot (you can track the status of the application);
or a special form for compensation on the blog.

9 reviews for "Neural Reserve - scam! Compensation to partners."

  1. Avatar photo Natallia:

    Transaction ID: 2375014
    Date of transaction: 02.03.2024/18/08 XNUMX:XNUMX
    Amount: 16.5 USD
    Note: Compensation for Neural Reserve from the Profit-Hunters BIZ portal

  2. Avatar photo Murka96:

    Compensation by NEURAL RESERVE
    +10.75 usdt bep20
    Transaction batch 0x17986985f26b3cb61557b6dbaca478b11a99066e18c9a0601d0ba2d17fd32a83
    Mar-02-2024 05:33:16PM+UTC

  3. Avatar photo galina1006:

    Funds have been credited to your balance.
    Transaction ID: 2375010
    Date of transaction: 02.03.2024/18/07 XNUMX:XNUMX
    Amount: 11 USD
    Note: Compensation for Neural Reserve from the Profit-Hunters portal

  4. Avatar photo alia:

    Thanks for the compensation 💋
    21.5 USDT
    02 Mar. 2024, 05:31:28 PM +UTC
    According to the Neural Reserve project, the Deposit Protection Fund was enough to
    compensation 25% of the losses of our referrals.

  5. Avatar photo Genya79:

    Compensation for Neural Reserve. Thank you!
    +32.25 USDT 03/02/2024 8:31 PM 0x09d01e60fc04f9693d2064ec8ea4a1063ebf45f14c9bc4f8b6669ebc3427181d

  6. Avatar photo ludalutik:

    Thank you for the NEURAL RESERVE compensation from Profit Hunters 😐
    + 10.75 usdt bep20 transaction
    Mar-02-2024 05:27:43PM+UTC

  7. Avatar photo Lyubov64:

    Thank you for your payment!
    Operation ID: 2375019
    Operation date: 02.03.2024/18/09 XNUMX:XNUMX
    Sum: 15.05 USD
    Note: Compensation for Neural Reserve from the Profit-Hunters BIZ portal

  8. Avatar photo sergo1964:

    2024-03-02 20:24:37
    Thank you for the compensation of losses!

  9. Avatar photo yura8943:

    Thank you for the Neural Reserve compensation!
    +11.5 USDT 0x0332625eb265e5201c8bad6c3e6daab9ba1e210baf7e073bb90e7ea13864d758 03/02/2024 8:32 PM