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NodePower - wireless power transmission.

NodePower - an innovative high-tech company, radically changing the understanding of the marketplace of wireless power transmission. The latest developments in research and development in the field of energy saving and transmission give the project the opportunity to use the idea of ​​high quality and efficiency of use. The Node project was founded in 2017 year, a team of specialists in the field of wireless power transmission was formed. To date, the project offers the market a large number of its technical ideas in the field of wireless power transmission, ranging from home appliances to industrial products.

Technological schemes studied NodePower

  1. Magnetic induction.
  2. Magnetic (capacitive) resonance coupling.

The idea of ​​developing NodePower technology is to impose several electromagnetic waves in the form of a pulse of different length and frequency to each other, as a result of which the waves pass through a special ferroelectric structure and an electromagnetic lens. This produces high-quality pulses of electromagnetic waves.

Technology advantages

  • Reception surfaces of any shape
  • Energy is transmitted in space
  • Long Transmission Distance
  • Transmission of energy while the device is moving

The technology can be built into any electronic devices without significant changes in size, weight, aesthetic appeal, etc. In addition, they are integrated directly into the controllers of lithium-ion batteries. The technology has low internal energy consumption, provides almost complete energy transfer with an efficiency of about 90%. In addition, it is completely silent, does not create distortion and electromagnetic interference. It is possible to transfer energy from one device to an unlimited number of devices in proportion to the power consumption of each. For example, you can transfer power from a device with a maximum power of 100 W to 10 devices with an output of 10 W or 20 devices with an output of 5 W. It is possible to transmit energy when the receiving device moves in the signal range.

Product devices NodePower

  1. Alpha is a thin, flexible, stylish mat for wireless charging of electronic devices, such as: mobile phones, smart clock tablets and even laptops.
  2. Eon is a wireless charging station designed to fit wherever you want. It is small in size and capable of transmitting energy within a radius of 1 meter. It can charge several devices at the same time.

The project plans include the development of such areas as the automotive industry, wireless charging of unmanned drones and healthcare. The possibilities of using the technology are almost limitless.

Achievements NodePower

The use of various electrically dependent techniques is made easier and more efficient thanks to the availability of wireless charging technologies. The vision of wireless power transmission extends the life of the device, reduces the need for cables and simplifies waste. Its influence on the environment of the device and the external environment, of course, can be attributed to an environmentally friendly species. NodePower plans to sell its products in the US, Europe, China and Japan markets.

Technology advantages NodePower among competitive devices

  • A variety of energy solutions from milliwatts to megawatts
  • The possibility of energy transfer over long distances
  • The ability to transfer energy through any materials and media
  • Weight and size are three times smaller
  • The possibility of manufacturing chargers of any shape, including flexible
  • Possibility to charge devices without fixed position
  • The attractive price of products makes them affordable

The technology has a low internal energy consumption, provides almost complete energy transfer, at about 90% efficiency. In addition, it is completely silent, does not create distortion and electromagnetic interference.


Most of the funds will be spent on production. First, a small batch will be produced for testing, popularization and further product improvement. The cost of certification in the US and Europe is about 60 thousand US dollars. The cost of patent work in the departments of the United States, Europe, China and Japan is 60 thousand US dollars. The cost of registering 5 trademarks and brand promotion will be 20 thousand US dollars. The collection and management of the funds raised will be controlled by the Krudfanding Manager (CFM). All funds collected in the ICO will be stored in a purse with a multi-signature, the owner of the wallet is CFM.




NodePower Company released its token with the name: NODE, based on the Etherum platform supporting the ERC20 standard.

Total number of NODE 10000000 tokens million pcs. Acceptable currencies: BTC, ETH.

The beginning of the ICO will be 15.02.2018 a year and will last until 15.04.2018 year

Distribution of tokens

Bounty program

2% of all sold tokens will be reserved for the bonus program and will be distributed as follows:

35% of the company on social media (20% - Twitter, 10% - Facebook)

10% translation company

15% blogs and YouTube campaign

15% campaign of signatures

10% Telegram campaign

5% Reddit campaign




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