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PerfectMonet Epaycore Yandex Money Payeer Okpay Qiwi Payza BTC review and reviews (Test projects)


Working hours: from 04.06.23 | On Hunter: from 06.06.23/XNUMX/XNUMX


from 40 $: 3% per day on 15 working days, deposit at the end or upon request with commission 10%.

The project pays instant.
Minimum withdrawal amount: 5 USDT, 0.0005 BTC, 70 Tron, 0.03 LTC, 30 DOGE, 10 XRP.

Comment: We go at the start to a high-quality fast with profitable piggy bank marketing.
Beautiful website design with unique content, excellent tech. Part. Of. registration.
Popular crypto-currencies with available limits are connected, auto-refund function.
The possibility of early withdrawal of the deposit, an experienced project administrator - Take a closer look!

Accepts: Tether (USDT TRC20), Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Dogecoin, Tron.

My Deposit: 100 $

Bonuses from the blog: 3% from the amount of your deposit (autorefund to the balance - no need to order).
TEST project: There is no "Deposit protection", shares do not work. Only 100% refback and Bounty.

40 reviews for "Review and reviews of (Test projects)"

  1. Avatar photo upvega:

    Выплата 0.0375 LTC 403c57061b50bd329ad01b946cea132d83213ce6df95a226ee92957f37ccddcd 21:32 15.07.2023 инвестирую с PH

  2. Avatar photo upvega:

    Выплата 0.03 LTC 241b30359df81e414f06e689d46d84ce5a6d6405afd42b8793a1f2fd2400351b 21:04 14.07.2023 инвестирую с PH

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    Выплата 0.045000 LTC 062ce110891e6c5a17b4ab43be9b72ebb86ae2bb5690871fcab60272f214a166 21:12 13.07.2023 инвестирую с PH

  4. Avatar photo upvega:

    Выплата 0.045000 LTC 18f00322dc9e03c1cac7eb536ae60ad90ce66ec40a3cfcbcecfe3b2f4883082f 21:06 12.07.2023 инвестирую с PH

  5. Avatar photo upvega:

    Выплата 0.045000 LTC ad2493ca8e31f4ae037d044ab8fdae31153d595e36cf1b517de46b44edc5ec7e 21:52 11.07.2023 инвестирую с PH

  6. Avatar photo upvega:

    Выплата 0.0675 LTC a1cb934653b5641630c9036ad66af160dbd001f76af9478e133fc77501f32e68 21:13 10.07.2023 инвестирую с PH

  7. Avatar photo upvega:

    Выплата 0.03 LTC c92602f576bfeecd0060b862c26c523bd73228646a58f3eb69a0ae763abc0c50 21:30 08.07.2023 инвестирую с PH

  8. Avatar photo upvega:

    Выплата 0.03 LTC 6dcf0c6a1ef7442dd91165e0ffbd033b62c92df476386815517fd55cfcbb5938 21:26 07.07.2023 инвестирую с PH

  9. Avatar photo upvega:

    Выплата 0.03 LTC d28d987e7ace4bdb24465255824f8c341924df5bd149f1a4fd77dab42c41dc6e 21:58 06.07.2023 инвестирую с PH

  10. Avatar photo upvega:

    Выплата 0.045 LTC 814915a9f7d7657b7d3864bdf67f9abccf2230aa0fb82eb37f76de652d24b59d 21:26 05.07.2023 инвестирую с PH