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Novak.Plus review and reviews (Test projects, Personal Choice)

PERSONAL CHOICE! Experienced admin, gave a chic profit!


Working hours: from 06.06.23 | On Hunter: from 06.06.23/XNUMX/XNUMX


Test (1$-1000$): 1 1% through the day, deposit and profit at the end;
Passive (from $10): 1.44% - 2.95% per day until 200% is reached, deposit is included.
Early closing of the deposit to breakeven is possible at any time with a commission 5%.

The project pays instant (in rare cases, there may be a delay of up to 5 minutes).
Minimum withdrawal amount: 1USDT-BEP20/TRC20; 0.0001 BTC 0.03LTC; 20DOGE; 5 XPRs; 30 TRX; 0.005 BNB 0.0015 ETH-BEP20; 0.015ETH-ERC20; 30USDT-ERC20; 1000 RUB.
Withdrawal fee: 0.1%

Project Chips: Actual elaborate legend. Of. registration companies in Hong Kong.
Branding. Multilevel progressive affiliate program with turnover bonuses. 
Useful section "Akamedia". TG-channel with reports and relevant crypto news.

Comment: A fresh promising middleman with profitable marketing from an excellent admin.
Preparation at the level, nice design, unique content, a large selection of languages.
Large set of payments, affordable minimum wage. There is a function of every second accruals.
Favorable tariffs to choose from, a working admin, we add a project at the start - Take a closer look!

Recommended deposit amount:
up to 1500 $.

Accepts: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum (ERC20/BEP20), Dogecoin, Ripple, Tron, BinanceCoin, Tether USDT (TRC20/BEP20), USD Coin (BEP20), Binance USD, RUB (Bank cards, Qiwi, YuMoney, etc.).

My Deposit: 1000 $

Bonuses from the blog: 5% from the deposit to the "Passive" plan. Under the “Test” tariff, the refka is not charged!
TEST project: There is no "Deposit protection", shares do not work. Only 100% refback and Bounty.

114 reviews for "Review and reviews of Novak.Plus (Test projects, Personal Choice)"

  1. Avatar photo yura8943:

    +1.01 USDT 0xcdc4c6263b5c309cd3d5379da2fa795a82cb40185af6a11133356fd7ffe86126 07/13/2023 7:45 AM

  2. Avatar photo Genya79:

    +1.11888 USDT 07/13/2023 7:17 AM 0x9562aeeaf6f564ef3ac1ed35ed7fb415488969ba0f79ddb9603bd6b68f51d6a0

  3. Avatar photo olgakyzmina:

    Novak Your deposit of 19.98 DOGE is now available in your Binance account.12 Jul. 2023 08:36 97423b7fccdbe706824916a50c63d8b33bf10c726bfae6028351514dc9adcb06 investing with Profit-Hunters

  4. Avatar photo yura8943:

    +0.99 USDT 0x37ab24cdb9448f2e6c5256b5c469929fa648c92f97953c0dd5ee160f66545a7f 07/12/2023 9:29 AM