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PERSONAL CHOICE! A very expensive project with a token and an audit!


Working hours: from 07.09.22 | On Hunter: from 09.10.22/XNUMX/XNUMX

Staking (profitability depends on the amount of holding TRS tokens on the balance sheet)
0-999 TRS (from $50): 1.3% per day on 365 days, deposit at the end;
1000-4999 TRS (from $50): 1.5% per day on 365 days, deposit at the end;
5000-14999 TRS (from $50): 1.8% per day on 365 days, deposit at the end;
15000-49999 TRS (from $50): 2.2% per day on 365 days, deposit at the end;
50000-149999 TRS (from $50): 2.5% per day on 365 days, deposit at the end;
hold from 150000 TRS (from $50): 3% per day on 365 days, deposit at the end.

You can find out the current exchange rate and purchase a token at Online (currently 1 TRS = 0.53$)
Smart Chain (BSC) address of the contract: 0x7a095e1991d6cE9CC9F0aA87f0dC6E48716f73E4

The project pays instantly (delays up to 48 hours are possible).
Minimum withdrawal amount: 10 USDT TRC20, 15 USDT BEP20, 50 USDT ERC20; 0.001 BTC 0.1ETH 0.1 BNB 100 TRX.

Project Chips: Roadmap, presentation, promotional video. HK Registration.
Native TRS token on the BEP-20 network with a positive audit from Fairy proof.
Partner club. Investment pre-ICO directions Ventures, Incubator

Quality investment platform with long-term marketing.
Excellent assembly with unique content, self-written script, multilingual site.
Profitable long-term plans, the possibility of earning on the token rate (without freezing).
tg chat. Experienced foreign administrator, calm competent development - Take a closer look!

There are two optimal strategies:
1) Buy 1000/5000 TRS + staking deposit up to $2000.
We sell tokens on the growth of the rate with a profit, in the active phase. The deposit works.
2) Or just buy TRS and wait for the active phase of the project, in it and sell tokens with a profit.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, Tron, Tether USDT (TRC20/ERC20/BEP20).

My Deposit: $2000 + holding tokens.

Bonuses from the blog: 5% from the amount of your deposit.
TEST project: There is no "Deposit protection", shares do not work. Only refback and bounty.

70 reviews for " Review and Reviews (Test Projects, Personal Choice)"

  1. Avatar photo TrinityS:

    Payment Torreos 10 USDT - 2022-11-01 16:11:03

  2. Avatar photo YUR7429:

    11/01/2022 09:42:03

  3. Avatar photo lola0000:

    pay - October 31 at 16:32
    100.1 TRX
    I invest with PH (Profit Hunters)

  4. Avatar photo Mukhtar2:

    Torreos 10 USDT 7fa8b926103818735523ea6db7fee3f34b630a9e4bcae5c8da0c1d6589f6d494 Дата: 13:25:03 31 окт. 2022 г.

  5. Avatar photo Yaguar2016:

    Instant payout $10 in Tether TRC20 to Torreos
    Date: 2022-10-31 17:08:03

  6. Avatar photo Zesarius:

    Thanks for the payment!
    Torreos 10.895 USDT 39f8dad2a27eb19e9d3c31bbf47839a88b02a8477b9b9db6db4bec3bddbc9f21 2022-10-30 14:00:09

  7. Avatar photo upvega:

    Torreos 10 USDT 54e67cfe9dbd18a21dd084730141408d4bb8def6ff976440a09c61e55cbad397 2022-10-30 22:44:03

  8. Avatar photo lola0000:

    pay - October 30 at 17:58
    100.1 TRX
    I invest with PH (Profit Hunters)

  9. Avatar photo lola0000:

    pay - October 30 at 17:57
    100.1 TRX
    I invest with PH (Profit Hunters)

  10. Avatar photo irachert:

    Paying instantly: 10 USDT 30.10.2022, 10:24:51 7c12dd5e7d1a79c7ecae686391a2ca968bc698a1ce4dd70a6f3b30a4d7acde6e