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ICO StopTheFakes will eradicate piracy and fake

Many opponents of the crypto-currencies and the block-industry industry as a whole are applying the facts that with the help of these technologies there is payment for illegal trafficking in narcotic drugs, weapons, ammunition, and it is almost impossible to prohibit all these operations, the creators of the project StopTheFakes plan to launch a unique platform, thanks to which confidence in the blockbuster and crypto-currencies will grow among the population. Through their idea, it will be possible to regulate and use modern technologies to protect intellectual property and protect the population from counterfeiting.

The idea to introduce rating ratings and many other functions among users and the system is not new, according to this principle, developers decided to go StopTheFakes, but they took one serious step - they applied the system of decentralization, thanks to which, the ratings will be fair, and the interaction between users and the system is as transparent as possible. The fight against piracy is a very competitive market, using blockchain there are no competitors and StopTheFakes platform offers users to participate in the protection of intellectual property rights for an appropriate reward. The founders of this platform have already attracted services such as:

  • Ujomusic - music service based on the Etherium;
  • is a universal register for viewing property rights;
  • Bernstein is a platform for the protection of intellectual property through the creation of digital signatures.


Thanks to modern information technologies, this platform creates opportunities for any of users to track and record the illegal use of a trademark, brand, logo or any other type of intellectual property belonging to someone, as well as immediately apply harsh measures to eliminate violations of rights.

Moreover, the claimed advantages are quite promising: it is monetization for all tokens holders, speed of operation and ease of use of the service, but despite all this, the development team is already delaying a little with the launch of the beta version, we should note that it was to be held by 20 December 2017 year. This misunderstanding promises to be fixed in the near future and very soon a full description of the functional of the future platform and screenshots will be presented.

The smart-platform contract was presented on the Github service as early as 30 September, although the Pre-ICO will only be launched in January of the year 2018.

Use of technology Blockchain

At first glance, it may seem that in the conduct of Pre-ICO and ICO, the creators of the project want to make more money, since, why does such a project need a blockage at all? In fact, the platform will use its own servers to operate, and Blockchain technology will become a tool for the relationship between performers and customers. Of course, for starters, it would be possible to neglect and implement everything without using blockage, but its presence offers several advantages, among which:

  • full guarantee of performance of the obligations and honesty of payment for the work of the customer to the contractor;
  • guarantee of anonymity;
  • complete preservation of received and modified data, protecting information from interference and changes by third parties;
  • formation of a unified base of offenses.

Payment for all work inside the system will be carried out at the expense of StopTheFakes tokens, the system commission will fluctuate in the amount of 15-25% and will be charged to the customer. It is worth noting that the authors also thought over the system of incentives for active performers and when they reach a certain level they will be paid a bonus in the STFCoin tokens.

Development team

The authors of the idea of ​​creating the StopTheFakes platform are Mikhail Krzhanovsky and Igor Salikov. They provide general guidance, engage in ongoing operations and form a team to achieve the set goals. The rest of the team includes 11 people - Alexander Suvorov, Dmitry Kostachev, Alexei Zhunin, Olga Belyakova, Maria Dvorianchikova, Maxim Kononenko, Mikhail Gorshkov, Eugene Okhotskiy, Vladimir Sokolov, Igor Slabykh, Andrei Zolin, all of them together play the role of marketers, programmers, consultants, as well as these specialists have a good education and vast experience.


The road map of the project looks quite structured and feasible, but the prospects for further success and development will depend only on launching the product itself.

Проведение ICO
The distribution of tokens and funds during the ICO is very planned and fair in relation to all participants in the system. Pre-ICO will be launched 21 January 2018 year and a bonus of 40% in the first two days gives a guaranteed margin of safety for the first investors. In general, the team clearly structured the process of attracting investments.

Exit its own crypto currency to the exchanges will be made not earlier than April this year, so perhaps the development team can return the funds invested by investors, provided that the funds will be spent on noisy marketing. In order not to miss the launch of Pre-ICO, we recommend that you subscribe to the updates, you can do this in the upper right corner of the site.

Outcome of the review

The responsibility of the team in the formation and implementation of the idea is reflected in detail in the WhitePaper and deserves a high appreciation. Moreover, the site has an excellent feedback, which is ready to fully help with all kinds of errors and questions from users who want to participate in any way in the project StopTheFakes. Undoubtedly, the project has not been distributed in mass media networks, most likely, the team is waiting for the first investments from users to realize the set goals.

The site of the site is available at -
Whitepaper -

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