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Project overview

E-dinarIn Today's issue, we offer to review the overview of the investment project, which is a full-fledged crypto currency of a new generation and capable of generating profit from 20% per month. The project functionality includes its own P2P exchange for the exchange of EDRcoin, the automation of crypto-currencies, the connection of exchange partner services, the media center with a mass of publications in the media, an advertising kit and many, many useful information. The project is managed by a company entered in the state register of Great Britain, promoted by the largest networkers, daily webinars and conferences around the world, in general, the results of active development on the face. For a thorough study on the site, many educational materials and videos are posted, we will try to convey the necessary information inside the review to start working with the project. (Project start: November 15 2015 years). SCAM!

According to the legend E-dinar is a new digital cryptocurrency that is formed as a result of mining using the well-known SHA-256 algorithm. The production of cryptocurrency will grow monthly in volume by 20%; in total, it is planned to issue 22 units. According to analysts' conclusions, this volume of electronic units will be released approximately within two years, after which the cryptocurrency mining process will stop and E-dinar will enter exchange trading, where the future value of EDR will be determined by the market. The owners of this cryptocurrency are Holders Cryptocurrency Service Center Company LTD, which legalized its financial activities on February 000, 000 under the jurisdiction of the UK (registration number: 6).

Design The project is unique, qualitatively prepared and has extensive original content. The white background gives the site a certain simplicity, but the main emphasis is on powerful functionality and elegant information support, that neither the section, so necessarily the new video material or the illustrated instruction. The structure of the site allows you to view it on any mobile device, adaptation and layout are done without errors. Another feature is the translation of the site into 19 languages, just imagine, of course, many options have not yet taken a final look, the main emphasis is on the Russian and English versions, but even with such a feed, many foreign users will feel more comfortable on the site that Will allow them to quickly and easily understand the operation of the system. After registration, go to the mail and confirm the activation of the account. The entrance to the office is possible through the authorization form, through social networks or by scanning the QR-code.

Work investment plan Is based on the mining of the E-dinar crypto currency with a guaranteed profit of 20% per month. You can buy the crypto currency in the project in two ways: on the domestic exchange with other participants of the system or at certified exchange points of electronic currencies at the rate of 1 $ to 1EDR. In the LC there are 2 accounts: Balance and Bonus. The purchased currency will fall on the balance (main) account, all bonus types, including the affiliate program and daily profit by 0.65% per day from the amount on the balance account, will fall on the bonus account. The terms of placement on the balance sheet are unlimited, you can keep the funds in the project as much as you want with the possibility of withdrawing at any time by means of a reverse transfer scheme, using the exchanger or p2p-exchange.

Charges: 0.65% per day
Min / max contribution: $ 1 - no limit
The period of the deposit: unlimited
Payment of the deposit at any time
Fixed income - 20% per month

Transfer from the Bonus account to the main account is carried out using the "EDR Automation" function. Within 7 days after using the auto-mining, bonuses will be generated in units and transferred to the balance.

Technical part:
- Samopisnaya script
- Dedicated server
- DDoS protection from CloudFlare
- SSL encryption from Comodo (on 1 year) + GreenBar
- RM-Verified Account
- Unique design, translated into 19 languages.

For more information on monitors with this project you can see here:

Payment systems: many available EPS and bank transfers.
Payment options: through exchange services or p2p-exchange.
The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 10, there is no commission (in some cases, no more than 0.1% of the amount).

Affiliate program (seven-layer): 25% -20% -15% -10% -5% -2.5% -2.5% of the monthly income of referrals.
A - 25% of the income of 1st level referrals (there must be at least 1 EDR on the personal balance);
B - 20% of the income of 2nd level referrals (there must be at least 100 EDR on the personal balance);
C - 15% of the income of 3rd level referrals (personal balance must have at least 100 EDR, also invite at least 5 partners with an amount of 100 EDR or more on the balance of each);
D - 10% of the income of level 4 referrals (personal balance must have at least 100 EDR, and invite at least 25 partners with an amount of 100 EDR or more on the balance of each);
E - 5% of the income of 5th level referrals (there must be at least 100 EDR on the personal balance, also invite at least 125 partners with an amount of 100 EDR on each);
F - 2.5% of the income of level 6 referrals (personal balance must have at least 100 EDR, and invite at least 625 partners with an amount of 100 EDR or more on the balance of each);
G - 2.5% of the income of 7th level referrals (there must be at least 100 EDR on the personal balance, also invite at least 3125 partners with an amount of 100 EDR on each).

+7(800)350-01-73 (Россия)
+380(44)360-71-33 (Украина)
+77(273)50-54-18 (Казахстан)
+48(223)90-63-28 (Польша)
+1(888)226-44-02 (США)
+44(203)514-77-40 (Великобритания)
+3(490)083-91-21 (Испания)
+55(613)181-02-43 (Бразилия)


ticketing system, online support groups on social networks Twitter, Vkontakte, Facebook, Instagram and a channel on YouTube.

Conclusion: the legend is far from new in this industry, we have already repeatedly encountered resources trying to repeat the exploits of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. In any case, the E-dinar developers are best at implementing their plans, besides, the EDRcoin cryptocurrency is already in demand in the external market, there is its own exchange with many exchange directions and its own BlockChain has been launched with the ability to create a personal crypto wallet. Replenishment and withdrawal in the system is possible through a variety of electronic payment systems and by bank transfers using our own internal exchange in the project or the services of certified exchangers. The investment process seems to have been described in detail above, which is not clear, in the "Support" section there are a lot of instructions with illustrations for working with the project and other useful information. The project is really interesting, it stands out against the background of other HYIPs that we are used to seeing, we recommend that you familiarize yourself. The project is on our portal under "Deposit Protection" until May 4, 2016 with a fund of $ 300. We offer our partners a refund of 10% of your income.

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    Good project, why in the section as a scam, if the project pays okay, delays have never been, here from the website: