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Project overview

SystemaOKThis time we present you an interesting credit service “Credit Payment System” from the creators of network structures, which has a social direction and helps participants to pay off credit debts by transferring voluntary cash contributions to real people’s details, not the project. This method of investing in recent times is gaining more and more interest, because all funds are distributed among the participants. The preparation and initial development of the project took a long time offline, and only at the end of last year they entered the online market. (Project start: October 25 2014 years)

According to the legend The Loan Payment System (SOK) service is a social online platform that operates using the P2P (people-to-people) method. Thus, the funds are not accumulated in the system, but are evenly distributed directly between the participants on their bank accounts - this is the main principle of the "Loan Payment System". The service allows absolutely all people with loan obligations to banks of the Russian Federation and other financial institutions to reduce the cost of servicing their loan and resolve all issues related to its payment. For those who have no debt obligations, but want to have additional passive income, it is proposed to use the investment program, which we will talk about a little later.

Graphic Design the project does not stand out for something special, everything is done quite simply and concisely. Text content is directed to the Russian-speaking population. The site menu does not contain all sections, so you will need to go through one of them and go down the site. This is where you will be able to familiarize yourself with the basic materials necessary for working with the project. On the main page of the resource you will learn about the type of project activity, the latest customer reviews and you can view the 3-minute video presentation.

Credit program "Loan Payment Systems" allows all owners of bank loans to get rid of monthly debts and mandatory monthly payments under the loan agreement. To participate, you must register your loan agreement in the system and make a contribution in the amount of 3 monthly payments or 25% of the amount of debt obligations. The minimum contribution amount is from 6000 rubles, the maximum amount is 150000 rubles. An application for receiving funds for the details you specified will be generated for other participants 6 days before the payment date. The loan program under your agreement will be valid until the loan is fully repaid.

Scheme of the service "Loan Payment System" under the credit program:
1. To register in the "Credit Payment System".
2. Enter the data of the loan agreement in your account.
3. Attach scans / photos of the loan agreement.
4. Enter details to receive payments.
5. The SOK service will form your contribution amount (according to the contract), which is necessary to complete the registration of the contract.
6. During 72 hours, make a deposit of funds to other members of the service for the specified details in the LC with bank transfers.
7. After confirming your contribution, the registration of the loan agreement will be completed.
8. Each month, the participant will automatically be charged the amount of funds in the amount of the monthly loan payment on the details specified in the profile.

Down payment: 3 monthly payment or 25% of the loan amount
Accruals: the amount of the monthly loan payment
Term: until full repayment of the loan
Result: + 300% of the deposited amount.

Investment program "Loan Payment Systems" allows members without valid loans to receive monthly income by transferring a certain contribution to other members of the system. The minimum contribution is from 6000 rubles, the maximum is 210000 rubles. The period of the investment program is strictly 12 months, accruals are made automatically at 33% of the contribution on a monthly basis. The deposit at the end of the term is not refundable.

Scheme of the service "Loan Payment System" for the investment program:
1. To register in the "Credit Payment System".
2. Enter details to receive payments.
3. Specify the amount of investment.
4. The SOK service will generate the amount of the contribution, which is necessary to complete the investment program.
5. Contribute cash within 72 hours.
6. After confirming the transfer, the registration of the investment program will be completed.
7. Each month, the participant will be charged the amount of funds in the amount of 33% of the contribution.

Contribution: 6000-150000 rubles for 1 year
Charges: monthly 33% of the down payment
Deadline: 12 months
Deposit is included in the payment
Net income - 300%
Exit in breakeven in 3 months

Technical part:
- Samopisnaya script
- Domain purchased at 2 years (2014 years)
- DDF-protection from CloudFlare
- SSL encryption is missing
- RM-Verified Account
- Unique design.

For more information on monitors with this project you can see here:

Payment systems: PerfectMoney, Sberbank, AlfaBank, VTB24, Svyaznoy Bank, Tinkoff, Russian Standard.
payment type: Automatic.

Affiliate program (five-level): 7% -3% -3% -4% -5% from the contributions of your partners.
7% of contributions from level 1 partners
3% of contributions from level 2 partners
3% of contributions from level 3 partners
4% of contributions from level 4 partners
5% of contributions from level 5 partners

Feedback form, ticket system, forum, online support and groups in social networks Vkontakte, Twitter and Facebook.

Conclusion: rather promising "mutual aid fund", since it is still at an early stage of development and there are great chances for long-term success. At first, the project represented the interests of the participants only under the credit program, and since February of this year, they launched an investment program through bank transfers with a payback period of 3 months. At the moment, the popularity of the project continues to grow, since they have connected the possibility of using EPS - PerfectMoney, which makes SOK the most demanded among hypers. Participation may seem difficult for a beginner, so we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the "Question-Answer" section and watch detailed video instructions, starting with registration in the project. The investment conditions are quite simple, payments in the project occur automatically according to the specified requisites, and a weighty mlm affiliate program motivates participants to take active steps. There are many additional cash bonuses under the affiliate program, which you can read in detail in the corresponding section on the website. The project is on our portal under "Deposit Protection" until August 20, 2015 with a fund of $ 300. We offer our partners a refund of 7% of your deposit.

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  1. Alexbul:

    This is for the first contribution, for the subsequent 50%

  2. Maria:

    Hello! I correctly understood that refbek 100%? Is this the first contribution? Or for the next too?

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