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Online casino of new generation Gamblica

Gamblica Is an international-class online casino created on the basis of combining the best IT technologies in the field of Blockchain tools, as well as online gambling. The service is based on a smart contract system. This will ensure the objective generation of numbers, payments, as well as the ranking of funds. Developers Gamblica created a service that guarantees maximum transparency of all totes. This became real due to autonomy, maximum transparency of the product of random numbers (performed by a special program).

The goal of creating the Gamblica service is to solve the key problems of gambling. They are directly related to the issues of entering the market, reliable protection of personal data. Each person can at a convenient moment evaluate the operating activities of the casino. To do this, you can use an open registry (equipped with a special proof of authenticity).

Features of the Gamblica system

The openness of the number multiplication system is the most important plus, providing players with the opportunity to make sure that the outcome of a particular game party is fair. Arbitrary numbers are determined using the RSA (cryptographic) algorithm. It works on the basis of a one-way encryption principle. In this case, a number of specific features of the platform are used in the role of basic information. The multifactorial system is more win-win compared to the one-factor model, which is often used in identical projects.

Advantages of the Gamblica platform

There are the following advantages that distinguish the Gamblica platform from existing analogues:

  • hidden transaction fees, there are no financial boundaries: the time spent on procedures is minimized due to the use of crypto-currency, the integration of its own token. Due to this, the amount of funds collected is also reduced, the time required for processing is reduced, and funds are transferred to the client account. At the same time, a high liquidity indicator is ensured. Money transfer can be organized in any country in the world;
  • payments on the platform are guaranteed: the use of a decentralized type system eliminates the risk of blocking a record and freezing money. Thus, the time required to process requests for funds transfer is significantly reduced;
  • users can check the fairness of the operations: openness of operations, transparency Blockchain helps to organize a system where each player is able to test the platform, evaluate the outcome of the completed game, and also get acquainted with the history of payment of the slot in question;
  • the resource is intended for inviting new participants: attracting players is carried out without large costs. At the same time, the blockchain provides the freedom of further development without any framework. Payments are accepted all over the world. The key limitation is Ethereum's high bandwidth;
  • quality management: the creation and development of the Gamblica project is carried out by a team of the best specialists with an impressive track record in the management of classical gambling projects. The combination of existing skills and rich experience ensures effective project management.

In addition, the player's funds can not be blocked by the platform. All operations are carried out promptly, with an accrual of minimum commissions. All Gamblica service products were developed for the players, not for the B2B resource. Another positive feature of the service is that the Gamblica resource will be available to participants as software, rather than the usual interface.

Pros for GMBC token buyers

The GMBC token is a key element of the system. It is designed according to the ERC-20 standard. Cryptocurrency can be used to pay for various services on the Gamblica website. The GMBC token can be used as a game currency (for making contributions, making bets).

The owners of GMBC tokens have more opportunities - they can pay for goods, get access to paid services on the Gamblica website. In addition, liquidity ratios allow GMBC tokens to be embedded in other active platforms. Cryptocurrency holders also have the opportunity to make transfers using existing tokens. At the same time, priority is gained not only in the efficiency of the transaction, but also in its transparency, maximum availability.

After the crowds, the tokens will be transferred to various crypto-exchanges. By the degree of increase in the commodity turnover of the platform, requests of participants, the list of exchanges where it is possible to work with tokens will expand. Currently, the Gamblica team seeks to enter a GMBC token at a minimum of 12 largest exchanges.

Conducting ICO Gamblica

In the course of the ICO, the project developers plan to receive 40 thousand ETH (the minimum goal is 4 thousand ETH). The cost of 1 GMBC token = 0,0001 ETH. ETH tokens can be used to purchase cryptocurrency. The pre-sale of GMBC tokens started on January 22 and ended on February 9, 2018 (the maximum goal is 2500 ETH). The main stage of the ICO began on March 1. Its completion is scheduled for March 30, 2018. The sale of purchased GMBC tokens can be carried out after June 1, 2018. The sale of GMBC cryptocurrency will be carried out in 5 stages. In the process, 80 million tokens will be sold.

Bounty campaign Gamblica

Active project participants can receive additional GMBC tokens for performing specific tasks. The administration of Gamblica made the following percentage for the Bounty campaign participants:

  • Facebook: 20%
  • Twitter campaign: 15%
  • execution of signatures: 20%
  • campaign in Telegram: 15%
  • translations, moderation: 15%
  • blogs, media: 15%

Authors are awarded a reward when other participants vote for their posts. Readers who leave voices on the branches of Gamblica in social networks, also receive a bonus for the left voice.

Distribution of GMBC tokens

60% - crowdsale

20% - game fund

10% - team

5% - advisors

3% - Bounty campaign

2% - founders


The Gamblica team includes experienced, highly qualified, competent specialists. It can be confidently asserted that they will bring the project to a decent level in a short time.

Bulanov Yuri - the first investor

Nathan Christian - Advisor, Blockchain Technology Specialist

Cherenkov Nikita - co-founder, executive director

Dmitry Yakovlev - Responsible for Investor Search

Andrey Shevelev - project manager

Ignatiev Mikhail - technical director

Orlov Bogdan - company manager


In the last quarter of 2017, the official presentation of the Gamblica project, a meeting of partners, organization of the community took place. In January of the year 2018, a sale was made, a team of MVP creators was formed. In March 2018, the launch of MVP, as well as the sale of GMBC crypto currency. In April, the creation of the Casino software will be completed. In the same period, a list of expenses will be presented. In June 2018, the alpha version of the project will be launched, and an open beta test will be conducted. In September, the Gamblica Casino will be launched.

The developers of the Gamblica project are confident that they have managed to create a system that guarantees fairness, maximum transparency of existing areas (bets on different sports, online games, and poker). The most important benefit for users is that each participant can re-view the operational activity. To do this, you need to open a public book (there is a mathematical proof of reliability).

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