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Pareto: complete market information

The Pareto network is a service that allows to stimulate the generation and use of information about currently available trading opportunities in the area of ​​the turnover of crypto-currencies.

The service allows you to improve awareness of the inefficient state of the market and quickly look for favorable prices. Pareto is a kind of research bureau providing information support. Anyone can access it. At the same time, the user will be able to acquire certain incentives for economic activity. All interested users can register for this. page.

The purpose of the platform

The whole ecosystem of the Pareto platform functions to improve the efficiency of the crypto-currency markets. The platform operates on the basis of the following principles:

  • users must use the Pareto tokens (PXT) in their work: thus, they will have access to the work of the network;
  • the functioning of the remuneration mechanism, through which useful information is eliminated from unnecessary;
  • the network structures all incoming information on the basis of a basic analysis of crypto-currency investments.

The infrastructure of this network was developed on the basis of research of the pros, cons and numerous advantages and features of other tokens in recent times. This project identifies the possibility or inability to implement economic incentives. The philosophy of the project can be fully extended to all crypto-invasive proposals.

Who is the network for?

Participants in the network can be both individuals and groups of people, organizations. The provided toolkit allows you to create individual content elements or several fragments at once.

Project users are given the opportunity to generate certain information flows. This happens as follows. The functioning of the platform is divided into two periods. The first one is connected with a set of qualified specialists for direct creation of content. This information can be used by users of tokens.

For the placement of information, the authors will receive worthy compensation from Pareto in order to stimulate the quality of the information being posted. The content should really have value and provide a reliable guide for all participants of the system.

At the second stage, it is planned to increase the number of users. Investors involved in the activities of the network will add additional content in order to receive a worthy reward in the future. An important feature of the project is that all materials provided in Pareto are open to use.

Algorithm for information distribution

The Pareto network in its operation uses special ranking algorithms in order to determine the order in which cryptotenes users will be provided with information.

Authors will be presented in the form of a special table. It will determine its own leaders and outsiders. The ranking in the system is carried out by using several important criteria that affect the position of the user. Thus, content authors are encouraged not only to further create information, but also to check its proper quality.

Why the Pareto token will cost a lot?

Cryptotoken, through which the system will function, has a certain value, like all the information presented on the platform. To access the network, you need to have a certain number of tokens. The distribution of tokens is the best way to stimulate and focus on achieving the desired results. It is the number of tokens in the possession of the participant in the system that is one of the main criteria for determining the place in the ranking.

Such an offer will be available to analysts and all those who do not have seed capital or infrastructure, their own business. However, they have a vision of the development of the industry, an understanding of the value of projects. Being rewarded with cryptotenes for the information provided, they will be able to properly coordinate the development of the whole project as a whole.


  • June 2016. Development of the concept and carrying out the necessary research.
  • June Release White Paper.
  • July Organization of work.
  • August 2017. Creation of funds.
  • October 2017. Private sale. Release of the alpha version of the system.
  • 4 quarter 2017. Crowdsdale stage. Release of the beta version of the system.
  • 1 quarter 2018. Public launch of the platform.
  • 2 quarter 2018. Distribution of the developed set of tools.

Team Pareto

  • Eric Lemison, co-founder and CEO.
  • Ted Lanfer, co-founder and CSOO.
  • Chris Eberly, content developer.
  • Anna Becker, leading adviser.
  • John Heffernan, market analyst.
  • Ian Balina, adviser.
  • Colin Mo, the leader of the communications team.


To participate in the crowdsale it is necessary to deposit a certain amount of funds to the project account posted on the site. This is where you get the most detailed information about the existing proposal. You can find out the controversial issues and reveal the essence of the system by clicking on the following links:
White Paper -
Official site -
ANN Bitcointalk -

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