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PHOTOCHAIN Is a new platform that specializes in the trade of photo images, where all processes are reduced to the necessary minimum to ensure the simplicity and transparency.

On all existing platforms for photography, the only way to ensure security in transactions is central control. Compared with this, PHOTOCHAIN ​​creates a platform that works autonomously, reliably and efficiently based on predefined rules.
PHOTOCHAIN ​​provides clear benefits for both types of users: sellers and buyers. The commission for the transaction carried out on the platform can be considered scanty - only 5% of the sale price. Thanks to this, 95% of the final sale price is saved and allows investors to offer their work at a lower price, and therefore, the market becomes more accessible to customers. This type of fair market not only benefits users, but also benefits the photography industry as a whole, as the opportunity to increase income encourages participants to do better.
Such changes in the market can be done only with the use of block technology, smart contracts, machine training and PHOTOCHAIN's own community of users. Most processes become automated and decentralized, which significantly reduces the cost of managing the platform. Therefore, it will be logical that soon more and more people will prefer the use of PHOTOCHAIN.

The development of this platform is an ambitious and organically developing process. The main objectives for the project are threefold:

  • Market P2P. An important point is to give the artist the opportunity to determine the value of his work and offer his own works to a large number of potential buyers. PHOTOCHAIN ​​provides this opportunity, which is realized using synergy from machine learning and blocking.
  • Cryptoeconomics. The platform attracts a wide audience, which for today still does not use the block and the crypto currency. Relational use of PHOTOCHAIN ​​is sure to appeal to this audience. An easy-to-use graphical interface and trading processes facilitate the onboarding process and support crypto-economy for the purpose of popularization.
  • Protection of the rights of the author. During the project, more and more customers will be able to strengthen their copyrights on the PHOTOCHAIN ​​platform, as their work will be associated with their names. This link appears as a transaction in the blockroom Ethereum and is therefore always available to all users. This means that the artist's responsibility for the image can be taken into account. The database with all the links shown was built in a decentralized way. On this platform, this database was called DCC (Digital Copyright Chain). However, the artist is responsible for the legality of the works he sells, and is fully responsible for any illegal activities. In spite of this, PHOTOCHAIN ​​will protect the copyright of users, preventing unauthorized sale of photos.

Detailed review

All users of the PHOTOCHAIN ​​platform can be conditionally divided into three types:

  • Sellers. In order to become a vendor on the platform, you need to identify your identity. First and foremost, it is necessary to preserve the copyright of all customers exhibiting their work on the platform. The registration process is basically automated: the user keeps his identification card in front of the webcam, while the computer vision algorithm extracts all relevant data. Addresses of sellers and buyers will not be compared with the corresponding names due to anonymization. All personal data will be stored in a special database.
  • Buyers. Absolutely all users of the platform can act as buyers. Unlike sellers, providing personal data for this is not necessary action. Nevertheless, it is recommended that buyers register with the use of their personal data. If the buyer's personal data is present, the seller can enter them into the invoice. If they are not available, a purse for the account is used instead. If you need to provide proof of the purchased license, the purse address will be displayed instead of personal data.
  • Moderators. The main task of the moderators is to resolve the claims. Thus, they act as guardians of the PHOTOCHAIN ​​ecosystem. This task is rewarded both monetary and by increasing the moderator's rating. The duty of the moderator can be theoretically perceived by any user of the platform. After passing the registration process, both the seller and the buyer can become moderators. In studies conducted on the topic of "behavior in social networks" it was revealed that there are always people who want to help support the community, and the only sufficient incentive for this was a reward for the high rating.

PHOTOCHAIN have developed a ranking system that serves as a motivation for maintaining the platform community through honest rewards. The increase in rank correlates with increased confidence in the trading partner, as well as in the PHOTOCHAIN ​​itself. The minimum requirement for joining the ranking is registration with a name, with:

  • the moderator receives one point (+ 1) to his current rank for contribution to the decision of one claim;
  • for each sold image the seller also receives one point (+ 1);
  • All photos of sellers are placed in accordance with their rank in the search results;
  • an increase in the rating by one point (+ 1) corresponds to 0,1 of one token. As soon as the moderator rating increases to 100 points, a payment will be made out of the reserve, and the amount in the native platform tokens will be transferred to the wallet.

An important point is the anonymity of transactions. Two trading partners can see each other's names, but they will not be able to establish any connection between the personal data and the Ethereum addresses from which the transactions are made.
All transactions go through a smart contract, which ensures that the names and addresses of users can not be linked to each other. Instead of immediately making a payment, an intellectual contract carries it out to all sellers once a day, every four days or once a week. The frequency of payments can be chosen by the seller, however, their order is completely organized in a random order. The more frequent the payment, the more likely that users will be able to find each other's e-mail address, so a lower payment frequency is recommended.


The platform issues its own currency called PHT. Tokens are based on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC20), which indicates its reliable level of security and high liquidity. PHT is a reward vehicle used in the PHOTOCHAIN ​​ecosystem. Any type of transaction on the platform will require the use of this currency.
The total number of issues - 250 million ICO will be held in two main stages: Pre-Sale and Main Sale.

All PHT tokens will be divided as follows:

  • 79% of all tokens will be sold during the ICO;
  • 11% will be reserved for the team and management of PHOTOCHAIN;
  • 7% are allocated to the bounty campaign and partners;
  • 3% will go to the settlement of legal and consulting issues.

PHT Is a pure utility token that does not replace fiat currency and cannot be considered as a foreign exchange or investment asset.
Further, in the course of development, the service of exchange between crypto-currencies in the module PHOTOCHAIN ​​Wallet will be offered.


PHOTOCHAIN ​​project gathered a strong team of professionals in their field: economists, specialists in blockade technologies and well-known investors. They will make maximum efforts for the stable growth and development of this promising platform.

The road map of the PHOTOCHAIN ​​project looks like this:

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